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(The Love Boat)
c/o Captain Merrill Stubing
Somewhere at sea
The Pacific Princess, [a.k.a., "The Love Boat"] roams the world's oceans with cruise director Julie McCoy, purser Purl "Gopher" Smith, Dr. Adam Bricker, bartender Isaac Washington and ship's photographer Ashley "Ace" Covington-Evans. In 1999, the crew manifest changed. The new crew included

(Pacific Station)
c/o Captain Ken Epstein
Headquarters Room 112
Venice, CA
Detectives under his command include Robert Ballard, Richard Capparelli, Sandy Callaway & Al Burkhardt

PAGE, Nikki
(Over My Dead Body)
Apartment 307
5045 Hode Street
San Francisco, CA
Nikki is an obituary writer who teamed with crime novelist Maxwell Beckett to solve murder cases.

(Yancy Derringer)
New Orleans, LA (late 1800s)
Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah, is a silent Pawnee American Indian sidekick of gambler and adventurer Yancy Derringer who operated out of the city of New Orleans in the 1800's. Pa-hoo-Ka-Ta-Wah is Pawnee for "Wolf who stands in water." Although Pahoo was short on talk, he was long on action. Beneath a blanket wrapped about his body, he carried a shot-gun which he used in emergencies. Most of the time however, he used a throwing knife sheathed in his headdress.

PAINE, Ernie & Ellis
(Thicker Than Water)
( Klondike 5-3061
Unnamed City
Ernie & Ellis are heirs to Paine's Pure Pickles.

(Born to the Wind)
American Frontier (Early 1800s)
Painted bear is the tribal leader of North American plains Indians inhabiting the American frontier before the coming of the White man. Members of his tribe included Painted Bear's wife, Prairie Woman; their daughter, Star Fire; their teenage son, Two Hawks; One Feather, the medicine man; and Indian braves Low Wolf and White Bull.

(Have Gun Will Travel)
c/o Hotel Carlton
San Francisco, CA (1870s)
Paladin is a refined West Point educated, ex-army officer who became a gun-for-hire after the Civil War. Paladin was based in San Francisco at the elegant Hotel Carlton. His business card read: "Have Gun, Will Travel. Wire Paladin, San Francisco." Paladin wore black clothes and carried a back-up derringer. The Colt .44 was Paladin’s the weapon of choice. He sheathed his colt pistol in a black holster adorned with a figure of a silver chess knight. Answering a question about the symbol on his holster, Paladin remarked "It's a chess piece, the most versatile on the board. It can move in eight different directions, over obstacles, and it's always unexpected."

(P.S.I. Luv U)
( PSI-LUVU [or 774-5888]
c/o Matthew Dunning, Owner
Palm Springs, California
Matthew's operatives are Cody Powell, a police officer and Danielle Powell, a witness protection program member.

Turpin Road in Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Her father, George Palmer, also lives in Walford.

c/o Cheers Tavern
112 & 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston, MA (basement level)
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso is a bartender. He works at Cheers, the tavern where "everybody knows your name." Ernie, a former third base pitching coach for the Boston Red Sox, has two nicknames. The first one "Coach" he got from his friend Barry because Ernie never flew first class. His second nickname "Red" came about not because he had red hair but because he once "read" a book.

( 555-8775
Apartment 14-B
534 Steiner Boulevard
Chicago, IL
George Papadopolis is an ex-pro football player of Greek descent. He adopted a young black boy named Webster Long after the boy's parents [George's old football teammate and his wife] were killed in a car accident. George is now a sportscaster for WBJX-TV. His wife, Katherine Calder-Young is a consumer advocate and omsbudsman for the mayor's office [later a child psychologist].When their home is destroyed by fire, they rent an upstairs apartment in the home of Cassie and Bill Parker.

(Aloha Paradise)
c/o Sydney Chase, Manager
Kona Coast, HA
Staff on duty include assistant manager Curtis Shaw; social director Fran Linhart; groundskeeper Everett DeGroot; and lifeguard Richard Bean

PARETSKY, Det. Dorothy "Dottie"
(Angel Street)
9034 Mid-Valley Road
Chicago, IL (Polish Hill)
Dorothy is detective with the Violent Crimes Unit. Her partner is Det. Anita Wellman King. Dorothy and her young daughter, Jennifer live with her grandfather, a.k.a. "Pobby."


PARKER, Charles "Chuck"
(McHales Navy)
c/o Taratupa Island
South Pacific (1940s)
Charles Parker is an ensign in the US Navy. He is also a dim-bulb but rather likeable. Originally Parker was assigned as the executive officer to the crew of the PT 73. Unfortunately, Charles was a pushover for the experienced con artists in the command of Quinton McHale and failed to whip the rowdy crew into shape despite Binghampton’s threats to ship him to the Aleutian Islands if he failed. Eventually, Binghampton saw Parker as a lost cause and classified him into the same category as the rest of the misfit crew in McHales’ command.

