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HACKETT, Joe & wife, Helen
427 Madigan Way
Nantucket, Island, MA
Joe is a pilot. He co-owns Sandpiper Air [at Tom Nevers Field] with his brother, Brian. Helen runs the luncheon counter at the Tom Nevers Field. Joe has lived in his house since he was a child.

( 555-7382
San Francisco, CA
Paul is a private eye. His partner, Carl Palmer is a lawyer. Their secretary is Jody.

HAGGERS, Charlie & wife, Loretta
(Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman)
345 Bratner Avenue
Fernwood, OH (Woodland Hills)
The Haggers' are best friends of the Hartman family. Loretta is an aspiring country music singer.

(Mister Terrific)
c/o Hal Waters & Stanley Beemish
Northeastern and Wyoming Streets
Washington, D.C.
Stanley is given a secret pill that turns him into the superhero, Mr. Terrific.

HALE, Christopher
(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Christopher "Chris" is a wagonmaster. He leads pioneer families west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. His wagon crew included assistant wagonmaster Bill Hawks; frontier scout Flint McCullough; frontier scout Duke Shannon; frontier scout Cooper Smith; and trail cook, Charlie Wooster. Chris Hale had replaced the original wagonmaster Major Seth Adams.

HALE, Dick & Ginny
(Coming of Age)
Condo 9-C
Dunes Retirement Resort, AZ
Dick is an airline pilot forced into retirement.

HALL, Dr. William Todhunter & wife Victoria Cromwell
(The Halls Of Ivy)
( Ivy 4-0042
c/o Ivy College
One Faculty Row
Town of Ivy, USA
William is the president of Ivy College. Victoria is a former London stage star. Their home is cared for by Alice, their loyal housekeeper.

Skagway, Alaska (1898)
Mike is a miner at odds with Jeff Durain, the owner of a gambling hall/hotel where many of the miners from the Gold Rush years lost their hard earned money.

c/o Prudence, Phoebe & Piper
1329 Prescott Street
San Francisco, CA
The Halliwell sisters are witches. Prue [born 1970] works for Buckland Auction House and later becomes a professional photographer. Piper is a chef at The Quake restaurant [later opens the "P3" nightclub] and Phoebe is a Jill of all trades and floats from job to job. They all live in an enchanted Victorian house and cast spells with the help of the "Book of Shadows" and the incantation "The Power of Three Will Set Us Free." When Prue is killed by a demon in 2001, her surviving sisters discover a half-sister named Paige Matthews who restored the magic circle of the power of three. Paige is a social worker. Rule No. 1 at Halliwell Manor: "Get ready for the unexpected." The Halliwell House was built in 1906 soon after an earthquake. The home site rests over a "spiritual nexus" which is the source of great mystical powers. Note: The house used as the Halliwell sister's home is located on Carroll Avenue, a public street near Echo Park, which features a cluster of well-preserved Victorian homes. The "Halliwell House" is on the north side of the street, near its east end. The exact address is 1329 Carroll Avenue, about a mile northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

HAMILTON, Lucy "Angel"
(Michael Shayne)
( 976-6616
8 Gower Street
Miami, FL
Lucy is secretary for private eye, Michael Shayne. She types 90 words per minute.

(Fast Times)
100 Ellen Drive
Ridgemont, CA
Stacy is a student at Ridgemont High. She works at Cattle Burger in the Ridgemont Mall with her best friend, Linda Barrett. Stacy’s brother Brad Hamilton is a high school senior.

(Ozzie's Girls)
c/o Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
822 Sycamore Street
Hillsdale, USA
Susie and her roommate, Brenda Mackenzie live in the rooms formerly used by David & Ricky Nelson.

(The Faculty)
c/o Principal Herbert Adams
The faculty & staff included Flynn Sullivan, the vice principal; Daisy Skelnick, the school secretary; Shelly Bay, the English teacher; Amanda Duvall, the math teacher; Clark Edwards, the history teacher; and Luis Jackson, the school nurse.

(Mike Hammer)
( 212-555-6974 or 6200
c/o Mike Hammer Detective Agency
304 West 16th Street
410 Tenth Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan) 10977
Velda is Mike's gorgeous secretary. Mike lives at 410 Tenth Avenue. His police contact is Captain Pat Chambers.

(Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer)
Office #812
( 555-6974 or 5396
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Mike is a private eye. His gorgeous secretary is named Velda. Mike lives in a hotel on West 47th Street. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Mike kept a gumball machine in his office-behind his desk and to the left. Mike carried a .45 caliber automatic hand gun nicknamed "Betsy." Betsy was concealed in a shoulder holster worn under Mike's left arm. Note:

HAMMER, Det. Sledge
(Sledge Hammer)
Apt. #13
5517 Stafford Street
Unnamed Metropolis, USA
Trigger-happy Inspector Sledge Hammer is "dirtier than Dirty Harry, meaner than Bronson and makes Rambo look like Pee Wee Herman." His partner is the beautiful Sgt. Dori Doreau. Hammer's apartment building seen on the series is located at 681 S. Burlington Avenue north of 7th Street near downtown Los Angeles. Hammer's TV police station is actually an office building located at 1125 W. 6th Street.

(Skippy the Bush Kangaroo)
c/o Waratah National Park
Sydney, Australia
Matt is a park ranger at the Waratah National Park. He lives with his two sons, Mark and Sonny and Skippy, the family’s pet kangaroo. The Hammond’s adopted Skippy when she was found injured along side of a road. The Skippy stories followed our bouncy hero as she helped protect the game reserve from smugglers, rustlers and escaped convicts assisted by macho helicopter pilot, Jerry King.

HANKS, Henrietta
(Pistols 'N' Petticoats)
Wretched, CO (1870s)
Henrietta is a widow and member of the gun-toting Hank clan. Her family included Andrew "Grandpa," Hanks, Grandma Hanks; Lucy Hanks, Henrietta's daughter; and Bowser, the family's pet wolf. Their neighbors are Harold Sikes, the inept town sheriff; Buss Courtney, a local land baron; and a trio of American Indians: Chief Eagle Shadow; Grey Hawk; and Little Bear.

( CHECKMATE KING 2 [Army Radio ID]
c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-DAY
Gil is a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army [Serial No. 012177705]. He is a college graduate, understands Latin and wears pinky rings on his right and left hands. He overlooks a soldier not saluting him, and though hard-boiled, he is approachable. Hanley coordinates with Sgt. Chip Saunders [Radio code: WHITE ROOK].

(Detective School)
c/o Hannigan Detective School
1407 East Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA
Roster of students at this third-rate facility includes Eddie Dawkins, Charlene Jenkins, Robert Redford, Leo Frick, Silvia Galindez, Teresa Cleary and Maggie Ferguson.

HANSEN, Lars & wife, Marta
(I Remember Mama)
Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA
Lars "Papa" and Marta "Mama" live with their children Nels, Katrin & Dagmar. The series opens with oldest daughter, Katrin looking through memorabilia and commenting, "but most of all, I remember Mama."


(Little House on the Prairie)
Walnut Grove
Plum Creek, MI (1870s)
Lars Hanson is the Swedish-American owner of the town’s only lumber mill. He employed local homesteader Charles Ingalls on a part-time basis to stack and haul lumber.


(As Time Goes By)
London, UK
Lionel is a divorced ex-army officer and coffee-planter. He returned to England to write his autobiography entitled My Life in Kenya. To transcribe his notes Lionel hired the services of a local secretarial agency. He discoved to his delight the company manager, Jean Pargetter, was his long lost sweetheart that he left behind during the Korean War. Apparently, Jean's love letter got lost in the mail and Lionel thought she no longer cared for him because she didn't write him. Slowly, the two rekindled their lost love and eventually married.

HARDCASTLE, Judge Milton G.
(Hardcastle & McCormick)
Gull's Way
101 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA.
Milton is a retired judge turned vigilante. He works with Mark "Skid" McCormick, an ex-con race driver. The real "Gull's Way" is actually located at 26800 Pacific Coast Highway.

(Tales of Wells Fargo)
American Frontier (1860s)
Agent Jim Hardie is a rugged troubleshooter for the gold transport company of Wells Fargo that traversed the frontier of the 1860s. Hardie later bought a ranch outside of San Francisco. His friends included Wells Fargo agent Beau McCloud; Ovie, a widow; her daughters, Mary Gee and Tina, a schoolteacher; and Jim's ranch foreman Jeb Gaine.

