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(Welcome to New York)
New York City, NY
Jim is a weatherman. Formerly from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jim moves to the Big Apple and takes a job with AM New York on WNYD Channel 6 as their new meteorologist. His new boss is executive producer, Marsha Bickner, She is no-nonsense city-phile ["a paranoid, snotty control-aholic"] and refers to her newly hired employee from the Midwest as the guy with the "corn-fed belly." In Indiana, Jim attended North Side High School and played in a band called "The Masters of Funk."

GAGNIER, Jacques
(Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Canadian Northwest
Jacques is a corporal in the famed Canadian Mounted Police. Assisting him track down the bad guys were Constable Scott and Constable Mitchell.

(What About Joan)
Chicago, IL
Joan is a high school teacher. She is single, teaches English and coached her speech team to win an Illinois speech competition. Joan’s current boyfriend is Jake Evans, an investment banker with a law degree. After only six weeks and nine dates Jake proposed and Joan freaked. Even though he appeared to be perfect, she forced Jake to retract the proposal but continues their relationship at a much slower rate. Lending moral support and counsel to Joan’s daily life are her friends Ruby Stern, a psychiatrist [an aspiring singer]; Betsy, a music teacher; Alice Adams, a new 25-year-old student teacher at the school; and Joan’s sister, Ann.

GALLAGHER, Nanette "Nan"
(The Two Of Us)
East 23rd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Nan is co-host of "Mid-Morning Manhattan." British butler Robert Brentwood cares for Nan's daughter Gabrielle "Gabby"

(Cowboy G-Men)
Old West (late 1800s)
Pat is a secret agent. He maintained law and order with the help of his undercover partner Stoney Crockett.

(Just Shoot Me)
Apartment # 803
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Maya is a journalist. Born January 1st [her first baby word was "boat"], she has B- Negative blood and works at Blush magazine, the sleazy fashion rag owned by her womanizing father, Jackson "Jack" Gilbert Gallo. Her romantic interest at work is head photographer Elliott DiMauro. As a child Maya was called "Crisco" because as she relates "I was as fat as a can." Besides her father Jack, her relatives included her birth mother Eve [now divorced] and Jack’s young fourth wife, Ally [a cheerleader and Maya’s former classmate].

GANGREEN, Dr. Putrid T.
(Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)
Town of San Zucchini
Dr. Gangreen is a mad scientist. The by-product of his nefarious experiments with plant-life created Killer Tomatoes, who assisted Dr. Gangreen with his mad dream to rule the world. To thwart the Doctor's evil plan two teenagers (Chad and Tara) battled to keep the squishy red killer tomatoes from hurting mankind. Note: The series is based on the 1980 sci-fi film spoof Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the 1988 sequel Return of the Killer Tomatoes .

GARCIA, Det. Angela
(Tequila & Bonetti)
36112 Parker Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Her partner is Det. Nico Bonetti.

c/o WNYX Radio Station
New York City, NY
Joe Garelli is a electronic maintenance technician for WNYX, an all-news radio station in New York City. He is single, Italian-American, and extremely talented when it comes to electronics but his social skills are sometimes lacking. His romantic interest is African-American news co-anchor, Catherine Duke. Joe’s creative bent inspired the Garelli 5000, a communication device with satellite hookup and a homemade ‘smart drink’ that made his ditzy coworker Matthew Brock intelligent. Exuding a macho attitude, Joe once said "I’m Joe Girelli. I’m not afraid of anything" [except alien abductions].

(Babylon 5)
c/o Space Station Babylon 5
Orbiting Planet Epsilon 3
Michael is Babylon 5's Security Chief. His computer password is "Peek-a-Boo."

GARLUND, Donna & Evie
(Out of This World)
( 406-555-4669
17 Medvale Road
Marlowe, CA (near Carmel)
Donna is a former cheerleader. She fell in love with an alien named Troy from the planet Anterias. Before leaving earth, Troy fathered a beautiful girl named Evie. To keep in touch, he left a special communication box so he could speak with his daughter when she was old enough to understand her heritage. Now a teenager, Evie is just beginning to realize she has strange powers.

(The Hero)
Hollywood, CA
Sam is an actor. He plays the brave and courageous "Jed Clayton—U.S. Marshal" on a fictional television series. Unfortunately, the actor and the character are quite different from one another [Jed is confident; Sam is a klutz]. Sam's friends included his wife Ruth; their son, Paul; neighbor Fred Gilman; and his son, Burton.

