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MAD DOG  See - AUSTIN, Dr. Jeffrey

(Our Miss Brooks)
c/o Osgood P. Conklin, Principal
Madison, USA
Faculty on staff include English teacher Connie Brooks, and biology teacher Philip Boynton. Students at the school include Walter Denton , the manager of the track team who drives Miss Brooks to school in his hot rod; and Harriet Conklin, the principal’s daughter and Walter’s love interest [Harriet’s father, Osgood Conklin thinks calls Walter is a "lame-brain dunce."] Madison High is later demolished to make way for a highway.

(Surfside Six)
( Surfside-6
c/o The Fountainbleau Hotel
Miami Beach, FL.
Ken is a private eye. Other members of the Surfside Six detective agency were Dave Thorne and Sandy Winfield II. Their mail is directed to the harbor houseboat across from the hotel.

MADISON, Oscar & Felix Unger
(The Odd Couple)
Apartment 1102
1049 Park Avenue [at 74th Street & Central Park West]
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Oscar is a sportswriter [he's a slob]. Felix is a photographer [he's a neat freak]. Both are divorced. The apartment building shown as their residence is actually located at 1049 Park Avenue between East 86th and East 87th Streets on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

MAGIC BUS, THE (People on)  See - FRIZZLE, Ms.

(The Magnificent Seven)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
The Magnificent Seven were a group of gunfighters enlisted to rid a Seminole Indian village overrun by renegade ex-Confederate soldiers. They consisted of Chris Larabee, their leader; Vin Tanner; J. D. Dunne; Buck Wilmington; Josiah Sanchez; and Ezra Standish; and Nathan Jackson, a former slave. Note: The original idea for The Magnificent Seven TV series was inspired by Akira Kurasawa's 1954 Japanese classic film The Seven Samurai which inspired the 1960 American film of The Magnificent Seven.

MAGNUM, Thomas Sullivan
(Magnum, P.I.)
( 555-2131
c/o Robin's Nest
11435 18th Avenue
Oahu, HI (North Shore)
Magnum is an ex-naval intelligence officer turned private eye. Born in Tidewater, Virginia, Thomas attended Annapolis and served in Vietnam with the VM02 Unit in Da Nang. He now lives on the estate of novelist Robin Masters and provides security for the grounds in exchange for living quarters. Thomas reports to British manservant Jonathan Quayle Higgins III. To get around the island, Thomas borrowed one of Master’s Red 3 litre V8 308GTSi 250 hp Ferraris parked on the estate.

MAIGRET, Chief Inspector Jules
No. 130
Boulevard Richard-Lenoir
Paris, France
Maigret is a French police Commissaire. He is extremely patient, intuitive, and smokes a pipe. During his investigations, he moves slowly but surely until one of his suspects makes a slip or breaks down and confesses. Note: The Maigret character was based on the books written by George Simenon. Maigret debuted in the 1931 detective novel The Strange Case of Peter the Lett.

(Popcorn Kid)
2222 Algonquin Parkway
Kansas City, MO
The theatre employees include manager Leonard Brown; projectionist Marlin Bond; and support staff [concession stand ushers] Scott Creasman, Gwen Stottlemeyer and Lynn Holly Brickhouse.

MAJOR, Bob & son, Benjie
(Ichabod & Me)
432 Maple Lane
Phippsboro, New Hampshire
Bob is a widower and owner of The Bulletin, the town newspaper. Bob formerly lived at 720 Madison Avenue in New York City.

MAKEPEACE, Det. Sgt. Harriet
(Dempsey and Makepeace)
London, England
Harriet "Harry" Makepeace is a British policewoman working with an elite Scotland Yard undercover unit. in London, England. Harry (actually Lady Harriet, a member of English royalty) was paired with Lt. James Dempsey, a streetwise American cop from New York City who got transferred out of the U.S. for his own protection.

New York, NY
Jake is a blind black man who operates the newspaper and candy concession stand inside a Bronx diner. He is the reluctant confidant of Dr. Becker, a Caucasian physician who frequents the joint and rambles on about how rotten things are in the world. He lost his sight in a car accident while in high school. Both Jake and his friend (who was driving) were drinking. Once when frustrated, Jake shouted ”Don’t screw with me. I’m blind and I sell Chiclets for a living!” Jake was a three time National Scrabble Champion.

