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( 555-KACL
c/o Dr. Frasier Crane Call-In Show
Seattle, WA
KACL is the home of radio talk show host Dr. Frasier Crane whose catchphrase is "I’m Listening." Other station staff included Frasier’s producer Roz Doyle who screens incoming calls; macho, womanizing call-in show sportscaster Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, the host of 'Gonzo Sports Show' [his t-shirt reads "Seattle Hooter’s Inspector"]; food critic Gil Chesterton, the host of 'Restaurant Beat'; 'The Wine Corner,' a segment of 'Restaurant Beat' hosted by Frasier Crane; Chopper Dave, the traffic reporter; Dr. Nora Fairchild [she was short-lived]; an arts and culture program [initially proposed by Frasier Crane] hosted by Poppy, the station owner’s daughter; and 'Pet Chat' with Nanette. Note: The "ACL" in the KACL call letters are derived from the first letters of the last names of the show's creators: David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee.

KAGAN, Molly
700 Ocean Avenue
Apt. 801A
Hollywood, California
Molly is the survivor of a high-profile marriage to Hollywood producer Kenny Kagan. She now lives with her seven-year old daughter, Jaden. Together they struggle through the post-divorce environment of Los Angeles. In her spare time, Molly volunteers at Jaden's school, and writes children's books. Molly's friends include: Joan McAllister, a gossipy alcoholic; Rodney, a gay interior designer; Zach McNeill, a handsome novelist, Liz Marsh, a fellow mommy and wife of baseball's highest-paid relief pitcher, Devon Marsh; and Lou Manahan, the head of Durango Pictures and Kenny's boss.

KAL-EL  See - KENT, Clark

KAN, Master
(Kung Fu)
China (mid-late 1800s)
Master Kan is a Shaolin priest. He lives in China in the Hunan Province. He shared many of his wise saying with aspiring Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine, a half American half Chinese youth adopted by the monastery. Kan’s sage sayings were distilled from the precepts of Confucianism, Taoism and Zen.

KANE, Martin
(Martin Kane, Private Eye)
c/o Martin Kane, Private Investigator
Wood Building
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Martin’s police contacts were Lieutenants Bender and Grey and Captains Willis, Lenard and Burke. His favorite hangout was Happy McMann’s tobacco shop.

KANE, Simon
(Stagecoach West)
American Frontier (Mid 1800s)
Simon is a stagecoach driver. He rode between Missouri and California in the days before the Iron Horse. His fellow drivers included Luke Perry and, David Kane, Simon's tagalong young son.

KANISKY, Carl & Family
(Gimme a Break)
( 555-8162 [or 555-2932]
2938 Maple Lane
Glenlawn, CA
Carl is a police chief. He lives with his children, Katie, Julie and Samantha and housekeeper Nell Harper, who cares for the kids.

(Saved by the Bell)
( 555-4314
3175 Fairfax Drive
Palisades, CA
Kelly is "the prettiest girl" at Bayside high School.

(Caroline in the City)
4171 East 6th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Richard is an aspiring artist. He is droll, dark antisocial and Jewish. To make a living [so far his artwork hasn’t made him that much money] Richard works as a colorist for cartoonist Caroline Duffy, the creator of the daily newspaper comic-strip "Caroline in the City."

(Three for the Road)
Somewhere in America
Pete is a widowed freelance photographer. He travels the USA on assignment with his two sons, John and Endy. They ride in Vogue Motorhome [nicknamed "Zebec"] with a dark green strip running midway downs its length and a motorbike strapped to its rear. Zebec's license plate is R-562; its mobile CB code is ??WZA-7482.

(The Green Hornet)
c/o Britt Reid
Metropolitan Area, USA
Kato (just "Kato") is a mild-mannered Asian houseboy by day and a karate-chopping crime fighting avenger by night. The manservant of publisher Britt Reid (alias the Green Hornet) Kato teamed with his employer to battle the criminal underworld in a souped-up car called the "Black Beauty" (driven by Kato). Note: On the original "Green Hornet" radio series, Kato was a Phillipino houseboy of Japanese ancestry. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the character's Japanese heritage was downplayed for obvious reasons.

(Full House)
1882 Gerard Street
San Francisco, CA
Hermes "Jesse" Katsopolis is an exterminator. He is single, Greek, loves Elvis Presley, devotes an inordinate amount of time preening/combing his hair and aspires to be a rock star. His trademark catchphrase is "Have Mercy." Note: The Jesse character was originally called Jesse Cochran. The Cochran name was inspired by 1950s rocker, Eddie Cochran.

(Reasonable Doubts)
( 555-1311
1422 Barrington Avenue
Chicago, IL
Tess is a hearing-impaired assistant District Attorney. Det. Dicky Cobb is her sign-language trained partner.

(Midnight Caller)
( 555-TALK
Midnight Caller Program
c/o Jack Killian, a.k.a. "Nighthawk"
9009 Howard Street
38th Floor
San Francisco, CA
Jack is on-the-air Midnight to 3:00 A.M. Other station staff include Billy Po, Jack’s producer and engineer; and Devon King, owner of the station.



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