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(Petticoat Junction)
c/o Homer Bedloe, Vice-President
Town of Pixley, USA
Homer Bedloe's mission is to scrap the Cannonball Express, [an 1890s steam engine] and shut down train service between Pixley and Hooterville. His employees include Cannonball engineer Charlie Pratt and conductor Floyd Smoot.

(The Barbary Coast)
c/o The Golden Gate Casino
San Francisco, CA (in the 1870s)
Jeff Cable is a West Point Graduate and a special undercover agent working for the Governor's office. He allied himself with local casino owner Cash Conover and set up a base of operation in a secret room in the Gold Gate Casino. Using a variety of disguises, Jeff tracked down criminals in the district.

CADE, Sheriff Sam
(Cade's County)
Madrid County, CA
Sam maintains law and order in the southwestern community of Madrid County. His assistants are veteran deputy J.J. Jackson; rookie deputies Arlo Pritchard; Rudy Davillo and Pete; and American Indian dispatchers Joannie Little Bird and Betty Ann Sundown.

(Cafe Americain)
c/o Margaret Hunt, Owner
Paris, France
Margaret is an American expatriate. Regulars to her Parisian hangout included Holly Aldridge, a 30-year-old divorcee from Minneapolis who works as a Holly’s assistant; Italian supermodel Fabiana Borelli; a French mineral water salesman named Marcel; Steve Sullivan, an American businessman; and Madame Ybarra, a deposed First Lady from the Vintulo government in Asia.

Seattle, WA
Local coffee shop where radio psychiatrist Dr, Frasier Crane and his brother Niles Crane meet for latte’s.

(Ally McBeal)
c/o John "The Biscuit" Cage
Senior Partner
The Financial District
Boston, MA
Richard Fish is the firm's co-senior partner. Their staff include lawyers Ally McBeal, Billy Allen Thomas, Georgia Thomas, Ling Woo, Nell Porter and Mark Albert [who replaced Billy after he died of a brain tumor]. Elaine Vassal is Ally's legal secretary.

CAGNEY, Det. Christine
(Cagney and Lacey)
( Car 27 [Police radio code]
11 West 49th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Christine [Badge # 736] works at the 14th Precinct in Manhattan with her partner, Det. Mary Beth Lacey.

CAIN, Raphael
(The Immortal)
Somewhere on the Planet
Raphael Cain is an immortal and the only survivor of a 17th century shipwreck bound from France to the Orient. Cain was rescued and raised by an enigmatic warrior named Yoshiro. After an absence of ten years, Yoshiro returns home to discover Raphael's wife Mikiko murdered and her child Kiyomi stolen by evil demons Mallos and Vashita. To aid Raphael in his quest for his child, Yoshiro trained Raphael in the ways of war. His weapon: A mystical sword that carried with it a curse of immortality. See also – MCLEOD, Duncan

CAINE, Frank
(The Outlaws)
Town of Stillwater
Oklahoma Territory (1890s)
Frank is a US Marshall. He tracks down the bad guys with the help of his deputies Will Forman, Heck Martin, and Chalk Breeson.

CAINE, Kwai Chang
(Kung Fu)
Old West (late 1880s)
Kwai Chang Caine is a Shaolin monk. He is part Asian and part American. After his parent's death, he was raised in a Chinese monastery but later fled to America after he killed the Royal Chinese nephew in defense of a blind monk. While in America, Caine searched for his family roots. Along the way, there were many who wanted the $10,000 reward posted for Caine's capture or death. His only defense: Kung Fu. In China, Caine's friends [seen in flashbacks] included the blind but all-seeing Master Po [who referred to Caine as "Grasshopper"; and the most revered and mysterious Master Kan. See also - KAN, Master

CAINE, Det. Peter
(Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)
Peter is a cop. His partner is Det. Jody Blakemore Powell [her dead sister was Peter’s former partner]. Peter’s father Kwai Chang Caine [known as Caine] is the grandson of Shaolin priest Kwai Chang Caine. See also - THE ANCIENT

(Buffalo Bill, Jr.)
Calamity is an orphan. She lives with her older brother Buffalo Bill, Jr. in the town of Wileyville under the guardianship of Judge Ben Wiley, the founder of the town. Together, they help tame the Old West.

CALAVICCI, Admiral Albert
(Quantum Leap)
c/o Quantum Leap Project
Destiny County, NM
Albert "Al" Calavicci is a Rear Admiral in the US Navy. He currently supervises a top-secret time travel project named "Quantum Leap."

