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(Delta House)
c/o Delta House Fraternity
Town of Faber, PA
Note: The Faber College campus is actually the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon at Cottage Grove. The Delta House Fraternity is based on the fraternity seen in the movie Animal House (1978).

FABRAY, Suzanne "Frenchy"
(77 Sunset Strip)
( 354-4567
Apartment #217
152 and 1/2 North Maple
Hollywood, CA
Suzanne runs Sunset Answering Service in Office 103 at 77 Sunset Strip. Her popular clients included private eyes Jeff Spencer & Stuart Bailey who could be reached at Olympia 4-0992 and Olympia 5-1656. Suzanne's home address changes to Apartment B at 236 North Maple.

FAIR, Peggy
(  KL5-6175
Los Angeles, CA
Peggy is a full-time secretary. She is the sole employee of private detective Joe Mannix who lives and works at 17 Paseo Verde Drive in West Los Angeles. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Peggy is black, a widow and a former Department of Motor Vehicles employee. Peggy married police officer Marcus Fair in January of 1961. They had a little boy named Toby later that year. Unfortunately, Marcus died in the line of duty on March 1968. Peggy used her contacts with the DMV when conducting background checks for Joe‘s clients and sometimes went undercover as a maid, or hooker to help solve a case.

FALCO, Angie
Apartment #1
421 Vermont Street
Philadelphia, PA
Angie is a waitress at the Liberty Coffee Shop. Her relatives are Marie and Theresa Falco. Angie later marries pediatrician Brad Benson and moves to 76 Clinton Street.

(Herbie, the Love Bug)
( 555-7636
Southern California
Jim Douglas owns and operates the school with the assistance of his magical automobile, Herbie the Love Bug.

FANCY, Arthur
(N.Y.P.D. Blue)
c/o 15th Precinct
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Lt. Arthur Fancy is a hard-nosed black precinct supervisor of a group of veteran New York City homicide detectives. He is married, firm but fair and would call in all his favors to help out one of his officers. Arthur was promoted to Captain and left the precinct in the spring of 2001. At his farewell party he raised a glass of beer and proclaimed: "When you’re a cop in New York, you’re somebody. Now lets have some drinks and tell some stories."

(Fantasy Island)
c/o Mr. Rourke
Fantasy Island Cottage
Fantasy Island is a remote tropical island for those who wanted to live out their life long fantasies. It is run by Mr. Roarke, a mysterious man dressed in white who welcomes visitors and arranges for their fantasies to come true. When incoming airplanes filled with the latest arrivals were seen on the horizon, Roarke’s assistant Tattoo rang the bell in the tower of Roarke’s Victorian estate and yelled "De Plane, De Plane." The island guests were greeted by a bevy of beautiful girls clad in sarongs who handed out leis and festive drinks with tropical flowers in them. Note: The beautiful white Victorian home owned by the mysterious Mr. Rourke is in reality the California registered landmark No. 367, known as The Queen Anne Cottage. The Fantasy Island Cottage is located on the 127-acre complex of the Los Angeles State and County Arboretum at 301 North Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, California 91006. Establishing shots of Fantasy Island were scenes of coastal islands off southern California. The new Fantasy Island series filmed on Oahu on the northeast side of the island and is the site for the hotel that houses Mr. Roarke’s guests.

c/o Ms. Rose Farnaby
Farnaby Lane
Rural Estate in England
Albert & Alice Finch are the estate servants. Mulberry is the newest hired man. He is, in reality, the son of Death who reluctantly comes to take the mistress of the manor to the afterlife. Rose’s family includes her sisters Adele and Elizabeth and her lovely niece, Jocelyn.

FARR, Dr. Julie
(Julie Farr, M.D.)
(  213-555-3255 [Business Office]
(  LA MOBILE 4788 [Car Phone]
13471 East La Brea
Los Angeles, CA
Julie is an obstetrician at City Memorial.

(I Married Dora)
( 555-3636
46 LaPaloma Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Peter is an architect. He is divorced, single and works for the firm of Hughes, Whitney and Lennox. He lives with his 13-year-old daughter Kate and his clever 11-year-old son, Will. After Peter’s wife deserted the family, Peter hired Dora Calderon, [an illegal alien from El Salvador] as a housekeeper to care for his motherless brood. A few months later Peter married Dora to save her from deportation to Central America and to keep his family intact now that his kids were growing fond of Dora. Even though their marriage was a sham, and Peter openly dated other women, Dora began to have real feelings for her ersatz husband and after a time the two got together romantically. Dora’s family included her occasionally seen sister Marisol Calderon.

Lawndale, USA
The Fashion Club is a group of vapid, popular girls at Lawndale High School who regulate each other's wardrobe, shop at the mall and make fun of others. The FC consists of Tiffany-Blum Deckler, the Coordinating Officer; Sandi Griffin, the President, Quinn Morgendorfer, the vice-president; and Stacy Rowe, the secretary.

FATALE, Natasha
(Rocky & His Friends)
Pottsylvania [Somewhere in Europe]
Natasha is the sexy partner to the evil spy, Boris Badenov. She is tall, slinky, with dark hair and refers to Boris as "Darling." Together, Natasha and Boris carry out nefarious deeds given to them by a sinister monocled, scar-faced boss called The Fearless Leader. Their nemesis are the good guys Bullwinkle J. Moose and his pal, Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel who always defeat Boris and Natasha in the end.

Along the Sedalia Trail
American Southwest (1860s)
Gil Favor is the trail boss of a group of cattle drovers who moved them "doggies" to market from San Antonio, Texas to Sedalia, Kansas in the days of 1860s. His trail crew included ramrod Rowdy Yates; Wishbone the cook; Pete Nolan, a frontier scout; Hey Soos, a Mexican drover; and Simon Blake, a black drover; Quince; Jeb Colby; Ian Cabot; and Joe Scarlet.

FAWKES, Darien
(The Invisible Man)
c/o Department of Fish & Game
Darien is a small-time thief. Facing a life sentence in prison, Darien is offered a deal by his genius scientist brother Kevin Fawkes to become a test subject for a government project that would theoretically make Darien invisible. Reluctantly, Darien agrees and let's the scientists implant a "Quicksilver" gland in his head that is activated by the introduction of adrenaline. Luckily, the gland works and Darien turns invisible. Unfortunately, if he stays invisible too long, the "Quick Silver" device reduces Darien ability to control his inhibitions. When Darien brother dies unexpectedly, he finds himself working for a top-secret agency disguised as the Department of Fish and Game. He reported to Charles Borden, a.k.a. "The Official." As long as Darien played ball with the government, the Official supplied Darien [a.k.a. "Solution Beta"] with the needed counter-agent to keep him from going insane. See also - BRADY, Dr. Peter and WESTIN, Dr. Daniel

FAWLTY, Basil & wife, Sybil
(Fawlty Towers)
c/o Fawlty Towers Hotel, Proprietors
16 Elwood Avenue
Devonshire, England
Basil Fawlty is an incorrigible Englishman who owns Fawlty Towers, a coastal guest house by the Sea of Torquay. The inn is jointly owned by his wife, Sybil who was the brains behind the operation. Sybil's level head and no-nonsense manner often clashed with her ill-tempered husband who verbally brutalized their guests. The inn’s support staff included waitress Polly Sherman; Manuel the bellhop and Connie the housekeeper. Major Gowen is a regular resident at the inn.

FAYNE, George (a girl)
(The Nancy Drew Mysteries)
16 River Avenue
River Heights (New England)
George's friend is Nancy Drew who loves to unravel mysteries.



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