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(The Life & Times of Grizzly Addams)
Rocky Mountains (late 1800s)
Nakuma is an Indian blood brother of mountain man Grizzly Adams living in the rugged western landscape of the 1800s. Nakuma helped build a cabin for James "Grizzly" Adams when he first arrived in the wilds.

NARDO, Elaine
Apartment 6A
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Elaine [nee O'Connor] is a divorced mother of two children: Jennifer and Jason. She works part-time as a cab driver and an art gallery assistant. Her close friend at work is career cabbie Alex Rieger. Elaine's attractive red-hair and slim figure is under the constant gaze of her lecherous dispatcher boss Louie DePalma. He is always trying to get into her pants but with no success. Once Louie carved a peephole in the Ladies’ room to get a good look at Nardo's private parts.

NASH, Carter
(Captain Nice)
c/o City Hall
Office # 1908
Big Town, USA [pop. 112,000]
Carter is a shy police chemist for the Big Town Police Department. He invented a powerful and foul-tasting liquid compound called "Super Juice" that gives him superpowers as Captain Nice. He used his abilities to fight crimes. Carter’s heartthrob is the beautiful Sgt. Candy Cane whom Carter is afraid to ask out on a date.

NASH, Professor James & wife, Joan
(Please Don't Eat the Daisies)
228 Circle Avenue
Ridgemont City, NY
James is an English teacher at Ridgemont College. Joan is a freelance magazine writer. They share their old Victorian home with sons Kyle, Joel, twins Tracy & Trevor, their sheep dog Ladadog, and Martha the family maid.

(American Dreamer)
Small town in Wisconsin
Tom is a journalist. Born in St. Louis, he graduated from Madison High School, then NYU and now works for the Chicago American newspaper. After his photographer wife, Elizabeth died [killed in Vietnam reporting on the war] Tom relocated to a small town in Wisconsin to raise his children Rachel and Danny.

(Married...With Children)
c/o Al Bundy
9674 Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL
The chief member and advocate of this women hating fraternal organization is Al Bundy, a henpecked husband with two children and a dog who worked as a shoe salesman in a Chicago mall. When meeting in Al's house, the group proudly wears their white T-shirts bearing the initials NO MA'AM on the front and full name of the group running vertically down the back. Marcy Rhodes/D'Arcy, Al's women's libber next-door neighbor (whom he called "Chicken Legs") is the group's chief nemesis. She heads a group called "Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys" (FANG). Al once mentioned NO MA'AM also stood for "Numb Old Men Anxiously Awaiting Morticians" just after having sex with his wife.

(The Adventures of Fu Manchu)
Sir Dennis is a determined Scotland Yard Detective who foils the evil schemes of Dr. Fu Manchu.



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