San Francisco, CA
Quinn is a brilliant college student. Nicknamed "’Q’ Ball" he accidentally created a device while trying to create an Anti-Gravity device that enabled him to "slide" from one dimension to another. His discovery posed the questions "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can't find your way home?" Quinn controlled access to these parallel worlds using a hand-held remote control device that opened up a wormhole to other realms and then closed after a preset time. If you didn‘t jump through the wormhole before it closed you got stuck in an alternate world. When Quinn revealed his discovery to his blustery physics teacher Professor Maximilian Arturo, they conducted a test trip and quickly got sucked through the access portal along with Rembrandt "Crying Man’ Brown, a former soul singer named and Wade Wells, a female friend who worked at a video store. Landing in an alternative world where tornados savaged the landscape, they barely escaped back into the portal but were not returned to their own Earth but another parallel universe where history had taken different paths. Now, Quinn, Arturo, "Crying Man" and Wade frantically began an odyssey to get back to their original home world [Earth Prime].

MALLOY, Jack & ex-wife, Jennie
(Unhappily Ever After)
30220 Oak Avenue
Van Nuys, CA
Jack is a salesman. He works for Joe's Used Cars. Jennie [née Slattery] is a homemaker and the daughter of Joe who owns the car lot. Jack and Jennie were married 16 years when they decided to separate. But after 13 weeks of apartment life, Jack moved back with the family and now lives in the basement. He shares his subterranean digs with a plush rabbit named Mr. Floppy who comes to life and talks to Jack when he is alone. Jack respectively refers his children Ryan, Tiffany and Ross as "the accident, the girl, and the mistake."

MALLOY, Nick & Margaret "Mugsy"
103 Brown Street
Bridgeport, CT
Nick is Mugsy's half-brother.

MALLOY, Officer Pete
( 1-ADAM-12 [car radio code]
( KMA-367 [car radio code]
c/o LAPD
Los Angeles, CA
Pete is a veteran cop [badge #744]. He was just about to retire [his longtime partner just died}, but he decided to stay on the force and mentor rookie partner Officer Jim Reed. They report to Sgt. McDonald [radio code: L-20 & L-90]. Pete later attained the rank of Policeman 3.

(Street Justice)
c/o Malloy, Proprietor
843 Third Street
Pacific Northwest Metropolis
Malloy's is the hangout of police Sgt. Adam Beaudreaux.

( Extension #221
c/o Cheers Tavern
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Sam Malone is bartender. He owns Cheers, a local pub "where everybody knows your name." Sam is reformed alcoholic, a lothario, and was once married and divorced. He earned the nickname "MayDay Malone" when he played for the Red Sox baseball team as a relief pitcher [uniform number 16].

MALPH, Ralph
(Happy Days)
Milwaukee, WI (in the 1950s & 60s)
Ralph is a student at Jefferson High School. His best friends are Richie Cunningham, Warren "Potsie" Weber and Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, an ultra cool motorcycle-driving mechanic. They hang out at a local hamburger joint known as Arnold's Drive-In. Ralph aspired to be a comedian and constantly told corny jokes to his buddies. As Ralph was fond of saying "I got a million of them" and "I still got it." After graduating from high school, Ralph enrolled in the University of Wisconsin with his pals Richie and Potsie. Instead of becoming a comedian, however, Ralph became an eye doctor just like his practical jokester father.

M.A.N.T.I.S.  See - HAWKINS, Dr. Miles


MANCUSO, Agent Nick
(Mancuso, FBI)
( 555-1121
311 Delaware Street
Washington, DC
Nick is a widower and an FBI agent. He is assisted by his gorgeous secretary, Jean St. John; and fellow FBI agent Kristen Carter. In his spare time, Nick hangouts at Gertie’s Bar or visits with his married daughter, Lorraine Kovacs and her daughter, Ann.

(Four Just Men)
London, UK
Ben Manfred is a British detective who earlier in his career fought Nazis during World War II. He was later reunited with former wartime buddies (an American, an Italian and a Frenchman) to battle crime.