(The Facts of Life/Diff'rent Strokes)

c/o Eastland School for Girls
Peekskill, NY
Edna is a dietician. Born and raised on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin, Edna is divorced, perpetually pleasant (unless you really got her angry) and the attentive mother hen to a group of girls at the Eastland School for Girls. Edna originally worked as the housekeeper for the wealthy Drummond Family in New York City, before she took the job as dietician at Eastland. Edna cares for the well-being of all the girls at the school but she became particularly fond of four of them: Blair Warner, Jo Polniaczek, Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey and Natalie Green. See also TV Character Bio

(Charlie’s Angels)
c/o Charles Townsend Investigations
Los Angeles, CA
Kelly is a private detective. She is single, brunette, perky and a graduate of the Los Angles Police Academy. Kelly was recruited by Charlie Townsend, [whom she’s never seen] to solve crimes along with her colleagues John Bosley [Charlie’s lawyer] and detectives Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe [and later Tiffany Welles and Julie Rogers]. Kelly drives a yellow Mustang.

(The Tall Man)
New Mexico Territory (1870s)
Pat Garrett a.k.a. "The Tall Man" is a deputy sheriff. His friend is gunfighter "Billy the Kid" a.k.a. William H. Bonney. Note: This series presents the fictionalized frontier friendship between Garrett and Bonney. Historically, Pat Garrett fatally shot Billy the Kid in 1881.

GARRISON, First Lt. Craig
(Garrison’s Gorillas)
Behind Enemy Lines World War II
Lt. Garrison coordinates a group of four men [a.k.a. "Garrison’s Gorillas"] who were released from stateside prisons with the promise of a presidential pardon and trained to covertly battle the Axis powers of Germany and Italy. Based in England, Garrison’s charges included Actor, a suave con man; Chief, a switchblade-wielding Native American; Casino, a safecracker; and Ganifff, a cat burglar.

GARRISON, Matthew & sister, Jennifer
(California Dreams)
128 Ocean Drive
Southern California
Matt and Jenny are teenagers. They attend Pacific Coast High School and play in a soft-rock band called California Dreams. Matt is the lead singer and Jenny is a singer and keyboardist. Their friends and band members included Sylvester "Sly" Winkle, Jake Sommers, Tiffany Smith and Tony Wicks. When Jenny moved to Rome to attend a Music conservatory, her spot in the band was taken by Samantha "Sam" Woo, a foreign exchange student from Hong Kong who lived with the Garrison’s, for a time. Matt later moves [he goes to the Julliard School in New York [and Sly’s cousin Mark takes his place in the band]. Matt, Jenny and friends hangout at a beachside cafe named Sharkey’s.

(Married...With Children)
c/o New Market Mall
Chicago, IL
The store's chief salesmen are Al Bundy, a frustrated married man, and Al’s swinging single coworker, Luke Ventura [replaced by Griff].

(Suddenly Susan)
c/o Jack Richmond, Publisher
San Francisco, CA
The Gate is a trendy, hip magazine owned by Jack Richmond, a young eccentric publisher. His employees included Susan Keane who penned the "Suddenly Susan" singles column; Vicki Groener, the food critic and lifestyle reporter; Todd Stites, the music critic; Luis Rivera, the staff photographer; and Maddie Piper, an investigative reporter [who later quit and moved to New York]. The magazine was later purchased by British publisher Ian Graham who relocated the editorial offices from their luxurious high-rise location to smaller less impressive walk-up digs in Chinatown. Ian changed the focus of The Gate to "men’s issues" and hired Oliver Brown to shoot the sexy covers.

(The Munsters/The Munsters Today)
( 1-800-FOREVER
Mockingbird Heights, USA
Herman Munster works as their gravedigger.

GATES, Dr. George Alonzo
(Trapper John, MD)
c/o San Francisco Memorial Hospital
San Francisco, CA
George a.k.a. "Gonzo" is an on-call resident surgeon at San Francisco Memorial. He lives in a dirty, rusty yet functioning mobile RV home,[dubbed "The Titanic"] parked outside of the hospital in the parking lot. Gonzo often spent time on the roof relaxing in lounge chairs and drinking beverages. His RV home, like the ocean bound Titanic had one thing in common: they both were disasters.

( 555-3224
Malibu, CA
Gavilan is an ex-CIA agent turned oceanographer. His friend Milo Bentley, a suave, conniving travel agent with a British accent, occasionally helped Gavilan with his projects at California's DeWitt Institute of Oceanography. Gavilan reported to Marion Jaworski, his boss at the Institute.

GAY, John & Barbara
(Apartment 3-C/Mr. & Mrs. Mystery)
Apartment 3C
46 Perry Street
New York, NY

GAYLE, Karen
(The Cases of Eddie Drake)
( 346-7112
64 Park Avenue
New York City, NY
Karen is a criminal psychologist working with investigator Eddie Drake



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