HARDY, Fenton
(The Hardy Boys)
8966 Elm Street
Bayport, MA
Fenton lives with his teenage sons, Frank & Joe, both of whom inherited his penchant of private investigation.

Laramie, WY (1870s)
Jess is a drifter who joined forces with Slim and Andy Sherman to run their cattle ranch, that was inherited from their father after he'd been killed by land-grabbers.

(I'll Fly Away)
c/o The Bedford Family
Bryland, Georgia
Lilly is the black housekeeper and nanny to the Nathan, Francie and John Morgan, the children of white prosecuting district attorney Forrest Bedford. Note: The exterior shots of the Harper home (Lilly's) were actually of a private residence located at 3144 Stone Mountain Street in Covington, Georgia.

HARPER, Nell Ruth
(Gimme a Break)
c/o The Lawrence Family
2938 Maple Lane
Glenlawn, CA
Nell is a black housekeeper who cares for Katie, Julie and Samantha, the kids of police chief, Carl Kanisky.

HARPER, Thelma
(Mama's Family)
( 555-3329
1542 Ray Way
Raytown, USA
Thelma shares her home with grandson Bubba and her grown son, Vinton, his wife Naomi, and their children Buzz & Sonia. Thelma's address was formerly known as 10 Decatur Road and was the residence of a brothel called "Ma Beaudine's."

HARPER, Thomas J. & Family
(Free Spirit)
33 Essex Drive
Thomas is a divorced attorney. A dizzy blond witch named Winnie Goodwin manages his home and who cares for his children Robb, Jessie and Gene.

HARRIS, Alan & wife, Kate
(Harris Against the World)
90 Bristol Court
Southern California
Alan is a plant superintendent of a huge movie studio. He shares his apartment with his wife and their children, Deedee and Billy.

HARRIS, Alexander LaVelle
(Buffy the Vampire Killer)
Sunnydale, CA
Alexander "Xander" Harris is a student at Sunnydale High School. Born and raised in Sunnydale, is a loyal and active member of the "Scooby Gang" which consists of Buffy and her helpers Willow, Xander, Oz and Cordelia [Xander coined the phrase "The Scooby Gang" to describe the occult nature of their activities in battling ghosts, vampires and other such demons].

77 Kantwell Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Donna is the love interest of Watt’s junkman Fred Sanford.

HARRIS, Joey & Michael Taylor
(My Two Dads)
Apartment 4B
627 North Brewster Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Joey is an artist. Michael is a financial advisor. Both are fathers to a young orphan girl named Nicole Bradford, whose mother was a former lover of both men.

(The Man from Atlantis)
c/o Foundation for Oceanic Research
Mark Harris is the last survivor of the lost continent of Atlantis. He was discovered lying unconscious on a beach by Dr. Elizabeth Merrill. Adopting the guise of human Mark Harris, this aquatic humanoid joined a team of scientists from the Foundation for Oceanic Research to explore the vastness and the mysteries of the ocean depths.

HARRIS, Marjorie "Jackie"
Apartment "A"
Lanford, IL
Jackie Harris is the younger sister and closest friend of Roseanne Connor. Jackie is single, insecure and not sure what she wants to do with her life. She continually visits Roseanne’s home to share her problems and add her two cents into the family’s domestic affairs. Note: Jackie’s real name is Marjorie. As a child Roseanne had difficulty pronouncing her name and twisted it into "My Jackie" which became just "Jackie."

HARRIS, Det. Ron
(Barney Miller)
c/o 12th Precinct
New York, NY (Greenwich Vilage)
Ron is a black police detective. His wardrobe is impeccable and his manners for a cop were quite refined. Constantly making notes while on duty, Harris juggled both professions of police officer and novelist. He finally produced a novel entitled Blood on the Badge a.k.a. "B.O.B." (initially titled Precinct Diary) which told a lurid tale about the Men in Blue.

(The Alaskans)
Skagway, Alaska (1890s)
Silky is an adventurer in search of fortune in the Gold Rush Days.