(California Dreams)
Southern California
The California Dreams is a soft-rock band. Its members included Sylvester "Sly" Winkle, the band’s manager [Lorena Costa later became a co-manager]; singer/keyboard player, Jenny Garrison [replaced by Samantha "Sam" Woo]; lead singer Matt Garrison, Jenny’s brother [replaced by Mark, Sly‘s cousin]; guitarist /songwriter Jake Sommers; singer/guitarist Tiffany Smith; and Tony Wicks. The band’s teenage members attend Pacific Coast High School and frequent a local beach cafe named Sharkey’s [where Tony works as a waiter]. Matt and Sly formed the California Dreams band after being inspired by a rock group called Johnny Himalaya and the Wave Breakers.

CALL, Newt
(Lonesome Dove: The Series)
Town of Curtis Wells
Dakota Territory (1870s Montana)
Newt Call is the son of Texas Ranger, Woodrow Call. In his later years he produced a book called Lonesome Dove: Tales Of The Plains that chronicled his life. ewt’s friends in Curtis Wells included girlfriend then wife, Hannah Peale Call [killed in a fire when their home exploded], the daughter of Josiah Peale, the publisher of the Montana Statesman; Colonel Francis Clay Mosby, an ex-confederate officer turned gambler who coveted Newt’s wife [he owned the Ambrosia Club]; Hannah‘s brother Austin Peale [later hired as deputy sheriff]; Sheriff Owen Kearney; and Mrs. Ida Grayson, a black woman who co-owned the Lonesome Dove Hotel with Newt [formerly the Unity Hotel]. The hotel was named after Newt’s home town.

Various Locations in USA
Paul is a paranormal investigator for the Catholic Church. His job is to verify the truth behind so-called miracles happening around the globe. Many of the cases that Paul investigates turn out to be explainable phenomena (stigmata, weeping statues, bodies mysteriously preserved) but there were a few that stood out and were difficult to explain. These were the cases that gave Paul hope that his belief in a higher authority had some credence and that we aren't really "all alone" in the universe. From time to time, Paul became depressed as the mundane miracles with explainable causes were making him feel that maybe there was nothing special about life itself. But, when a boy named Tommy Ferguson with mysterious healing powers saves Paul's life by giving him a second life (Paul sees the words "God is Now Here" written in his own blood), Paul Joined forces with Alva Keel, a former Harvard professor and paranormal investigator to explain a growing number of strange event that might be pointing to a larger event about to happen somewhere on the planet. With the help of former police officer Evelyn Santos and Father 'Poppi" Celero, an Hispanic priest who gives advice and council to the group, Paul and Alva travel the globe to uncover the unexplained, and possibly unravel the riddle to the coming "darkness" that seems looming on the horizon.

CALVIN, Theodore "T. C."
(Magnum, P.I.)
( BRAVO 516 [Copter radio code]
c/o Island Hoppers Helicopter Service
Oahu, HI (North Shore)
T.C. is an ex-boxer turned helicopter pilot. He charges $100 per hour to fly customers around the islands. His close friend is Vietnam veteran buddy private eye Thomas Magnum. T. C.’s hometown is New Orleans.

CAMDEN, Eric & wife, Annie
(7th Heaven)
( 555-0157
527 Alta Road
Glenoak, CA
Eric is a Protestant minister. He is the pastor at Glenoaks Community Church. Annie [née Jackson] is a homemaker. They live in a well-furnished two-story home provided by the church’s congregation. Their children included 16-year-old Matt; 14-year-old Mary; 12-year-old Lucy; 10-year-old Simon; 5-year-old Ruthie; Sam & David, the baby twins [born on Valentine’s Day]. Happy is the family dog. NOTE: Their home (built on a studio lot in Santa Monica) is based on a replica of a house in Alta Dena, CA (one hour north of L.A.) where the series pilot was shot. The Camdens' phone number is also given as 555-0159 (per Mary), 555-0119 (per friend Shana telling her brother, George) and of course, 555-0157 (per Ruthie and Simon).

(Camp Runamuck)
c/o Eulalia Divine, Owner
Somewhere "in the middle of farm country," USA
Camp support staff include Mahala Mae Gruenbacker, the head of Camp Divine, and her assistants Caprice Yeudleman and Nadine Smith. Camp Runamuck, an all-boys camp, is located across the lake.

