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Arthur - Eight-year-old aardvark in the third grade featured on the animated children's program ARTHUR/PBS/1996.

Arthur the Aardvark

Arthur Timothy Read lives in Elwood City with his parents, Jane and David; his five-year-old sister Dora Winifred, a.k.a. "D.W."; baby Kate; Grandma Thora; Grandpa Dave; and the family dog, Pal.

Arthur's friends included:

  • Buster Baxter, a bunny
  • Binky Barnes, a bulldog
  • Sue Ellen Armstrong, a cat
  • Fern Walter, a dog
  • Alan "The Brain" Powers II, a bear
  • Prunella, a rat
  • George, a moose
  • Mary Alice "Muffy: Crosswire, a monkey
  • Francine Alice Frensky, a monkey
  • Ms. Paige Turner, the rabbit Librarian
  • Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn, a teacher and rat
  • Principal Herbert Haney
  • Ed Crosswire, a monkey
  • The Tibble Twins, two bear cubs
  • Mary Moo Cow, a cow

TRIVIA NOTE: The animated program is based on the popular series of children's books written by Marc Brown. The first book in the series, "Arthur's Nose," was published in 1976.

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