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What TV Acres is NOT!

Although this site has a vast archive of TV knowledge, it does not contain episode guides. We do, however, have a TV Resource Page that links to many of the established episode guide sites.

In addition, TV Acres is NOT:

  • A database of actor names. Although we do mention actors in this database, we do not contain lists of who starred on what program. For that I suggest the Internet Movie Data Base.
  • A database that contains an extensive list of musical theme songs from TV shows. For that I suggest our own pre-selected choices at the TV Resource Page.
  • A database that caters to Game Shows, Reality Shows, Soap Operas, News, or Sports Facts.
  •  The "only" TV oriented site on the web, but it is the "only" one that gathers facts and arranges them into specific subject categories. The subject-driven focus of the TV Acres database enables fans and researchers to save time and get their answers fast. Answers to questions like "How many plumbers appeared as characters on TV?" ; "What TV series were based in the state of Maryland?" ; "What TV characters are allergic "peanuts"; "What shows featured animal characters like bears, cats, dogs, horses etc.; "What is the address and telephone for FBI agent Fox Mulder on the X-Files?" or "What TV shows featured characters from such Ethnic Groups as the Jews, French, Irish or Japanese?"


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