(Camp Runamuck)
c/o Commander Wallace Wivenhoe
Somewhere "in the middle of farm country," USA
Camp support staff include senior counselor George Skippy, counselor Stanley Pruett, camp physician "Doc" Joslyn and Malden the camp cook [who prepares "bad" food for the 40 boys attending the summer camp]. Camp Divine, an all-girls' camp, is located across the lake.

CAMPBELL, Allen & wife, Cynthia
(Married People)
Apartment #3
862 Central Park North
(at 73rd Street)
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Allen is a student at Columbia University. Cynthia "Cindy" is a waitress. They live on the second floor of a brownstone owned by Nick and Olivia Williams, a stylish elderly black couple.

CAMPBELL, Margaret Eunice
(Baby Talk)
46 Bleeker Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Margaret "Maggie" is a single mom with a baby named Mickey. Maggie later moves to Apartment 3A in Brooklyn Heights and gets a job at Coleman Advertising in the World Trade Building.

CAMPBELL, Tamara & Tia Landry
(Sister, Sister)
243 Maple Drive
Detroit, MI
Tamera & Tia are black twins. Separated at birth these fourteen-year-old sisters accidentally reunited while shopping at Fashion Fantasy. The chance meeting convinced their widowed adopted parents Ray Campbell [Tamera‘s] and Lisa Landry [Tia’s] to move into Ray’s house and share living accommodations [$350 a month rent] so that the girl’s can be together. Ray is the owner of Campbell’s Limousine Service and Lisa is a fashion designer selling "Fashions by Lisa" at Northland Mall.

CANFIELD, Ben & Jeff
(The Americans)
North & South (in the 1860s)
Ben and Jeff are brothers. At the outset of the Civil War each chose different sides: Ben joined the Union Army and Jeff fought for the Confederacy.

Los Angeles, CA
Frank is a portly ex-cop turned private eye. He drives around town in a big, shiny Lincoln Continental.

CANNON, Big John
(The High Chaparral)
c/o High Chaparrel Ranch
Arizona Territory (1870s)
Big John Cannon is the patriarch of the Cannon clan. He owns and operates the High Chaparral, a cattle ranch located in the arid, Apache-infested high dessert of the Arizona Territory near Tucson. After John’s first wife died [killed by Indians in the first episode] he married Mexican heiress Victoria Montoya-Cannon. Her brother Manolito took up resident at the High Chaparral. Their father Don Sebastian Montoya [who later dies] and his brother Don Domingo de Montoya and Manolito’s father controlled a competing cattle empire south of the border. John’s family included Buck Cannon, his rowdy younger brother; Billy Blue Cannon, John's son and Victoria's stepson. The ranch’s hired help included ranch foreman Sam Butler [John’s right hand man who mentors Billy Blue and Wind, a half-Pawnee, half-white ranch hand] and bunkhouse boys Ira Bean, Ted Reno, Joe Butler, Soldado and Pedro Carr.

CAPRA, Eddie
(The Eddie Capra Mysteries)
( 656-1656
64 Holland Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Eddie is a lawyer/sleuth.

CAPSHAW, Neely & Sarah
(Jake & the Fatman)
5440 Canyon Drive
Costa Del Mar, CA
Neely is an investigator for the District Attorney. Sarah is her daughter.

(Once A Hero)
Forbidden Zone
Captain Justice is a fictional comic book character created by Pizazz Comics who discovers that fewer and fewer people are reading his Captain Justice comic books. Realizing that without readers his character would disappear [shades of Tinker Bell!]. Captain Justice, a.k.a. "The Crimson Crusader" left the two-dimensional world of the Forbidden Zone and entered the real world. Unfortunately, reality had its drawbacks. The Captain was now mortal, and as such, could no longer deflect bullet, fly through the air etc. Assisting our costumed stranger in a strange new world was Gumshoe, a Humphrey Bogart look-alike dressed in a raincoat and hat who helped the Captain battle such baddies as Max Mayhem, Lobsterman and Dr. Destructo.

(Captain Kangaroo)
c/o The Treasure House
Captain Kangaroo is an elderly man with graying mustache and an oversized uniform with big pockets. He "recreates the private wonderland of childhood in his Treasure House." The Captain was assisted by Mr. Green Jeans a talented and inquisitive handyman [he wore a green pair of farmer overalls] who came to the Captain's Treasure House with all sorts of interesting items including zoo animals. Other residents of the Treasure House were Dennis, the bumbling apprentice Dancing Bear; the quiet Mr. Whispers; the curious Miss Frog; the wriggling Mr. Worm; the musing Mr. Bunny Rabbit, a hand puppet with black-rimmed glasses who got scolded for stealing carrots from the Captain; Mr. Moose, an antlered puppet who asked knock-knock jokes and poured Ping-Pong balls over the Captain; and Grandfather Clock, a sleepy-eyed timepiece who talked to the Captain in rhymes.



