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LAFD - Los Angeles Fire Department - Squad 51
( KMG-365 [Radio Code]
( KMA-367 [Radio code]
Los Angeles, CA
Stationhouse staff included Captain Henderson, paramedic John Gage, paramedic Roy DeSoto, fireman-engineer Stoker, fireman Chat Kelly, fireman Marco Lopez, and Captain Stanley. Squad 51 transports their emergency cases to Ramparts General Hospital.

LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department
(B.A.D. Cats)
( STRAY CAT-1 [Police radio]
Burglary Auto Detail, Commercial Auto Thefts
Los Angeles, CA
BAD CATS is a special Los Angeles Police Department squad. Its operatives are two ex-race drivers, Officers Nick Donovan and Ocee James who screech about the City of Angels in pursuit of car thieves and other bad guys.

LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department.
c/o Sgt. "Mac" MacDonald
Rampart Station
Los Angeles, CA
MacDonald supervises Officer Pete Malloy, his rookie partner Officer Jim Reed who patrol in mobile unit Adam-12. The other policeman on duty at Rampart included Officer Ed Wells [he’s obnoxious], Officer Jerry Walters, Officer Norm Green, Officer Grant, Officer Woods and Sergeant Jerry Miller. All the station’s dispatches were broadcast by an unseen female officer.

LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department
c/o Sgt. Joe Friday
Los Angeles, CA
Joe works Homicide and Bunco Divisions. His partners over the years were Sgt. Ben Romero, Sgt. Ed Jacobs, Officer Frank Smith and Officer Bill Gannon. Joe's badge number is 714. He is fond of saying "Just the facts" when conducting an investigation. Note: The syndicated revival series Dragnet featured detectives Vic Daniels and Carl Molina. They reported to Captains Boltz and Lussen.

LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department - Division 122
c/o LAPD, Division 122
Los Angeles, CA
Officers on duty include Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter, his partner Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall [later replaced by Officer Joanne Molenski and Det. Sgt. Christine Novak].

LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department - 33rd Precinct
(The Partners)
Los Angeles, CA
Officers on duty are Det. Lennie Crooke, Det. George Robinson, Sgt. Nelson Higgenbottom, and Capt. Aaron Williams Andrews.

(Dear John)
Apartment 42
Woodhaven Boulevard
New York City, NY (Queens)
John is a English teacher. Born in Binghamton, New York, John likes to play the clarinet, enjoys writing poetry and teaches literacy classes at Drake Prep School (office 215). His family included his wife, Wendy and their son, Matthew. Unfortunately, one day John entered his New Rochelle home to find a "Dear John" letter explaining that Wendy had run away with his best friend. Starting over, John moved into an apartment in Queens and then joined a support group for divorced and widowed people called the 1-2-1 Club that met every Friday night at 9 PM at the Rego Park Community Center in Manhattan.

LACEY, Mary Beth & Harvey
(Cagney & Lacey)
( CAR-27 [Police radio code]
7132 46th Street
New York City, NY (Queens)
Harvey is a construction worker. Mary Beth [badge #340] works at the 14th precinct in Manhattan with her partner Det. Christine Cagney. The Lacey's live with their children Harvey, Jr., Michael and Alice. Note: Their TV home is actually located at 6521 Pollard Street in East Los Angeles.

LaCROIX, Lucien
(Forever Knight)
c/o Radio Station CERK
Toronto, CA
Lucien is a 2000 year-old vampire. He works as a midnight DJ called "The Nighcrawler." Psychically linked to vampire-turned-cop Nick Knight, LaCroix offered dark humor and monologues over the radio waves knowing that Nick was listening.

LaFORGE, Lt. Geordi
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Geordi is the Chief engineer aboard the starship Enterprise. Born blind in 2335, Geordi graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357 and transferred to the Enterprise-D in 2364. He wears a prosthetic device [that resembles sunglasses] over his eyes. Called a VISOR (Visual Instrument for Sensory Organ Replacement) it gave Geordi better-than-normal sight.

LAHTI, Georgie Ann
(Hearts Afire)
1184 Arlington Drive
Georgetown, VA
Georgie is a journalist. She is single, plays the trumpet, chain-smokers and espouses a liberal political agenda. Georgie worked for the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Post, wrote questions for the game show Jeopardy and a TV script for the sitcom Rhoda. After all her adventures, Georgie found her self broke and looking for job. John Hartman, the conservative legislative aide for a senile senator named Strobe Smithers, hired Georgie, let her move into his home and later married her.

(Remember WENN)
237 Beaumont Street
Apartment 4B
Pittsburgh, PA (in 1939)
Maple is a virtuoso on the organ and backup actress at radio station WENN in Pittsburgh. Maple also works at the Crimson Follies, a burlesque theater [(Klondike 9614]

LAMB, Norman
(It's Your Move)
Apartment 406
46 Wilshire Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA
Norman is a writer.