MANIMAL  See - CHASE, Professor Jonathan

(It's A Living)
Los Angeles, CA
Sonny [born in Las Vegas, Nevada] plays piano in the lounge of the Above the Top restaurant. His showbiz name is Sonny Mann. As a hobby, Sonny collects Franklin Mint All-Nations dolls. When lounge piano player Sonny Mann (Paul Kreppel) [who thought he was God's gift to women] decided to put pen-to-paper all his special techniques for picking up women, he penned Man To Man. So confident of its success, he printed 750 copies himself.

MANNING, Lily Brooks
(Once and Again)
Chicago, IL
Lily is a 41-year-old bookstore owner. Recently separated from her husband, she spends her free time car-pooling her children and maybe in a quiet moment savoring the pleasures of raw cookie dough. Then one day she meets architect Richard Lewis Sammler at her children's school soccer game and Voila! It's love all over again. Will this relationship work out? Who's to say? Lily's family included her 14-year-old daughter Grace Brooks Manning [who secretly thinks that Richard's son, Eli Sammler is like totally adorable]; her nine-year-old daughter Zoe Brooks Manning [who thinks actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas is dreamy]; Jake Allen Manning, her 41-year-old workaholic, soon-to-be ex-husband and restaurant owner [who'd like a second chance with Lily]; Lily's single sister, "Aunt" Judy Brooks, a partner in the bookstore and family emergency helper-outer [she begins dating a nice guy named Samuel] and Phil and Barbara Brooks, Lily and Judy's parents. Lilly later leaves her job at the bookstore for a position as an executive assistant to a younger career-driven female boss.

(The District)
Washington, DC
Jim is the new District of Columbia police commissioner. He's tough, no-nonsense but a man of the people. Together with an elite hand-picked crew of law enforcement professionals, Mannion plans to clean up DC's crime-ridden streets. His associates in this endeavor included Maryanne Antonio; Adrian Spencer; Steve Miller; Noland; and Ella Farmer, the resident computer statistician in charge of COMSTAT.

( 555-6644
17 Paseo Verdes
Los Angeles, CA (West Side)
Joseph R. "Joe" Mannix is a hard-boiled Armenian-American private eye who lived and worked in a three-level office suite decorated in Mediterranean decor at 17 Paseo Verdes in West Los Angeles. His secretary is Peggy Fair, a policeman‘s widow with a young son, Toby. Before going independent in 1968, Mannix worked for Interdect Ltd. a high-tech detection and security firm run by Lew Wickersham.

(Ghost Story)
c/o Winston Essex, Proprietor
Ghostly mansion used as the backdrop for this supernatural anthology. The Mansfield House (a.k.a. "The Essex House") is actually the Hotel del Coronado located on Coronado Island at 1500 Orange Avenue in San Diego, California.

(Makin' It)
232 King Street
Passaic, NJ
Billy is a college student. He loves to "disco" dance." His family members include parents Joseph and Dorothy and brother Tony, who is the star dancer at the local disco. Billy’s close friends include his girlfriend Corky Crandall, and his pals Bernard Fusco, and Al "Kingfish Sorrentino.

MARCH, Colonel
(Colonel March of Scotland Yard)
London, England
Colonel March is an intrepid, one-eyed Scotland Yard inspector based in London who worked as the head of Department D-3, the office of Queen's complaint's. He wore a black patch over his left eye.

(That Girl)
Apartment 4-D
344 West 78th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Ann is an aspiring actress/model. Her boyfriend is magazine reporter Donald Hollinger. Gloria is Ann's telephone answering service representative. In the original series pilot Ann's address is Apartment 2C, East End Hotel. By episode #11 her door displays Apartment 4D. After the first two seasons, Ann's address changes to 627 East 54th Street.

MARIE, Lou and wife, Helen
(That Girl)
Brewster New York.
Lou is the father of Ann Marie and the owner of La Parisienne Restaurant in Brewster, New York.

MARION, Francis
(The Swamp Fox)
Charleston, SC (late 1700s)
Francis Marion a.k.a. The Swamp Fox" is an early American guerrilla fighter. He battled and befuddled the British in the Charleston, South Carolina area during the Revolutionary War. As the theme song stated "Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox tail on his hat, nobody knows where the Swamp Fox at" Note: This adventure program ran as part of the "Frontierland" banner of the Walt Disney Presents. The real Francis Marion lived from 1732-1795).

