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Our Research Method

How we find the TV program data for TV Acres?

First, we extract facts from TV programs, books, magazines, TV related Internet web pages, or from people directly or indirectly associated with the shows. We try our best to verify all facts in the database by using the most current research sources or by direct observation of TV programs as they aired (or were captured on videotape).

Next, we assign all info an appropriate subject category.

And, finally, we link these subjects to the TV Acres Index (website content) page.

For example, on the police drama NASH BRIDGES, Detective Bridges drives a classic yellow 1971 'Cuda. This fact is found by following the links under Automobiles - Makes & Models - Plymouth  (or by using the keywords "Nash Bridges" in the website's search engine).

How does TV Acres update its web site?

Generally, I access my web site everyday. I constantly reread my work for fun as well as for errors (misspellings, grammatical syntax errors, etc). 

Any changes made to the database are downloaded immediately to my web hosting site so that it can be indexed ASAP by the search engines spiders who may be passing by. And as always, any contributions spotted by visitors to the site concerning mistakes, misspellings, or omissions are very welcomed.

How should visitors search for stuff in the database?

The TV ACRES database is filled with a lot of cool TV information. When checking our site to answer a question, let me offer some advice on how to proceed.

The quickest way to find information is to consult the TV Acres Index  (website content) to see if there is an existing subject heading that will give your access to the answers you seek.

If you don't find anything in the subject categories, then proceed to our web site's internal search engine. The best way to search is to limit your key word entries to single words or phrases.

So, let's say you are looking for information on Tom Selleck from the TV Show MAGNUM, P. I. You can enter these possible keywords "Magnum" or "Thomas Magnum" or "Magnum, Thomas." But, the quickest way is to just use the keyword "Magnum." This will pick up all the other various ways the name had been entered.

If the program you are investigating is still on the air, then I suggest going to the network where it is airing and check the network's own program description of the show for cast and episode summaries. Use the TV Acres Resources Page on TV Networks to quickly find the links to the networks your want to find .

To supplement information found at TV Acres, I suggest these fine web sites:
Television Heaven

If the show you seek is not at any of the above sites, you can go to an internet search engine like GOOGLE and search for your subject there.

If you have tried all the above and still can't locate the information you seek, you can e-mail the librarian at TV ACRES at for advice.

Remember, however, that TV ACRES is primarily designed to archive information about programs aired in the United States of America. But that being said, the librarian is always willing to help anyone in need to find an answer about a TV show or commercial no matter where it was produced.

Please also keep in mind that TV ACRES is a one-person operation, and that response time may be a little longer at times due to prior commitments on the part of the site's librarian (Jerome A. Holst).

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