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ABBOTT, Bud & Lou Costello
(The Abbott & Costello Show)
( Alexander-2222 or 4444
214 Brookline Avenue
Hollywood, CA
Bud & Lou are unemployed actors. Sid Fields is their rooming
house landlord who hounds the boys to pay their back rent.

ABBOTT, Sid & wife, Jean
(Bless This House)
Number Two Howard Road
London, England
Sid is a sales rep for a stationary company. Jean is a homemaker. They have a teenage daughter, Sally and a work-shy son, Mike. The Abbott’s next-door neighbors are Trevor and his wife, Betty.

(They Came From Outer Space)
Somewhere in the USA
Ablerama “Abe” and his sidekick Boximaxio “Bo” are two teenage aliens from the planet Crouton ("the most boring planet in the universe"). Before the two college bound spaceniks get to their destination (Cambridge University), they crash land in a California junkyard. Revising their plans, Able & Bo turn a bunch of junked autos (via psychokinetic powers) into a red '57 Corvette and take off to see the sights of America including its beautiful women. Unfortunately, while Abe & Bo travel the USA they are pursued by two air force officers bent on capturing them (Call 1-800-555-1212 to report sightings). In the meantime, Abe & Bo get employment at odd jobs to support themselves and use their alien abilities to communicate with each other via telepathy, feel each others pain through an empathetic connection and merge with inanimate objects (for a minute at a time) when the situation calls for it.

(It's a Living/Making a Living)
30th Floor
Los Angeles, CA
This posh eatery is supervised by Nancy Beebe. Her support staff includes chef Mario [later chef Howard Miller], lounge pianist Sonny Mann, bartender Frisco, and waitresses Lois Adams, Dorothy "Dot" Higgins, Vicki Allen, Maggie McBurney, Cassie Cranston, Jan Hoffmeyer Gray, Amy Tompkins and Ginger St. James. NOTE: The building exterior used on the series is the Westin Bonaventure at 404 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles. The Bona Vista Lounge on the 35th floor inspired the setting for this series.

c/o The Ace Building
Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
ACE Comics [printed by Zamos Printing Company] produces the Mad Dog comic strip. The Mad Dog character [a veterinarian with super powers] was created by Bob McKay in the 1964 and resurrected in 1992. Bob's creative team included animator Iris Frankel; inker Chad Pfefferle; office aide Albie Lutz; colorist Patricia McKay [Bob's feminist daughter] and story writer Harlan Stone. Ace Comics is run by Mr. terHorst, an unseen business tycoon with a phobia for privacy. Ace Comics is a subsidiary of American-Canadian Transcontinental Communications [AmCanTranConComCo]. Unfortunately, when the premiere issue of Mad Dog hit the streets, the last page of the strip was missing. The original 1950s issue of Mad Dog comic sold for $0.12. At the time, the Mad Dog character came under attack of a witch-hunting senate sub-committee. Ace Comics discontinued the Mad Dog comic in 1993. A 70-foot Mad Dog balloon floated over New York City during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. See also - AUSTIN, Dr. Jeffrey

ADAIR, Devon
(Earth 2)
Devon is a doctor. She lives on a space station two hundred years into the future where most earthlings fled the polluted planet Earth to the sterile safety of orbiting space stations. Unfortunately, the descendants of the original space station inhabitants became afflicted with the Syndrome as a by-product form being forced to continually breath filtered air and imbibe reconstituted substances. The Syndromes symptoms included underdeveloped bodies, weakness and asthma. One such victim is Ulysses Adair, Devon’s son. To help her son escape the "bubble like" living environment Devon formulated an expedition [although unsanctioned] to an unexplored planet called G-889, hoping the organic environment and fresh air would help cure her son. In the mean time Ullysses was forced to wear a clumsy encounter suit.

ADAMS, Captain Shank
(Boots & Saddles)
c/o Fort Lowell
Arizona Territory (1870s)
Captain Shank Adams is stationed with the American Fifth cavalry at Fort Lowell. Soldiers on duty included Lieutenant Colonel Hays; Lieutenant Kelly; Lieutenant Binning; Sergeant Bullock and veteran Indian scout Luke Cummings. Note: The program title was derived from the traditional "bugle call" used to summon soldiers to their horses. The series was filmed on location in Kanab, Utah.

(Coronado 9)
( Coronado-9
Coronado Peninsula
San Diego, CA
Dan is a private eye.

ADAMS, Frankie
(Stories of the Century)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Frankie is a detective for the Southwestern Railroad. She tracked down such notorious frontier outlaws as Belle Starr, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Jesse James with the assistance of her rugged partner Matt Clark. Note: The series was also known as The Fast Guns and Tales of the West.

ADAMS, Ichabod
(Ichabod & Me)
RFD Number 6
Phippsboro, New Hampshire
Ichabod is the town mayor and traffic commissioner. He lives with his beautiful daughter, Abigail.

ADAMS, James “Grizzly”
(The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams)
Sierra Nevadas (1850s)
James Adams is falsely convicted of murder and escapes to the safety of the mountains. While there, he befriends a grizzly bear that he calls Ben and two human inhabitants Mad Jack, a mountain man and Nakuma, an Indian. Note: The real Grizzly Adams (and the inspiration for the series) was born on October 22, 1822 in Medway, Massachusetts. He was known to have strolled into San Francisco with two unleashed grizzly bears at his side, hence his nickname. The real Ben died in a San Francisco zoo (built by Adams) in the 1850s. Adams died in 1860 while touring with the great P. T. Barnum Circus.

(It's A Living)
8713 Mercer Street
Los Angeles, CA
Lois is a waitress at the Above the Top Restaurant. She is married to Bill Adams (never-seen) and has two children, Amy and Joey.

