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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Could you help me find videos for a TV shows?
    If you need to find out where you can purchase a particular video of an old TV program, I suggest that you do a keyword search on a search engine like Google. The video may be available from a variety of sources like or Blockbuster Videos. A good site to find information about distributors of video is the website under their "Video Distributors" Section. Also check out  these video sites: TV Addicts site TV Days and TVShowsonDVD.

  • How can my baby be a Gerber Baby? - This is a popular question. The answer is found at the in the Contact Us - FAQs section under "General Inquiries". Here is what Gerber has to say:

         Question: "My baby looks just like the Gerber
         can I get my baby in Gerber advertisements?"
         Answer: "All of the babies in our ads are registered,
         professional models. The first step to get your baby into our
         ads would be to register with a local modeling agency. Be
         sure to let them know you are interested in modeling for
  • Can you tell me how much something is worth? - I regularly get asked if I can appraise some piece of memorabilia, like a Jolly Green Giant rag doll. I do not do appraisals nor do I have enough expertise to even try. Some sites that you might consult include:, and
  • Can you help me find video or film from a TV show on which I once appeared as a child?  The problem with this question is that many TV stations regularly reused their video tapes to save the cost of buying new ones. Because of this practice, many old TV shows were erased in the name of cost saving. For example, almost all of Soupy Sales early episodes were erased in a similar manner. Because of this industry practice, many episodes of local TV shows and children's programs are no longer in existence. The only thing I can suggest is to check with the local TV stations to see if there is any footage of the show in their archives. You might also check local universities to see if their media programs or special collection might have related materials. You can also place an ad in the local newspaper on the chance that someone made home movies of the event you seek. See also TV Resources for Museums that might also have this sort of materials in their holdings.
  • How did TV Acres come about? All the material found in this database is the product of over 25 years of research. Initially, the information in the TV ACRES web site was to be part of a book entitled: The TV Encyclopedia: The Channel Surfer's Guide to Television Program Facts, Themes and Trivia - 1947 to the Present. However, the project became so large (1500 pages and 5 volumes) that the author of the site, Jerome Holst, decided to transfer all the information into a website. This would allow the project to expand in size easily, and to be quickly updated. After procuring the website domain name TV ACRES, all the information was edited into web pages. In October, 2000, the site hit the web. Since then, TV Acres has become a popular website for finding all sorts of TV Facts and Trivia.
TRIVIA NOTE: The TV Acres website is a labor of love. It is distributed to the world free of charge as a gift to TV viewers everywhere. As long as it is financially feasible, TV Acres will stay on the Internet and will be updated with new and exciting TV facts. TV Acres is written and updated by Jerome A. Holst, Librarian and website owner.


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