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Webguide: What's new and notable on the net
June 30, 2002 -- by Victoria Turk

Tube tales
FOUR stars out of four
TV Acres

"This site calls itself "the ultimate subject guide to television program facts." Well, sort of. Because there are so many other TV sites on the Web, TV Acres doesn't attempt to cover things like actors' names or theme songs. Instead, it specializes in lots of other miscellaneous trivia -- the stuff that can keep you up until 2 a.m.

Did you forget the names of the pet guinea pigs on "Nanny and the Professor"? You could look under the listing for guinea pigs and find them, along with some context regarding their role in the sitcom.

The subject listings are fairly extensive -- not quite A to Z, but pretty close. Still, the site is maintained by a sole librarian, not a staff of TV addicts.

What will really impress you, however, is the list of other television sources in Resources. There are many links to all sorts of other TV sites that can help you pin down the types of television trivia that aren't tracked here and keep you happily surfing for hours."

Site du Jour of the Day (020719)

July 19, 2002

"One of things I most enjoy about writing Site du Jour of the Day are the site suggestions that regularly come in from about a dozen of readers. These suggestions help keep the project fresh by taking it in a direction it might not have otherwise gone. During the next week or so, Site du Jour of the Day episodes will look at sites suggested by Site du Jour of the Day readers. Or as they are sometimes referred to — Site Scouts.

Reddog again, this time with a site that not only identifies and gives a brief history of the Tyler Davidson Fountain in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio the one seen in the opening of the show WKRP In Cincinnati, but goes on to name Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot as the Penguin from the Batman show, and lists both addresses for Fred G. and son Lamont Sanford. In the Addresses & Phone Numbers section — 9114 South Central and 4707 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, California .

The focus here is on the elements as opposed to the actors of American television shows from the 1940s to current day offerings. Ideal for finding the answer to those nagging questions that pop up frequently enough about vaguely remembered details of the television experience. Outside pointers are galore here too. TV Acres *is* the place to be. ED"

ResearchBuzz News: June 13 - June 19, 2002

TV Acres Is The Place to Be...

"... weeeebbbbb surfin' is the life for me! TV trivia fans will like , a huge collection of TV show facts.

There are a couple of ways to view this site. You can search it, which uses a Webglimpse search engine, or you can use the Table of Contents, which is MUCH more fun.

The Table of Contents is actually set up much more like an index, with keywords from Aardvarks to Worms. Each item provides something different; Sheep gives you information about two TV sheep, Secret Identities provides information about secret identities of TV characters, and TV Jargon provides a glossary to TV-related terminology. Some words (Robots, for example) have sub-categories.

While you're here don't forget to check out the TV Resources section of the site. This is a nicely-annotated link list covering several topics, including British TV Shows, Critics and Reviews, and Theme Songs. And if you REALLY REALLY like this site, check out the TV Acres Newsletter. Worth a look. " PermaLink

Librarian's Index to the Internet

TV Acres

"This site contains information on "characters, places and things that appeared on television programs broadcast from the 1940s to the present (during prime time and Saturday mornings)." Searchable, and browsable by subject. Includes annotated links. Site is maintained by librarian Jerome A. Holst of Manor College, Pennsylvania."

"The more I use your search engines on various topics, the more impressed I am with the breadth and depth of your database!! Totally amazing! How long have you been gathering this data, and entering it into the DB? Years? I think you will become one of the top rated TV sites in very short order --- my highest compliments to you."


 "TV Acres is a very cool site. The biggest problem is once I got started there it was hard to stop browsing around and get back to work.

If you'll put up a link back to TV Tome in your episode guides pages I'd be happy to link to TV Acres."


"Off the top, a quick note of thanks for running this site. It it quite fun, and brings back lots of great memories....Be of Great Cheer, and thank you again for the great site!"

- Robert Carspecken (& Margaret, too!) The OzFoxes FoxWeb :

"What a great site! I'm awed by your comprehensiveness. Would you consider adding a link to my site?"

Thanks! Mark

"YOUR SITE HAS RENDERED HALF OF MY TELEVISION LIBRARY UNNECESSARY!...That is how informative, comprehensive, and just plain enjoyable I have found your site, TV Acres, to be...I was a child of television, like most baby boomers; and an inveterate watcher up until about 1978, when I grew up and joined the Navy (even my decision to become a Naval officer was first inspired by Henessey, with Jackie Cooper). Like many people have that kind of memory which lets them recall sports statistics or makes and models of automobiles on sight, mine was for cast, credits, characters, and details of television shows. That is one of the reasons why your fact-filled site is such a pleasure for me to read. Two bookcases in my study are devoted to television and its programming, and your site outclasses many of my television references in both accuracy and quantity."

Adam Benson
Commander, U. S. Navy

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