(Captain Video and His Video Rangers)
( 398 [Captain’s radio code]
( KRG-L6 [Ranger’s radio code]
c/o Secret mountain headquarters
Planet Earth
Captain Video is the "Guardian of the Safety of the World." He heads the Video Rangers who battle evil throughout the galaxy. His teenage assistant is the Video Ranger. They report to Commissioners Bell and Carey, who headquarter at the 14th Floor of the Public Safety building in Planet City. Captain Video cruises through space in the X-9, The Galaxy and Galaxy II spacecrafts; and battles Tobor the Robot and the evil Dr. Pauli.

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Johnny is a morning disk jockey. He is divorced, scruffy, spaced-out, wears sunglasses. and likes to make "special" brownies. Johnny’s on-air persona is Dr. Johnny Fever. He’s also been known as Johnny Duke, Johnny Style, Johnny Midnight, Johnny Cool, Johnny Sunshine and Heavy early. Johnny later moved to Greenwich Village in New York City to write a book on Rock and Roll. When Moss Steiger, the midnight to 6:00 A.M. disk jockey fell off the roof of the Flimm Building, Johnny returned to WKRP to fill the vacancy.

c/o Cosmos Agency
Planet Earth [in the year 2045]
Jake is a former cop. He was recruited by a mysterious Walter Bascam, the powerful head of the Cosmos Agency to battle the evil Teklords and those corrupt government officials bent on spreading the deadly drug worldwide.

CAREY, Drew Allison
(The Drew Carey Show)
720 Sedgwick Street
Cleveland, Ohio [Parma Area]
Drew is the assistant director of personnel at Winfred-Louder Department Store ("a position of indirect respect and oblique power"). He works in cubicle 17-A ("The Drewbicle") and carpools to work everyday at 8:02 a.m. His dog is named "Speedy." Drew grew up at 720 Sedgwick and when his parents George and Beulah Carey retired o Florida, he bought the house from them. It was originally owned by their Uncle Alfred who later came to visit and died on the toilet. It was his dying wish to be buried in the back yard. The back yard holds a pool table put there by Drew’s father years ago. Drew’s garage is the base of operation for "Buzz Beer," a micro-brewery run by Drew and his close friends Oswald Harvey, Lewis Kiniski and Kate O'Brien. When not hanging out in Drew’s kitchen the gang hangs out at the Warsaw Tavern.

(Living Dolls)
c/o Carlin Modeling Agency
68th Street and Madison Street
New York City, NY
Trish owns a model agency. She is a single parent, a former fashion model [Vanity Fair, Redbook & Vogue] and the mother hen to four beautiful teenage models who live upstairs in her model agency/home. They included Charlene "Charlie" Briscoe, a tough-talking Brooklyn teen; Caroline Weldon, a self-centered shop-aholic; Martha "Pooch" Lambert, an innocent teen from Idaho; and Emily "M" Franklin, an aspiring doctor. When not modeling, the girls attend Lexy High School. The only male in the house is Rick Carlin, Trish’s 16-year-old son who can’t believe his good fortune to be living with four gorgeous teens. Trish’s sister, Marion cared for the girls when she was out of town.

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Arthur is a radio station general manager. He is married, inept but kindhearted. Most days Arthur would rather be fishing than running a radio station but he does it to please his mother Lillian "Mama" Carlson, the owner of the radio station. Frankly, Arthur is afraid of his mother and doesn‘t have the courage to pursue his own dreams. His mother inherited WKRP from her husband, the founder of the station. Arthur has been with the station since 1955. Sales manager Herb Tarlek nicknamed Arthur "Big Guy." Mr. Carlson avoids his responsibilities as much as possible and routinely instructs his receptionist Jennifer Marlowe to direct any business-related visitors away from his office.

CARMICHAEL, Lucille "Lucy"
(The Lucy Show)
132 Post Road
Danfield, CT.
Lucy works as a secretary at Danfield First National Bank. She shares a home with her children Chris and Jerry and a divorced friend, Vivian Bagley and her son, Sherman. Lucy's character later moved to the West Coast (1965-68) changing her last name to Carter. Her address is 708 Grover Street, San Francisco, CA

CARMICHAEL, Rusty & wife Dr. Lucy
1200 block of North Highland
Rusty is the writer of the legendary "Dummi Bears" show. Lucy is a doctor who delivered "Dil," the baby of Stu and Didi Pickles who live next door at 1258 N. Highland. The Carmichael’s children are Edwin, Buster, Alisa and Susie.

