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(Annie Oakley)
Town of Diablo (in the Old West)
Annie is a frontier rancher and sharpshooter. She helped Deputy Lofty Craig maintain law and order in town. Annie's relatives are Tagg, her kid brother and Annie's uncle Luke Mactavish. Annie's horse is Target, Lofty rides Forest and Tagg's mount is Pixie. Note: The series was based on real-life character who lived from 1859 to 1926.

(Remote Control)
72 Whooping Cough Lane
Ken broadcasts a game show from his parent's basement.

O’BRIEN, Cha Cha
(Surfside Six)
c/o Fountainbleau Hotel
Miami Beach. FL
Cha Cha O'Brien is a Latin dancer in the "Boom Boom Room" at the swank Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach. She interacted with private investigators Ken Madison, Sandy Winfield II, and Dave Thorne. Cha Cha was born in Madrid and had been dancing since she was four-years-old. Her body language was typically animated, a la the hot-blooded Latin stereotype. Her character inspired a record called the "Cha Cha Twist."

(The Drew Carey Show)
( 555-1098
Cleveland, OH
Kate is the best friend of Drew Carey, the assistant director at Winfred-Louder Department Store. Drew got Kate her job as a cosmetic clerk at the store. Kate is single, a tom boy and possesses a very bad temper. Kate hangs with her friends Drew, Oswald and Lewis at the Warsaw Tavern.

O'BRIEN, Dr. Kay
(Kay O'Brien)
( 555-8911
Manhattan, New York City, NY
Kay works at Manhattan General Hospital.

O’BRIEN, Miles
(Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
c/o Space Station Deep Space 9
Orbiting the planet Bajor
Miles is the engineer and chief of operation onboard the space station DS9. Prior to his DS9 assignment, Miles was a transporter technician on the starship Enterprise-D. He married Starfleet botanist Keiko Ishikawa in 2367. They had a baby girl named Molly O‘Brien [born aboard the Enterprise-D in 2368]. Miles, Keiko and Molly moved aboard DS9 in 2369 after Miles accepted a position of chief of operations. Formerly afraid of spiders, Miles now keeps a Lycosa tarantula named Christina as a pet.

Buckskin, Montana (1880s)
Jody is a ten-year-old boy. He lives with his mother, Mrs. Annie O'Connell at their frontier boarding house. Their friends include Sheriff Tom Sellers; schoolteacher Ben Newcomb; his wife, Mrs. Newcomb.

O'CONNELL, Mary-Margaret "Maggie"
(Northern Exposure)
P.O. Box 86
South Corner Katunik & Washington
Cicely, AK 99729
Maggie is a bush-pilot. Born in Michigan, she now runs an Air Taxi Service and is the landlord of local physician, Dr. Joel Fleischman. Maggie is single, brunette, fiercely independent and has a cursed love life...all of her boyfriends die. Maggie later falls in love with Mike Monroe, a lawyer with chemical sensitivity disease who abandons her after he's cured to assist environmental pollution causes. Even Maggie's short but intense fling with her friend Dr. Fleischman ended with him returning to his hometown of New York City.

O'CONNOR, Kathleen "Katy"
(The Ann Sothern Show)
Apartment 3-B
21 East 10th Street
New York, NY (Greenwich Village)
Katy shares her apartment with friend Olive Smith. They both work for The Bartley House Hotel in Manhattan. Katy is the assistant manager. Olive is a secretary. Katy's address is also given as 15 Greenwich Place.

(Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
c/o Space Station Deep Space 9
Orbiting the planet Bajor
Odo is a changeling [a shapeshifter]. His molecular structure becomes unstable after holding a shape for more than 16 hours. At this time his body reverts to a silvery-orange liquid which rests in a bucket-like receptacle until his body function is energized enough to resume his human form, a form he assumes while working as space station security head on board the space station Deep Space Nine. Later in the series, Odo discovered he belonged to a race of beings called the Dominion.

(Can’t Hurry Love)
Apartment # 302
423 West 28th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Annie works for People Pleasers Employment Agency. She is single and attends St. Catherine‘s Church. For fun and relaxation, Annie and her best friend, Didi visit a bar called Wrecks.



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