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JABLONSKI, Herman "Ski"
Big Kahuna's Diamond Head Marina
Pier G-22
Oahu, Hawaii
Ski's boat is called the "Brew-Ski"

(Jack's Place)
c/o Jack Evans
Jack is a jazz musician turned restaurateur. His staff includes waitress Chelsea Dufy and bartender Greg Toback.

(Three's a Crowd)
c/o Jack Tripper
834 Ocean Vista Avenue
Ocean Vista, CA.
Jack is a chef. He lives in Apartment 203 above his Bistro with flight attendant girlfriend, Vicki Bradford.

JACKSON, Arnold & Willis
(Diff'rent Strokes)
30th Floor Penthouse
697 Park Avenue
New York City, NY.
The Jackson brothers live with millionaire, Philip Drummond, who adopted them after their mother died [Drummond's housekeeper]. The boys formerly lived in Apartment 12 at 259 East 135th Street in Harlem, New York City.

JACKSON, John "Jarring Jack"
(That's My Boy)
734 Appletree Lane
Rossmore, OH
John lives with his wife, Alice and his teenage son, Jack Jackson, Jr.

(The Magnificent Seven)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Nathan is a black gunfighter. He belongs to a group of drifters called "The Magnificent Seven." In his earlier days, Nathan was a slave and stretcher-bearer in the Union Army. He was almost lynched by a bunch of drunken cowhands who thought Nathan had killed their trail boss [he died of gangrene, however]. Just in the nick of time, two of his future compatriots, Chris Larabee and Vin Donner, interrupted the mob's fun and saved Nathan's life. Nathan's choice of weapon is a good knife.

The Squat
No. 47 Albert Square
Robbie lives with Huw and Lenny. He used to work at the Video Shop.

JACOBI, Det. Lt.
(Peter Gunn)
( 366-2561
c/o/13th Precinct
Homicide Squad
Los Angeles, CA

JAMES, Jesse
(The Legend of Jessie James)
Missouri Territory (late 1800s)
Jesse James is an outlaw. Assisted by his brother Frank James, the two desperadoes robbed trains and then redistributed the wealth [ala Robin Hood] to poor farmers and town folk. The two people who worried the most about the James boys were Mrs. James, their mother and Marshall Sam Corbett who sought their capture and imprisonment. NOTE: The program is based on the real-life tale of Jesse James (1847-1882), a vicious 19th century frontier outlaw.

JAMES, Jimmy
c/o WNYX Radio
New York, NY
Jimmy is an eccentric billionaire. He frequently visits the staff of WNYX, an all-news radio station that is one of his many business holdings. Jimmy is always on the lookout for a wife and has a fear of hippies.

JAMES, Khadijah
(Living Single)
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Khadijah is a single African-American journalist and the editor of Flavor magazine. She shares a brownstone apartment with her cousin Synclaire James an aspiring actress from Minnesota who works at Flavor [she has a 7-foot-tall troll doll called Crispus A. Hucks]; her sexy childhood friend, Regine Hunter who works at a boutique and can‘t sing; and lawyer Max Shaw, Khadijah’s old college roommate [who later moved into her own apartment].

(Welcome Back, Kotter)
c/o Mr. Michael Woodman,
Vice Principal
New York, NY (Brooklyn)
Faculty on duty included teacher Gabe Kotter who instructs a group of remedial students known as "The Sweathogs" for history, social studies and homeroom classes; Ms. Wright, a new teacher who had a hard time getting the Sweathogs to listen to her; Ms. Holzgang, the art teacher [she fell in love with Gabe]; Mr. Wells, the debate teacher; the shop teacher [he had a heart attack]; and Mr. Caruso, the gym teacher [he slapped Vinnie Barbarino, one of the Sweathogs]. Mr. Woodman, the vice-principal, who had "favorite" box of yellow chalk, was later promoted to principal [he replaced the never seen John Lazarus] and Gabe Kotter became vice-principal. Mr. Jan, an Asian-American, is the head of the school board.

(The Brian Keith Show)
( 555-6606
c/o Dr. Sean Jamison, Pediatrician
Kahala, Oahu, Hawaii

JANEWAY, Captain Kathryn
(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/ The USS Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
Janeway is the commander of the Starship Voyager. Her mission is to get her crew safely back to the Alpha Quadrant after being transported involuntarily 70,000 light years across the galaxy by a mysterious entity called the Caretaker. Kathryn started her career in Starfleet as a science officer and worked her way up through the ranks. Janeway’s mother is a mathematician; her father is an astrophysicist.

JANUARY, Ben & brother, Rick
(Two Faces West)
Town of Gunnison
American Frontier (1860s)
Ben is a doctor. Rick, Ben’s twin, is a gunfighter. Together they fought to establish law and order in the frontier town of Gunnison. Town residents included Sheriff Maddox, Deputy Johnny Evans, Stacy and Julie Greer.

(The Pretender)
c/o The Centre
Blue Cove, DE 19901
Jarod is a genius. He was raised from childhood in a mysterious research facility called The Centre. When he reached adulthood, he escaped his confinement and now lives in society as a "Pretender," someone who has the ability to assume the identity of any occupation. Three employees from The Centre [Miss Parker, Brooty and Dr. Sydney Green] are charged with Jarod‘s recapture. Jarod carries a Pez candy dispenser as a recurring reminder of his lost youth...a youth he spent locked in a think-tank that exploited his extraordinary talents.



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