(The Man In The Family)
( 718-642-1361
c/o Sal Bavasso
38 Benson Drive
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Sal lives in Apt. 4 above the Deli. He took over the family grocery store after his father died. His family members include his mother Angie, teenage sister Tina, Uncle Bennie, divorced sister Annie and her son Robby. Cha Cha is Sal's close friend.

CARPENTER, Elroy "Carpy"
(McHale’s Navy)
c/o Taratupa island
South Pacific (1940s)
Carpenter is a lieutenant in the US Navy. He is assigned to Captain Wallace B. Binghampton. Carpy’s chief responsibility is to help Binghampton find evidence that will court-martial the con-artist crew of the PT-73. Failing that, Carpy sooths the captain’s nerves and blood pressure when McHale pulls the wool over their eyes.

( 555-3082
2723 Foster Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Nikki is a lawyer for the Phoenix Foundation.

(It's A Living)
c/o Amy Tompkins
Los Angels, CA
Amy is a waitress at the Above the Top Restaurant. She later shares her apartment with fellow waitress Virginia "Ginger" St. James.

CARRINGTON, Blake & wife, Krystle
173 Essex Drive
Denver, CO
Blake is a millionaire. He is married to the beautiful Krystle Jennings Carrington. Blake’s family members include gay son, Steven Carrington; daughter, Fallon Carrington Colby; Adam Carrington, Blake’s long-lost son who returned to claim his birthright; Blake’s ex-wife, Alexis Carrington Colby (who hates his new wife, Krystle); Alexis’ lost daughter, Amanda; Dominique Deveraux, the illegitimate daughter of Blake’s father, Tom Carrington and assorted relatives Ben Carrington, Dana Waring Carrington, Leslie Carrington, and Krystina Carrington. NOTE: The opulent 48-room mansion used in the series is actually the Filoli Mansion located In Woodside, California south of San Francisco.

(Petticoat Junction)
Hooterville, USA
Joe Carson and former air force pilot Steve Elliott are the company's owners.

(The New Bob Cummings Show)
Southern California
Bob Carson is a bachelor pilot. He earns a living flying charter flights and hiring himself out as a detective. He accepted his assignments as long as they weren't "Illegal, immoral or underpaid." Bob’s plane, [a.k.a. Aero Car] had detachable wings and converted into a fully functioning road car in about ten minutes.

(The Adventures of Kit Carson)
Old West (in the 1800s)
Kit Carson is a frontier scout. He roamed the Old West with his Mexican sidekick, El Toro.

CARTER, Sgt. Andrew
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 Prison Camp
c/o Barricks Two
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Carter is an American prisoner of war. His general demeanor is happy go-lucky but dimwitted. Although he's not much of a conversationalist, Carter is a demolition and chemical expert. From time to time, Carter escaped from Stalag 13 and blew up nearby bridges or a Nazi supply trains.

CARTER, Edison See - HEADROOM, Max

CARTER, Kristen
(Mancuso, F.B.I.)
Apartment 7
1136 Arlington Place
Washington, D.C.
Kristen is an FBI agent and a Department of Justice lawyer.

CARTER, Lucille "Lucy"
(Here's Lucy)
4863 Valley Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Lucy works as a secretary for Unique Employment Agency. She lives with her two children, Kim and Craig.

CARTER, Lucille "Lucy"
(The Lucy Show)
708 Grover Street
San Francisco, CA
Lucy works at the Westland Bank. Her close friend is Mary Jane Lewis.

CARTER, Sharon
(Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place)
Upstairs Apartment
5657 River Street
Boston, MA
Sharon is a salesperson for Immaculate Chemical Company. She lives upstairs from her best friends [fellow Cambridge alumni] Berg, a medical student and Pete, an architecture student. Sharon was very fond of Pete, but married a guy named Johnny Donnelly. They moved into a rundown Victorian money-pit, a decision that tested their marital resolve. Unfortunately, Sharon‘s friend Pete accidentally burned their house down. For fun and conversation Sharon hangs out at her friend’s apartment, visits them at their place of employment at Beacon Street Pizza, or frequents Mahoney’s Bar. Sharon’s acquaintances included medical student Ashley Walker [Berg’s girlfriend until they broke up] and Irene, Pete’s ditzy ex-girlfriend who now lives downstairs and across the hall from Pete and Berg.

