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DAHBLITZ, Simka  See - GRAVAS, Latka

(The Amazing Spider-Man)
The Bugle Building
c/o J. Jonah Jameson, Editor
New York City , NY
Rita Conway is Jonah's administrative assistant. Peter Parker [a.k.a. "Spiderman"] works as a photographer for the newspaper.

(The Adventures of Superman)
( Metropolis 6-0500
(MX31962 [Perry's Mobile car]
c/o Perry White, Editor
Metropolis, USA
Perry is fond of shouting "Great Caesar's Ghost!" and "Don't call me Chief!" His staff includes reporters Lois Lane, Clark Kent [a.k.a. "Superman"], and cub reporter/photographer Jimmy Olsen [who always calls Perry "Chief"]. Exterior shots of the Daily Planet are actually The Los Angeles City Hall (minus its peaked top). The lobby scenes of the Daily Planet were actually filmed in the lobby of The Carnation Building located west of downtown Los Angeles at 5045 Wilshire Boulevard. The Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman series revealed the Daily Planet was originally built by a mobster named Dragonetti who used the building for his headquarters & speakeasy.

(The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.)
East 46th Street
[between 2nd and 3rd Avenues]
New York City, NY
April is an agent for U.N.C.L.E., a secret organization located a block from the East River near the United Nations. Her new partner is Mark Slate, recently transferred in from the London office. They report to Mr. Alexander Waverly.

DANZIG, Vincent & Marianne
(Our Family Honor)
63-1432 Southcrest Lane
New York City, NY (Long Island)
Vincent, a reputed crime boss, shares his home with his children August "Augie" and Jerry and grandchild, Mark.

D'ARCY, Marcy & husband, Jefferson
(Married...with Children)
9674 [& 9476] Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL
Marcy Marcy is a loan officer at Kyoto National Bank and the feminist next-door neighbor to the Bundy family. Jefferson is an ex-convict, a gigolo and Marcy's second husband. See also - RHOADES, Steve & wife, Marcy

(Darkwing Duck)
Town of St. Canard
Darkwing Duck is the alter ego of Drake Mallard an average citizen who transformed himself into the "terror that flaps in the night." Wearing a crimefighting costume reminiscent of a 1940s style zoot suit with broad rimmed hat, double breasted suit, mask and cap, Darkwing Duck battled wrongdoers with the assistance of Launchpad McQuack, a goofy pilot; Gosalyn, Drake's nine-year-old daughter; and Honker Muddlefoot, her brainy buddy. Darkwing's catchphrase is "Let's get dangerous."

DARLING, Clarissa Marie
(Clarissa Explains It All)
464 Shadow Lane
Baxter Beach, FL
Clarissa is a 13-year-old computer whiz and aspiring newscaster. She lives with her father Marshal [an architect for Waterson, Baker & Kleinfeld], Janet
[Head of the Children's Museum] and Ferguson, her troublemaking brother, a.k.a. "Ferg-face" [he's a Republican and admires Dan Quayle]. Clarissa attends Thomas Tupper Junior High School and has a platonic friend named Sam Anders who climbs up a ladder to her second-story bedroom to visit with her.

(The Andy Griffith Show)
Mayberry, NC
The Darling family are wild bunch of mountain folks who lived in the hills outside the rural town of Mayberry. They loved to play music, with father on the jug and the boys on fiddles and guitars. .

DATA, Lt. Cmd.
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Lt. Cmdr. Data is a talkative android Starfleet officer with yellow eyes and pasty-colored skin assigned to the 24th century starship, USS Enterprise-D. A robotic Pinocchio in search of humanity, Data spent much of his time analyzing why humans act the way they do.

(The Dukes of Hazzard)
Hazzard County, GA
Cooter id the best dang mechanic in Hazzard County. He services the 1969 orange Charger a.k.a. "The General Lee" owned by his best friends Luke and Bo Duke. Whenever the Duke's planned to outwit the corrupt businessman Boss Hogg or his toady sidekick Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, Cooter was there to lend his expertise.

(Hope & Gloria)
Apt. 3-C
Pittsburgh, PA
Hope is the producer of The Dennis DuPree Show on WPNN, Channel 5. She is divorced, shy, and overly-optimistic. Her cynical neighbor, Gloria Utz, a hairstylist across the hall in Apt. 3-B is the opposite of Hope but soon they grow on each other and become friends.

(Needles and Pins)
c/o Lorelei Fashions
463 7th Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Nathan and his brother-in-law Harry Karp manufacture women's clothing.

DAVIS, Bill & Family
(Family Affair)
Apartment 27-A
600 East 62nd near Fifth Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Bill is a bachelor and president of Davis and Gaynor Construction Company. He shares his apartment with newly adopted nieces Buffy, and Catherine "Cissy," and nephew Jody [their parents died in a car crash]. British valet Mr. French cared for the children while their uncle worked.

DAVIS, Laura
(Three Moons Over Milford)
Milford, VT
Laura's life was just fine until an asteroid hit earth's moon breaking it into three parts with a degrading orbit that threatens to kill all of mankind. Coping with the impending doom, Laura, a Methodist, struggles to keep her family together. But it won't be easy. Her 16-year-old genius son, Alex moves into an apartment of an older women; her bratty daughter, Lydia while trying to save the world accidentally burns downs the local school conducting a Wiccan ceremony, and her husband, Carl, a Bill Gates type who works at Syndex Corporation renounces his former life in favor of spirituality and meditation. And finally, Laura loses their mansion and must take a job as a lawyer's receptionist to make ends meet.

DAVIS, Norman & daughter, Maxx
(Me & Maxx)
Apartment 738
86 East 65th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Norman is ticket broker.

DAVIS, Dwight Ulysses & Family
(Davis Rules)
631 Evergreen Street
Seattle, WA [near Pomahac Island]
Dwight is a widower and grammar-school teacher/principal at Pomahac Elementary School. He lives with his sons Robbie, Charlie and Ben, and his wacky father, Gunny Davis, a retired Marine.

DAX, Jadzia
(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
c/o Space Station DS9
Orbiting Planet Bajor
Jadzia Dax is the science officer aboard the space station Deep Space Nine [Level 6 near Corridor 1]. She attended Starfleet Academy from 2359-63 and won a promotion to lieutenant commander in 2372 [and combat promotion to commander, U.S.S. Defiant during DS9 occupation in 2374].

DAY, Clarence, Sr. & wife, Vinnie
(Life with Father)
West 48th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Clarence is a stern 1880s Victorian banker. He lives with his four red-headed sons Clarence Jr., John, Whitney and Harlan, and Margaret, the family maid.


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