ADAMS, Major Seth
(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Seth is a wagon master. He leads pioneer families west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. His wagon crew included assistant wagon master Bill Hawks; frontier scout Flint McCullough; frontier scout Duke Shannon; frontier scout Cooper Smith; and trail cook, Charlie Wooster. Christopher Hale replaced Major Seth Adams as Wagon master later in the journey.

Dearborn Street Station
Chicago, IL
During the 1950s Dr. “Hawkeye” Pierce got fed up with the food served at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea [11 days of liver and fish] and so he had ribs sent from Adam’s Ribs to his waiting lips.

ADDAMS, Gomez & wife, Morticia
(The Addams Family)
( Cemetery-13
000 Cemetery Lane
Cemetery Ridge, USA
Gomez is an eccentric cigar-smoking millionaire lawyer who lives in a spooky gothic mansion with his slender wife, Morticia. The French language drove Gomez crazy with desire when spoken by his wife, Morticia. As Gomez would say "Tish!, when you speak French, it drives me wild, Cara Mia!" He would then grab her arm and plant a trail of kisses from her hand up to her waiting lips. Morticia's French supposedly helped clear up a sinus condition Gomez had for 22 years. One of Gomez's love poems stated "When I first saw you from afar, My heart flamed with fierce passion. And when you spoke French, ooh-la-la!..." Gomez kept his Garcia y Vegas cigars in a cigar store Indian statue that rested in his museum-like living room. When Gomez pulled the cigars from his unique holder, they were already lit. At times, Gomez lit his cigars by striking a match on his Butler's body or igniting it with a flame thrower. Gomez's wife, Morticia also enjoyed a good smoke. Except in her case, when she smoked, her entire body emitted a milky, misty cloud of vapor. Besides Gomez and Morticia, the Addams family included their portly son Pugsley Addams; their somber little girl Wednesday Thursday Addams; Grandmama "the witch" Addams; the bald Uncle Fester Frump; the hairy Cousin Itt; and Lurch, the family's towering zombie butler who answers the family gong with "You Rang?" Other residents are Thing, a disembodied hand; Kit Kat, a cowardly lion; and Cleopatra, an African strangling plant. When it came time to food, Morticia Addams prepared a number of strange delicacies for her family. Their daily diet included such entrees as baked iguana, breast of alligator, broiled elephant hooves, casserole of spleen (with a pinch of hemlock), fricassee of toad, marinated gizzard of lizard, soufflé of aardvark, and tongue of yak. The Adam’s man-eating plant Cleopatra also had a strange diet. Cleopatra was an African strangler plant whose main diet was chunks of red, fleshy meat [Cleo's favorite food was Zebra Burgers and Yak meatballs]. Morticia grew Cleopatra from a seed. The overly aggressive plant was always snuggling up to the family's visitors who didn't realize the plant's apparent affection was really Cleopatra's way of sizing up her next meal.

c/o Blue Moon Detective Agency
Los Angeles, CA
David is a private investigator. Born in Philadelphia on November 27th, 1955, he is hip, cocky, fun-loving and enjoys playing the blues on his harmonica. Before his gig as a private eye, David worked as a bartender in New York City. Initially, Blue Moon was called ‘City of Angels Investigations’ and owned by glamorous fashion model Maddie Hayes [the business was a tax dodge]. After Maddie’s accountant skipped with all of her millions, Maddie decided to liquidate the company for some fast cash, but David convinced her to stay on board and together they became partners in a new Blue Moon Detective Agency. Over time, David grew very fond of Maddie [a.k.a. “Blondie Blond”] and eventually they made love on her living room floor. Maddie became pregnant but the child was stillborn and it was never clear whether the baby was fathered by David or Maddie’s old boyfriend Sam. David’s motto is ”Live fast, die young, have clean underwear.” His catchphrase is “Do bears bear. Do bees bee?“ On women David concluded “Women can live with them, can’t kill them, can‘t leave them on the side of the road when your through with them.” David’s family included his irresponsible brother, Richard and their father David Sr.. David’s former girlfriend is Julian Armstrong.

ADDISON, Roger & Kay
(Mister Ed)
( DLO-2599
7138 Valley Spring Road
Los Angeles, CA
Roger and Kay are retired. They live next-door to architect Wilbur Post. Later in the series, Gordon & Winnie Kirkwood move into the Addison's home.

(The New WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Donovan is the program director at WKRP - “The Mighty 1530 AM.“ He is married, African-American and the newly hired replacement for Andy Travis, the previous program director. Donovan moved to Cincinnati in 1991 because he thought it was a "nice place to raise little black children." Sadly, Donovan died in a plane crash in 1993.

ADLER, Grace
(Will & Grace)
Apartment 9A
155 Riverside Drive
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Grace is an interior designer. She is single, Jewish and semi-neurotic. Grace attended Columbia University in 1985 where she first met and dated Will Truman [until he revealed he was gay]. After a year, they reconciled and have been together as friends ever since. Grace’s parents lives in Schenectady, New York. Her mother is outrageously theatrical and younger sister Joyce is just hostile. Before moving to Apt. 9A, Grace lived across the hall in 9C with Will Truman [now a lawyer]. Will says Grace’s apartment always smells like asparagus and shoes. Grace later moved back into Will’s apartment and let their friend Jack McFarland stay in 9A [rent free] until the lease was up.

ADLER, Richard
(The Whiz Kids)
601 North Canyon Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Richard lives with his divorced mother Irene and his younger sister Cheryl. He hangs out with his computer whiz friends Alice Tyler, Jeremy Saldino and Hamilton "Hams" Parker.


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