(Family Rules)
34 Becker Street
Baltimore, MD (suburbs)
Nate is a basketball coach at Morgan College. He is a widower [wife, Jan] and has four daughters who live with him. They include Hope, a hip, sexy 17 year-old blond; Anne, a 16-year-old egghead; C.J., a not-to-bright 14-year-old; and Lucy, a.k.a "Luce," a precocious 10-year-old. Nick‘s best friend is Phil Bennett, a freelance magazine writer -whom the girls call Uncle Phil.

HARRY (the Bigfoot)  See - HENDERSON, George & wife, Nancy

(Home Improvement)
c/o Harry Turner, proprietor
Third St. near Main
Detroit, Michigan (Royal Oaks)
This is the hangout of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, a cable TV Fix-it show host. Regular’s at the store help themselves to free donuts, coffee and easy-going chit chat that ranged from life’s problems [wives and girlfriends] to cars and tools. Al Borland, Tim's co-host later became Harry's partner. Harry’s Hardware, known for personal service was later sold to Tim Taylor. He and Al offered new services like loaning free video tool library and a 24 hour phone line [555-014U and 555-012U] that offered free advice on home repair ["Harry’s on-call, No problem too small"].

HART, Dave & wife, Alison
(Harts of the West)
c/o Flying Tumbleweed Ranch
Sholo, NV
Dave is a lingerie salesman for Bloomingdale’s in Chicago. Allison is a homemaker. After Dave has a heart attack, he suddenly decides to buy a ranch [sight unseen] and moves his family out west. His family included his 15-year-old daughter, L’Amour Hart; 17-year-old son, Zane Grey Hart; and 11-year-old son, John Wayne "Duke" Hart. A crusty cowpoke named Jake Terrell educated Dave to the realities of ranch life.

HART, Edith "Edie"
(Peter Gunn)
( KL6-0699
Apartment 15
Bartell Hotel
1709 Ver Banna Street
Los Angeles, CA
Edie sings at Mother's nightclub. Her boyfriend is private eye Peter Gunn.

HART, Jonathan & wife, Jennifer
(Hart To Hart)
( 555-1654
3100 Willow Pond Road
Bel Air, CA
Jonathan is a wealthy industrialist and ex-navy officer [he quit the service in 1969]. Jennifer [née Edwards] is a journalist and photographer. The Hart’s have no children but are deeply in love and actively work to keep romance alive each and every day. When not attending fancy parties and traveling around the globe to exotic romantic vacation spots, Jonathan and Jennifer enjoy being amateur sleuths. ["Their hobby is murder"]. The Hart’s share their home with Max, Jonathan’s gravelly-voiced, cigar-smoking old friend who acts as the family’s live-in housekeeper and chauffeur; and Freeway, their scruffy little dog [an unclipped Lowchen breed they found lost on the freeway]. Note: The Hart's home telephone numbers have been quoted as: 555-1654, 555-3223, 555-1271 and 555-2929.

(Hart To Hart)
( 555-1271
c/o Jonathan Hart,
112 North Las Palmas
Los Angeles, CA
Hart Industries is owned by self-made millionaire industrialist Jonathan Hart. Jonathan retains majority interest in the common stock and occupies a seat as the Chairman of the Board [his wife also sits on the board] and Chief executive Officer. Founded in 1965 with just $1500 seed money, Jonathan built his investment into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate consisting of twenty companies with divisions in Electronics, Aerospace, Computer Program and Research Division, as well as Hartoy Chemo-Cal, Hart Shipping Lines and Hartscan Mineral Development. The company went public with its first stock offerings in March 1969.

HART, Det. Lester
(Burke's Law)
106 Essex Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Lester and Det. Tim Tillson assist Captain Amos Burke investigate homicide cases.

HARTLEY, Dr. Robert & wife, Emily
(The Bob Newhart Show)
( (312) 726-7098 [Business Office]
Apartment 523
Chicago, IL 60611
Bob is a psychologist. Emily is a schoolteacher. They live in the multi-story Meridian Beach Apartment Building on Lake Shore Drive owned by the Skyline Management Corp. Their neighbor Howard Borden [an airline pilot] lives next-door at apartment #525. Later in the series Bob and Emily move into Apartment #2080 on the 20th floor. Dr. Hartley works in the Rampo Medical Arts Building Suite 751 (also seen as 715). The apartment building shown as the Hartley residence is the 16-story Buckingham Plaza at 360 E. Randolph Street at Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The office building where Bob's office is located, according to exterior shot on the show, was at that time the Bay Federal Bank Building on Michigan Avenue.