(Time Trax)
Darien Lambert is a police officer from the year 2193 A.D. He traveled back in time to 1993 to apprehend and return fugitives who had time-warped from his era. His main target is Dr. Mordecai Sahmbi, who used his TRAX time travel invention to transport criminals into the past to avoid prosecution.

LAMBERT, Douglas & wife, Regina
(His & Hers)
960 North Eagle Lane
Los Angeles, CA
The Lamberts are marriage counselors.

LAMBERT, Frank & wife, Carol
(Step By Step)
201 Winslow Street
Washington, WI [pop. 9,338]
Franklin "Frank" Delano Lambert is a divorced construction worker. His wife ran off to be a Las Vegas lounge singer. Carol Foster [née Baker/Williams] is a widowed beautician. After meeting while taking separate vacations, Frank and Carol impetuously got married and honeymooned in Jamaica, Arriving home, Frank and Carol merged their respective families and moved into Frank’s home. Frank’s children included Alicia a.k.a. "Al" [age 12] John Thomas "J.T. [age 15], and Brendon. Carol’s kids Dana [age 15], Karen, and Mark Archibald rounded out the brood. Adding to that unit was Frank’s 19-year-old nephew, a spaced-out demolition worker, who showed up one day and began to live in his van that he parked in the driveway. Frank and Carol later gave birth to a daughter named Lilly Foster Lambert. Note: The Brandon character disappeared from the family after the birth of Lily who quickly grew to be five years of age within one season.

LAMBERT, Martha "Pooch"
(Living Dolls)
68th Street and Madison Street
New York City, NY
Martha is an aspiring fashion model.

LAMBERT, Natalie
(Forever Knight)
c/o Toronto Coroner’s Office
Toronto, CA
Natalie is a forensic pathologist. Her mission in life is find a cure for vampirism exhibited by police officer Nick Knight. After Nick was hit by a pipe bomb, he woke up on the examining table and proceeded to gobble down a bag of blood. Nick reveals that he was once a Knight in the Crusades but that in 1228 he was sired by master vampire Lucien LaCroix. Sympathizing with his desire to be human again, Natalie kept his secret and used all her scientific ability to find a cure for his disorder.

LANCE, Det. Sgt. Rita Lee
(Silk Stalkings)
( 555-4793
400 East Palm Drive
Palms Spring, FL
Rita is assigned to the Crimes of Passion Unit with his partner, Det. Sgt. Chris Lorenzo. Their cases involves society murders (a.k.a. "Silk Stalkings").

LANCER, Murdoch & sons
San Joaquin Valley, CA (1870s)
Murdoch is an aging, twice-widowed cattleman. To keep his ranch operational, he enlisted the aid of his two sons Johnny Madrid [the hot-tempered one] and Scott Lancer, [Johnny's college-educated half-brother] to take over the reigns at the ranch and carry on his efforts. Other ranch personnel included Teresa O'Brien, the daughter of the former [now deceased] ranch foreman; and Jelly Hoskins, the current foreman of the Lancer spread.

(The Invaders)
( 555-5235
3006 Willow Street
Santa Barbara, CA
David Vincent has seen aliens land on earth and must convince a disbelieving world "they" are here.

LANDRY, Lisa & daughter, Tia  See - CAMPBELL, Tamara

LANE, Catherine "Cathy" Margaret
(The Patty Duke Show)
c/o The Lane Family
8 Remsen Drive
Brooklyn Heights, NY
Cathy, the twin cousin of Patty Lane, adores the minuet, the Ballet Russe and crêpes suzette." Her father Kenneth Lane calls her "Kit Kat."

LANE, Jane
Lawndale, USA
Jane is a 17-year-old student at Lawndale High School. She is an artist and channels all of her pessimism into her artwork. She has short black hair and wears three earrings in one ear. Jane is snide, antisocial and resentful. Her best friend is Daria Morgendorfer. Together they can cut anyone down to size with their pithy barbs of bitter sarcasm. Despite their "unpopularity" at school Jane stoically says "I like having low-self esteem. It makes me feel special."

LANE, Hondo
Arizona Territory (in 1870s)
Hondo is an ex-Confederate soldier who worked as a scout and troubleshooter for the US Army in the Arizona Territory of the 1870s. Note: The series was based on the story by Louis L'Amour and the movie Hondo (1953) starring John Wayne.

LANE, Lois
(The Adventures of Superman)
Apartment 6A
22 Wood Avenue
Metropolis, USA
Lois is a reporter for the Daily Planet. On the revised series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Lois lives in Apt. 105 at 1058 Carter Avenue.