CARTER, Sgt. Vince
(Gomer Pyle, USMC)
c/o Second Platoon, B Company
Camp Henderson, Los Angeles
Sgt. Carter's main trouble in life is training naive Marine recruit Gomer Pyle and competing with the conniving Sgt. Hacker. Vince's girlfriend is named Bunny.

(Baby, I'm Back)
1684 Richmond Drive
Washington, DC
Olivia is a Pentagon secretary. She lives with her two young children, Angie and Jordan and her mother Luzelle.

(South Park)
21208 E. Bonanza Circle
South Park, CO
Eric is a foul-mouthed fourth grader who attends South Park Elementary School. His mother, Liane (whose is also his dad) is a crack whore hermaphrodite.
TRIVIA NOTE: His address has also appeared as 1002 and 1602

c/o The Ponderosa Ranch
Virginia City, NV (in the 1860s)
Ben Cartwright is the owner of the Ponderosa Ranch, a 1,000 square mile timberland in the Comstock Lode located near Lake Tahoe on the outskirts of Virginian City. Ben's grown sons, Adam, Eric [a.k.a. "Hoss"] and Joseph Francis [a.k.a. "Little Joe"] help run the ranch's cattle, logging and mining operations.

(The C.A.T.)
c/o Pepe, the proprietor
San Francisco, CA
Pepe is a Spanish gypsy. His favorite customer is Thomas Hewett Edward Cat, a former circus aerialist/cat burglar turned professional bodyguard who meets potential clients at Pepe's Frisco eatery to size up whether he would take up their cause.

CASE, Linc See - STILES, Tod

(Ben Casey)
Unnamed City, USA
Ben is a young resident surgeon. His mentor is Dr. David Zorba.

CASEY, John "Jack"
(Crime Photographer)
110 Mulberry Street
New York City, NY
Jack is a photographer for The Morning Express newspaper.

CASSIDY, Hopalong
(Hopalong Cassidy)
Old West (in the late 1800s)
Hopalong is a western hero dressed in black who helped maintained law and order in the Old West. His sidekick was Red Connors. Hopalong rides a horse called Topper and carried two pearl handled Colt revolvers.

(Goodnight, Beantown)
Apartment #1
321 Waverly Place
Boston, MA
Matt is a WYN-TV news coanchor.

CASTLE, Johnny
(Dirty Dancing)
c/o Kellerman’s Mountain Resort
Catskills, NY (in 1963)
Johnny is the resort’s sexy dance instructor. His Latin dance partner is Penny Rivera. Johnny’s girlfriend is Frances "Baby" Kellerman, the resort owner’s 17-year-old daughter and talent coordinator.

(My So-Called Life)
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Jordan is a student at Liberty High School. He is Italian-American and a loner. He smokes, procures fake ID for those in need and has a tendency to blink excessively. His academic pursuits are limited to PE and shop [he was left back two years probably because he has trouble reading]. Jordon's romantic interests included Angela Chase. Unfortunately, he fell from her grace when he slept with Angela's friend Rayanne Graff. Jordan then enlisted the aid of Brian to write an apology note known as "The Letter" to win Angela back.

CAVANAUGH, Francis "Pop"
(The Cavanaughs)
36 Brookhaven Street
Boston, MA
Crotchety old Francis Cavanaugh shares his life with daughter, Kit a much-divorced showgirl who returned home to help raise her widowed brothers' (Chuck) three children Mary Margaret, and twins, Kevin and John. Also on hand are Father Chuck Jr. Cavanaugh, the priest in the family and Pop's brother James "The Weasel" Cavanaugh, Chuck's boss and owner of Cavanaugh Construction.

(Crossing Jordon)
227 Pearl Street
Boston, MA
Jordon is a forensic pathologist. She is single, Irish-Catholic, and passionate about her work as a medical examiner at the Boston Coroner’s Office. She reports to Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Garrett Macy, who often overlooks Jordon’s insubordination because she is so good at her job. To solve a crime, Jordon first analyzes the forensic evidence (body, trauma, wounds, etc) but then she begins a role-playing mind game that her policeman father taught her. She puts her self in the place of the victim and imagines the last minutes of their life with their attacker. By using the hard evidence found at the crime and a reasoned examination of the facts, Jordon discovers the truth behind assorted crimes. Jordon’s family included her father Max, a retired cop who now runs a local tavern; and Jordon’s mother [who was murdered mysteriously when Jordon was a young girl].


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