(Hearts Afire)
1184 Arlington Drive
Georgetown, VA
John is legislative assistant. He is divorced [his wife, Diandra turned lesbian], conservative and lives with his two sons, Ben & Eliot. John works for a senile Southern Senator named Strobe Smithers. John later marries Georgie Ann Lahti, a chain-smoking liberal journalist coworker, Later John, Georgie left Washington and moved to John’s hometown of Clay County to take over the operation of a troubled local newspaper called The Courier [later The Daily Beacon].

Apt. 202
New York City, NY
Kirk is a graphic artist. He is single but becomes responsible for his sister Phoebe, and brothers Corey and seven-year-old Russell after his parents died in a car accident. He later marries his romantic interest Elizabeth Waters, a nurse at St. Bernard's Hospital who lived across the hall in Apt. 201. With living quarters now getting cramped, Kirk and family moved to Apt. 4-B.

HARTMAN, Tom & wife, Mary
(Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman)
343 Bratner Avenue
Fernwood, Ohio (Woodland Heights)
Tom is an automobile assembly-line worker. He lives with wife, Mary and daughter, Heather.

HARVEY, Oswald
(The Drew Carey Show)
( (216) 555-0107
Apartment B
8601 Euclid Street
Cleveland, OH
Oswald is a delivery man for Global Parcel. He is single, dim-witted , drives a LeCar and keeps his house key under the front doormat. In his spare time, he hangs out with friends Drew Carey, Kate O'Brien and Lewis Kiniski and helps them run their garage-based microbrewery that produces Buzz Beer.

HASKELL, Edward W. "Eddie"
(Leave it to Beaver)
531 Grant Avenue
Mayfield, USA
Eddie is a teenager and student at Mayfield High. He is insensitive, insincere and likes to goad people into trouble, especially his best friend Wally Cleaver. George and Agnes are Eddie's longsuffering parents. Eddie's method of operation is to be very polite to adults but behind their backs and with everyone else he is a wisecracking jerk. Here is a typical phrase that showcases Eddie: "Wally, if your dumb brother tags along, I'm gonna...Oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver! I was just telling Wallace how pleasant it would be for Theodore to accompany us to the movies." Eddie calls Wally's brother Beaver "Squirt." Mayonnaise gives Eddie allergies. Note: Eddie's gasoline credit card reads: Edward W. Haskell, 175 Grant Avenue. However, Eddies middle name was also given as Clark. In the series The New Leave It To Beaver a grown Eddie is now a crooked contractor. His family includes his wife, Gert and sons Freddie and Bomber [who attends military school].

(Dear Phoebe)
165 La Paloma Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Bill is a writer for the Los Angeles Daily Blade. He authors an advice-to-the-lovelorn column under the name Phoebe Goodheart.

HASTINGS, Don and wife, Jan
(One Big Family)
( 555-6369
First & Hastings Street
Seattle, WA
Don is a police officer. He shares his house with Marianne, Kate, Brian and Roger, the four children of Don's younger brother [now deceased]. Helping out is uncle Jake Hatton, a retired vaudevillian.

1815 (unnamed Street)
Chicago, IL
Carol is the Head Nurse at the Emergency Department at Cook County General Hospital. After she gave birth to twins [Tess & Katherine "Kate"], Carol moved to Seattle to be with the children’s father, Dr. Douglas Ross.

(The Beverly Hillbillies)
c/o The Commerce Bank
Beverly Hills, CA
Jane is a secretary. She is single, extremely efficient and works for Mr. Milburn Drysdale, the president of the bank. She is often used as the scapegoat for many of Mr. Drysdale’s plans to keep the Clampett’s families money in his bank. As a hobby, Jane enjoys bird watching. She is the Flockmaster of a group called the Little Bird Watchers of Beverly Hills. Professor P. Casper Biddle from Griffith Park is her onithological mentor. Romantically speaking, Jane is enamored with the hulking but dimwitted Jethro Bodine, the nephew of millionaire Jed Clampett.