LANE, Martin & wife, Natalie
(The Patty Duke Show)
( 624-1098
8 Remsen Drive
New York, NY (Brooklyn Heights)
Martin is the managing editor of the New York Chronicle. Natalie [née Masters] is a homemaker. They live with their 12-year-old son Ross; teenage daughter Patty ["a hot dog makes her lose control"], her look-alike Scottish cousin Catherine "Cathy" Margaret Rollin Lane and the family dog, Tiger. NOTE: The Lane house was built in 1720 by Adam Prescott whose son, Jonathan served with George Washington.

c/o Roseanne Conner, Proprietor
Route #41
Lanford, IL
The LLB serves "Loose Meat" sandwiches. Roseanne's business partners are her sister, Jackie and their lesbian friend, Nancy.

(Marcus Welby, M.D.)
c/o Dr. Marcus Welby
Santa Monica, CA.
Welby and his young assistant Steven Kiley are associated with the Family Practice Center at Lang Memorial Hospital. The exterior shot of the Lang Memorial Hospital was actually the 22-story General Telephone Building, now part of the Lawrence Welk Plaza at 100 Wilshire Boulevard at Ocean Avenue.

LANIGAN, Paul & wife, Kate
(Lanigan's Rabbi)
3601 Sycamore Lane
Cameron, CA
Paul is a police chief. He gets help solving crimes from local rabbi David Small.

(The Magnificent Seven)
Southwest (late 1800s)
Chris is a gunfighter and leader of the group of drifters known as The Magnificent Seven." Quiet, and reserved by nature, Chris doesn't like people talking about his past history [his wife and son died in a fire]. When faced down by a bad guy Chris is equally adept with a rifle or a revolver.

LARKIN, Fingers
(The Jim Backus Show)
123 & 2/3 Hope Street
New York City, NY
Fingers is a thief. His business card reads: "Fingers Larkin, Thief Extraordinaire. Holdups, Second Story Jobs, Muggings and Safes Cracked While You Wait. 24 Hour Service: Day Work Double Time."

LARSEN, Christian & wife, Anna
(The New Land)
Solna, MI (1858)
Christian and Anna are Scandinavian immigrants struggling to establish a homestead for their two children, Tuliff and Anneliese. Other relatives and friends included Christian's brother, Bo Larsen; Reverend Lundstrom; and his wife, Molly Lundstrom; Murdock; and Rhodie. Note: The series was based on the Swedish movies The Emigrants (1972) and The New Land (1973).

LARSON, Marilyn & husband, Jack
(The Mommies)
13 Oak Way
Anytown, USA
Marilyn is a real estate agent and homemaker. Jack is an accountant. They share their lovely suburban home with their children Casey [he goes to Valley Elementary School] and Adam [he goes to Valley High School]. Marilyn's best friend is Caryl Kellogg who lives next door. Visiting each other's kitchens, Maryln and Caryl [who both attended Montgomery High School - class of 1966] often shared their woes on being a mommy and other ripe gossip in the neighborhood.

Lawndale, USA
Daria Morgendorfer and her friend Jane Lane attend this bastion of higher learning. It's faculty includes science teacher, Ms. Janet Barch; economics teacher Mrs. Diane Bennett; art teacher Ms. Claire DeFoe; history teacher Mr. Anthony De Martino; English teacher Mr. Timothy O'Neill; and school psychiatrist, Mrs. Margaret Manson. The school's principal is Ms. Angela Li who is active in fundraising and addresses the students with requests like "Volunteers are desperately needed. Those who refuse to volunteer must voluntarily purchase a ticket for ten dollars or voluntarily face suspension. Have a nice day."

LAWRENCE, Doug & wife, Kate
( 555-2789
1230 Holland Street
Pasadena, CA.
Doug is a lawyer. The Lawrence's live with their children Nancy, Willy, and Leticia, a.k.a. "Buddy." A real house on the 600 block of Milan Avenue in Pasadena, California served as the fictional Lawrence residence.

( Granite 5-5099 or 477-0599
803 North Dutton Drive
Santa Monica, CA
Russell is a widowed English professor. He lives with his teenage daughter Frances, a.k.a. "Gidget."

(The Andy Griffith Show)
Mayberry, NC
Floyd is a barber. He owns Floyd’s Barber Shop at 132 Main Street. Born and raised in Mayberry, Floyd has cut hair for thirty years. He wears glasses, has blue eyes, a mustache and very pleasant, easy-going personality.

LAWSON, Ted & wife, Joan
(Small Wonder)
( 555-6606
16 Maple Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Ted is a robotics engineer. He works for United Robotronics. Joanie is a homemaker and a schoolteacher at Grant Junior High School. They live with their 11-year-old son, Jamie [a.k.a. "The Big J"] and an adopted 10-year-old daughter named Vicki Ann Smith. Vicki is actually a robot designed by Ted as a result of his researching ways to aid the handicapped. The Lawson’s busybody next-door neighbor Bonnie Brindle and her spoiled daughter Harriet [who has a crush on Jamie] don’t know Vicki’s secret and so the Lawson’s constantly made up stories to explain her existence in the household.

LAYNE, Bronco
Old West (late 1860s)
Bronco is an ex-Confederate Army officer who sought out adventure in the days following the Civil War.



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