(Busting Loose)
36 West 43rd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Lenny is single engineer fresh out of school who just moved to an apartment away from his overprotective parents, Sam and Pearl (well, almost). Lenny’s pals include his girlfriend, Jackie Gleason and buddies Lester Bellman, Allen Simmonds, Vinnie Mordabito, and Woody Mordabito. Until Lenny gets hired in his chosen profession, he works at Mr. Cabell's shoe store with fellow salesman, Raymond St. Williams.

(Malcolm in the Middle)
c/o Edwin Spangler, Commandant
Office #241
Marlin Academy is a military school located in the country. Its chief officer is Edwin Spangler, a physically challenged officer with a patch over his left eye, hook on his right hand and bum leg. Chief among his unruly teenage cadets is Kevin Wilkerson who was sent to Marlin by his parents because they couldn’t handle him. Kevin calls home to talk to his younger brothers [Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey] and tries to convince his parents they should send him home.

MARLOWE, Jennifer Elizabeth
(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412 [Ninth Floor]
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Jennifer is a receptionist. She work at WKRP radio station for Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson, the station’s manger. She doesn’t take dictation nor does she make coffee, but she does hold the station together. Born in Rock Throw, West Virginia, Jennifer is blond, classy, curvaceous and extremely beautiful. She is lusted after by almost everyman she meets but prefers the company of rich older gentleman. They can give her gifts like "cars, acoustical ceilings, microwaves and appliances."

(Philip Marlowe)
( Glenview-7537
c/o Sixth Floor
Cahuenga Building
Hollywood, CA.
Marlowe is a private eye. He resides at the Hobart Arms.

(Raising Miranda)
( 555-5153
85 Muskeegan Road
Racine, WI
Don is a divorced contractor. He lives with his teenage daughter, Miranda. Her best friend, Marcine lives at 863 Fairview Lane

(The Jean Arthur Show)
c/o Patricia & Paul Marshall
100 West Beverly Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA
Patricia is a widowed lawyer. She practices law with her 25-year-old attorney son, Paul, who recently graduated from law school.

MARSHALL, Don &, wife, Babs
(The Life of Riley)
Apartment 3
4151 Blue View Terrace
Los Angeles, CA
Babs is the married daughter of aircraft worker Chester A. Riley.

MARSHALL, Hal & wife, Ellie
636 Carlysle Street
Santa Monica, CA
Hal and Ellie open their home to Grady Wilson (Ellie’s father) so that he can be closer the family and their children Laurie and Haywood.

MARSHALL, Patricia
(The Jean Arthur Show)
367 South Oak Street
Los Angeles, CA
Patricia is a widowed defense attorney. She works with her 25-year-old lawyer son, Paul who recently graduated from law school. Helives at 360 Etchfield Road.

(Working It Out)
Apartment 9G
654 West 54th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Sarah is a divorced assistant manager working at the Bennington Hotel. She lives with her nine-year-old daughter, Molly.

(The Doris Day Show)
Apartment #207
Above Palucci's Italian Restaurant
965 North Parkway
San Francisco, CA
Doris is a former singer turned executive secretary [later writer] for Today's World magazine. She lives with her two boys, Billy and Toby and a huge sheepdog called Lord Nelson. She previously lived on a Mill Valley farm with her father Buck.

MARTIN, Molloy "Mo"
6113 Fullerton, Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
Molloy is 13-year-old actress. She is a cast member of the TV show "Wonderland." produced at KQET-TV. Molloy lives with her widowed father, Paul Martin [program director at KNAP] who now lived in an exclusive section of Los Angeles with his new wife; Lynn [owner of Martin Interior Decorating]; Lynn’s spoiled 16-year-old daughter, Courtney [the "most beautiful girl" at Beverly Hills Private School] and Lynn’s son, Jason. When not acting on "Wonderland," Molloy attended Beverly Hills Junior High School and tried to adjust to her new surroundings, and life without her real mother.

MARTIN, Paul & wife, Ruth
(Timmy & Lassie)
Route 4 Calverton
Near Capitol City, USA
The Martins and their adopted son Timmy live on a farm purchased from Ellen & Jeff Miller who moved to 311 Cedar Street in Capital City.

