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EARP, Wyatt
(The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp)
Ellsworth, Kansas (late 1800s)
Wyatt is a frontier marshal. He worked first in the town of Ellsworth Kansas, later in Dodge City, Kansas and finally in Tombstone, Arizona. Proclaimed as "brave, courageous and bold," Wyatt maintained law and order with the help of his two extra long .45 caliber Buntline Special pistols. Wyatt's acquaintances included Shotgun Gibbs, his deputy; Doc Holiday, his close friend; saloonkeeper Nellie Cashman; Doc Goodfellow; Johnny Behan Tombstone's crooked lawman; and Clanton, the local hoodlum in Tombstone whom Wyatt eventually battled during a gunfight at the OK Corral.

(The Rousters)
c/o Captain Jack's Sladetown Carnival
Somewhere in America
Wyatt III is a descendant of the famous frontier sheriff, who worked for Captain Jack's Sladetown Carnival, a traveling sideshow. His sister Amanda did a little bounty hunting on the side.

(Doogie Howser, MD)
c/o Douglas "Doogie" Howser, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Doogie is a genius teenage doctor. His medical colleagues include his father Dr. David Howser, Chief of Services Dr. Benjamin Canfield, resident Dr. Jack McGuire, Dr. Ron Welch, Nurse Curly Spaulding, Nurse Michele Faber and hospital orderly Raymond Alexander.

EDISON, Sgt. Eve
(Mann & Machine)
Apartment 1407
Metropolitan Hotel
Los Angeles, CA [in the near future]
Eve is a female police android. Her human partner is Detective Bobby Mann.

EDISON, Fred and wife, Casey
(Maniac Mansion)
c/o Maniac Mansion
Fred is an inventor and scientist. He grew up in Maniac Mansion as did his scientist father and grandfather. Fred’s family includes wife, Casey, a former jazz pianist [born Casey Orca in Pittsburgh, PA]; their children Tina, the eldest child; Ike, the middle child; and Turner, the four-year-old who is the size of a full grown man; Casey’s brothers, Lenny [the human] and Harry [the Fly] and Della Muckle, wife of Harry who nags Fred to restore her husband to normal size.

(Facts of Life)
c/o Edna Garrett
320 Main Street
Peekskill, New York
The store name changed to "Over Our Heads" after Edna's Edibles is destroyed by fire.

The Squat, Albert Square
Waldord E20, London (East End)
Huw is a cafe worker.



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