HATHAWAY, Walter & Elinor
(The Hathaways)
148 Magnolia Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Walter is a real estate agent. Elinor is a
a theatrical agent who booked a group of the frisky chimpanzees (The Marquis Chimps-Charlie, Enoch and Cindy) on a variety of show business gigs. In between their engagements the chimps lived in the Hathaway's home with the obvious hilarious results.

(Hawaii Five-0)
( 732-5577
( 277-2977 [Emergency No.]
c/o Det. Steve McGarrett
Iolani Palace
Honolulu, Hawaii
McGarrett, the head of the Five-O unit, reports directly to Governor Philip Grey. Steve's support staff includes Det. Danny Williams, Det. Chin Ho Kelly, Det Kono Kelakaua, and Det. Ben Kokua,

(Hawaiian Eye)
Hawaiian Village Hotel
Honolulu, Hawaii
Located in the hotel lobby, this is the office of Tracy Steele, Tom Lopaka, & Greg MacKenzie.

HAWK, Lt. John
Det. Lt. John Hawk is a full-blooded Iroquois Indian employed by the New York City District Attorney's office. He worked the night shift with his partner, Detective Dan Carter.

HAWKE, Stringfellow
Valley of the Gods
American Southwest
Hawke is a Vietnam veteran helicopter pilot. When designer Professor Moffit stole his high-tech helicopter called Airwolf to sell to a foreign government, an ultra-secret group called "The Firm" assigned Stringfellow Hawke to recover it. However, when he got it, he refused to give it back until the US War Department stepped up their efforts to find his brother who had been listed missing in action in Vietnam. Hawke hid Airwolf in a large mountain crater in the Southwest desert area called "The Valley Of The Gods." A mysterious man in white with a cane and eye patch called Michael Archangel negotiated the recapture of Airwolf, all the while, however, using Hawke and Airwolf for a variety of secret missions.

HAWKINS, Collette
(Rhythm and Blues)
7030 Damon Street
Detroit, MI
Colette is a program director for soul radio station WBLZ.

HAWKINS, Dr. Miles
Port Columbia
Dr. Miles Hawkins is a black scientist and owner of Hawkins Technology. Paralyzed by a bullet to the spine during the Los Angeles Riots, Miles developed an exo-skeleton suit to enable him to walk and fight crime as the vigilante M.A.N.T.I.S. His secret headquarters underneath his home housed The Chrysalis, his futuristic car/hover craft. Dr. Hawkins placed the following newspaper ad "Need Help? No One To Turn To? 1-500-4-MANTIS."

(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Bill is the assistant wagonmaster and lead wagon driver. He help lead pioneer families traveling west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. He reported to wagonmaster Major Seth Adams and later to Christopher Hale.


HAYES, Hannibal
(Alias Smith & Jones)
Old West (late 1880s)
Hannibal is a train/bank robber. He and his partner Jed "Kid" Curry struck a deal with the territorial governor for amnesty. The hitch: they had to go straight for one year. In the meantime they still would stay wanted by the law. Some deal!

HAYES, Madeline "Maddie"
c/o Blue Moon Detective Agency
Los Angeles, CA
Maddie is a glamorous fashion model. Born October 11th, 1950 in Chicago, she his icy, strong-willed and the spokesperson/model for "Blue Moon Shampoo." When she returned from a trip in 1985 and discovered her financial manager had embezzled all her liquid assets, Maddie decides to liquidate some of her holdings for some quick cash. Her attempts to shut down an unsuccessful business called "City of Angels Investigations" met with opposition from David Addison, the cocky, wisecracking head of the agency. In a clever sales pitch, David encouraged Maddie to help solve a big jewel case and eventually convinced her to become a detective and rename the agency "Blue Moon Detective Agency."

HAYES, Wing Commander Howard
(Cowboy in Africa)
Howard Hayes is an English landowner who owned and operated a game ranch in the heart of Kenya, Africa with the help of his American foreman, the world champion rodeo cowboy, Jim Sinclair.



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