(My Favorite Martian)
21 Elm Street [also 1436 Greenhill Road]
Los Angeles, CA
Uncle Martin lives with reporter Tim O’Hara. Martin is in reality an anthropology professor from Mars who crash-landed on earth. He keeps his damaged spacecraft in the garage below the apartment and hopes to repair it one day [the needed parts haven’t been invented yet] and return to Mars. In the meantime, he lives comfortably with his adopted earth nephew Tim O’Hara, thus becoming the first Irishman from the planet Mars.

(Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
Somewhere in Outer Space
Marvin the Paranoid Android is maniacally depressive companion to alien Fred Prefect and earthling Arthur Dent as they traveled through the cosmos in search of adventure. Marvin spouted such phrases and commentary as "I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed."; "Life. Don't talk to me about life."; "Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they tell me to take you up to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction? Cause I don't."; "I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side. Oh, yes. I mean, I've asked for them to be replaced, but no one ever listens."; "Do you want me to sit in a corner and rust or just fall apart where I'm standing?"; "What are you supposed to do if you ARE a maniacally depressed robot?"; "Reverse primary thrust, Marvin. That's what they say to me. Open airlock number 3, Marvin. Marvin, can you pick up that piece of paper? Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to pick up a piece of paper."

MASON, Perry
(Perry Mason)
( Madison 5-1190
( Hollywood 2-1799
c/o Brent Building
Suite 904
Los Angeles, CA
Perry is a famous defense attorney. His secretary is Della Street. Paul Drake is his chief investigator. In the TV movies THE PERRY MASON MYSTERIES/NBC/1985-93 The Equitable Building at 730 17th Street [at Stout] in Denver, Colorado was used as the exterior shots for Perry's law offices.

(Magnum, P.I.)
( 555-2131
c/o Robin's Nest
11435 18th Avenue
Oahu, HA (North Shore)
Robin Masters is a world famous writer of mystery novels. His first published story was The Last Days of Babylon. Robin is never seen but communicates his wishes over the telephone. His home is supervised by a stuffy British manservant named Jonathan Quayle Higgins III. Other residence at "Robin’s Nest" included Thomas Sullivan Magnum, an ex-navy intelligence officer who performed security duties on the estate in exchange for lodging; and Higgins’ Doberman Pinscher guard dogs Apollo and Zeus [a.k.a. "The Lads"]. After a while Magnum suspected that Higgins [who was always writing memoirs in a war diary called Crisis in Suez] was actually Robin Masters, but he never conclusively proved that fact. Note: The actual name of "Robin's Nest" is The Eve Anderson Estate.

(Bat Masterson)
Dodge City, KS (in late 1800s)
Bat Masterson is a dapper , gambler, frontiersman and US Marshal of Dodge City in the late 19th century. His trademark s included a gold-tipped cane [with a sword sheathed inside], a derby hat and a custom built gun. Note: The real life William Barclay Masterson (1853-1921) had been a deputy of Wyatt Earp and spent his latter years working as a sportswriter in New York City.

MATHER, Lowell
213 Church Lane
Nantucket Island, MA
Lowell is an aircraft mechanic for Sandpiper Airlines based at Tom Nevers Field. He keeps his house keys under the door mat.

(Highway Patrol)
( 21-50 (Radio Code)
c/o Highway Patrol
Unidentified Western State
Dan is the chief of the Highway Patrol [badge #150]. He is portly, fast-talking and dedicated to catching criminals. Leaning against his patrol car, Dan’s gravel-voice barked out orders to headquarters with the trademark radio call-signs "Ten-four" [message received] and "Ten-Twenty" [report your position]. His radio ID was "21-50." Mathews always wore a felt fedora [Stetson Saxon and Stetson Chatham styles] and carried a snub-nosed .38 revolver holstered on his left hip for a right-hand draw. Dan had no wife or kids but enjoyed fishing and playing golf. He drove a variety of four-door vehicles including a ‘55 Ford, ‘55 & ‘57 Mercury, ’54 & ‘56 Olds 88, ’56-‘58 Buick Specials, ’56-’59 Dodge Coronets, a ‘56 Buick Super Riviera, and a ‘55 Buick Century.

MATHEWS, Ed & Sarah
( 555-0012
30 Hogan Place
New Jersey [near New York City].
Ed runs a sporting goods store. Sarah is a department store clothing buyer. Their children, teenagers Danny and Peter and infant Melissa, are cared for by live-in housekeeper, Lisa Wells, a beautiful girl from Australia.

( 555-9930
c/o Ben Matlock, Attorney-at-Law
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Matlock charges $100,000 per case. Ben won't permit anyone to smoke in his office, not even his "best paying clients." His support staff include his daughter Charlene, a lawyer; and Tyler Hudson, a stock market whiz who did Ben’s legwork [replaced by Conrad McMasters, a former policeman].

618 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30303 (Willow Springs)
Ben is a Harvard-educated attorney. The password to his home security system is "HOTDOG" [his favorite food]. As a hobby, Ben collects old coins. Note: Matlock's white, 100-year old stone and clapboard home is actually a private residence located at 106 Lord Street [off Moore Street] in Southport, North Carolina. The series was filmed in and around the towns of Southport, and Wilmington, NC.

MATRIX, Steven
c/o The City-in Between
Matrix is a hit man. One day he got killed and found himself in a purgatorial place called The City-in Between. There he was given a chose. Take a one way ticket to eternal hellfire or return to earth and aided those in need. Of course, he returned to earth. His colleagues included a black sidekick named Billy Hicks and Liz Teel, the owner of the Silver Flex gym.

(Karen's Song)
31 Evergreen Place
Los Angeles, CA
Karen is a divorced book publisher. Her romantic interest is a much younger man named Steve Foreman, the owner of a catering service.

MAVERICK, Bret & brother, Bart
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Bret and his brother Bart are happy-go-lucky frontier gamblers and con-artists. They drifted through the Old West in search of an honest card game and a pretty lady or two. Their relatives included Cousin Beauregard, an English raised relative; Brent Maverick, a third brother [who joined them later in the series]; and cousin Ben Maverick who surfaced in the spin-off series Young Maverick based in the 1880s. Note: Bret Maverick appeared later in the spin-off series Bret Maverick based in the 1880s town of Sweetwater, Arizona. He now owned a ranch [the "Lazy Ace"] and was part owner in the Red Ox Saloon.


(V & V: The Final Battle)
Los Angeles, CA
Robin Maxwell is an earth woman seduced by a reptilian alien disguised as a humanoid. She soon discovered she was pregnant and that her love affair had been a sham. The space aliens planned the whole romance as an experiment to see if human and reptiles were compatible for breeding. The product of this relationship was a sweet young girl named Elizabeth, one of two children delivered at birth. Another repulsive lizard baby was born to Robin, but soon died. Elizabeth Maxwell later discovered she had unearthly telekinetic powers. The "Visitors" seeking to exploit her abilities, began an extensive search of the planet for this "Star Child." Elizabeth went through a dramatic transformation. Taking shelter in a cave, her body excreted a cocoon shell and deep within she began to grow and change. Within a matter of days, her juvenile form transmuted into a full-grown teenager Her powers held the key to the ultimate defeat of the reptilian visitors. Note: A similar cocoon metamorphosis occurred on episode "Chrysalis" on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5 when Minbari ambassador Delenn transformed herself into a hybrid creature both human and Minbari. See also - ALIENS - "Kanamits"

MAYA, Princess
Moon Base Alpha
Maya is an inhabitant of the planet Psychon who joined forces with starlost members of Moon Base Alpha blown out of Earth's orbit by a nuclear detonation. The members of a research colony stationed on the lunar surface were thrust into space on a uncontrollable trajectory. While passing by the planet Psychon, its evil-minded leader known as Mentor decided to capture the inhabitants of this runaway moon and drain their minds. However, his daughter Princess Maya intervened in this diabolical plot and escaped into space with the earthlings. Grateful for her assistance, Commander Koenig made her a crew member. Maya possessed the power of molecular transformation. Being a "Metamorph" she could change herself (for short periods of time) into any form on which she concentrated. The image of whatever she was turning into could be seen in her eye's iris immediately before the transformation took place. Note: Maya debuted on the episode entitled "The Metamorph."

(The Andy Griffith Show)
Mayberry, NC
The Mayberry Gazette is the town newspaper. A popular section in the paper is the "Mayberry After Midnight" column that reveals the town gossip. Sheriff Taylor's young son, Opie and his friend Howie Pruitt once published a kid's newspaper called The Mayberry Sun. It shut down, however, after Opie started to innocently include embarrassing gossip he heard around town to increase the paper's circulation. The Mayberry Sun was delivered to Willow, Elm and Maple Streets.



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