PARKER, Lt. Francis "Frank"
(7 Days)
c/o Never Never Land
Nevada Desert
Frank is a CIA and black ops agent [Serial # 923880305]. He is assigned to a top secret time travel project called Back-Step. Frank pilots a blue sphere back in time seven days and changes the course of history when instructed by his superiors. Frank was chosen as a Chrononaut because he has a high threshold for pain and a photographic memory. He is also fiercely independent. Frank’s love interest is colleague Dr. Olga Vukavitch, a Russian scientist and Doctor of Medicine and Research on the Back-Step Project.

(The Parkers)
Santa Monica, CA
Kim is a plump, opinionated black teenager who helps her mother Nikki Parker finish her high school education. Unfortunately, now Kim’s flamboyant mother wants to go college-the same college [Santa Monica Jr. College] that Kim is going to attend. Kim’s acquaintances are Desiree Littlejohn; Professor Oglevee; Tyrell; Chandra; and Stevie.

Roswell, NM
Liz is a high school student. She works at her father's restaurant, The Crashdown Cafe. One day she was caught in between two customers who were arguing violently. One fired a gun and the bullet hit Liz. Fortunately, her classmate Max Evans was on hand to save her life. He touched her wound and mysteriously healed Liz. She later discovered Max, his sister, Isabel and their friend Michael Guerin were descendants of aliens who crash-landed in Roswell in 1947. Liz soon fell in love with Max and helped conceal Max and the other aliens from the local authorities.

(I Had Three Wives)
12718 Kenmore Road
Brentwood, CA
Mary is a lawyer with Maxwell, Cooper & Associates who occasionally aides her ex-husband turned private eye.

(The Pretender)
c/o The Centre
Blue Cove, DE 19901
Miss Parker works for a mysterious foundation called The Centre. She is charged with capturing a genius named Jarod who escaped their custody. Her assistants are Broots and Dr. Sydney Green.

Albuquerque, NM
Nakia is an American Indian caught between modern technology and ancient Indian customs. He worked as a law enforcement officer [deputy sheriff] in Davis County, New Mexico. His friends included Sheriff Sam Jericho; Deputy Hubbel Martin, secretary Irene James and a fellow Indian named Half Cub.

PARKER, Peter & Aunt Mae
(The Amazing Spider-Man)
( 555-1834
1231 Maple Drive
New York City Suburbs
Peter works as a photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper. He lives with his elderly Aunt Mae. His alter ego is Spiderman, a superhero who climbs walls, shoots webs and battles evil.

PARKINSON, Ben & wife, Ria
London , England (Suburbs)
Ben is a dentist. His hobby is butterflies. Ria is going through mid-life crisis and contemplates an affair with Leonard, a suave businessman. The Parkinson’s two grown-up sons, Adam and Russell still live at home. Ruby is the family cleaning lady.

PARMALEE, Captain Edward
c/o Texas Ranger Headquarters
Laredo, TX (late 1800s)
Parmalee is the superior to a group of Texas Rangers who patrolled the Texas frontier in the days following the Civil War. The Rangers under his command included Reese Bennett, Chad Cooper, and Joe Riley, and later rookie Ranger, Erik Hunter.

PARMENTER, Captain Wilton
(F Troop)
c/o F Troop
Fort Courage Outpost
Kansas/Missouri Territory (late 1860s)
Wilton is a soldier in the US Cavalry and a city dude from Philadelphia. At the close of the Civil War, Wilton accidentally sneezed [which sounded like "charge! to a nearby company of soldiers] and unintentionally defeated enemy troops lurking nearby. His apparent bravery earned Wilton the nickname "the Scourge of the West" and a commission as the Captain at Fort Courage, the home of a misfit group of cavalry soldiers called F Troop. Wilton's romantic interest at Fort Courage was Wrangler Jane, hard-riding cowgirl who owned the post store and set her sights on Parmenter for her husband. When she kissed Wilton he replied "Jane, not in front of the men!"

PARSON, Christina
c/o The Flambards Estate
Rural England (Essex)
Christina is a British teenage orphan who is sent to live at "Flambards" at the beginning of World War 1. Other Flambard residents included Christina’s tyrannical Uncle Russell, and his sons Mark and William.

(Matt Houston)
Apartment 3C
8766 West Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, CA
C. J. is a Harvard-trained lawyer who works as a research assistant for Matt Houston, an oil millionaire who enjoyed being a private detective. When Matt needed information C.J. utilized a corporate computer [nicknamed "Baby"]. With a touch of the keyboard, C. J. could access a variety of data banks containing license plate numbers, police records, biographical backgrounds and photographs of people, places and things.

(The Californians)
San Francisco, CA (1850s)
Dion [an Irish immigrant] is a crusading newspaper reporter during the day of the Gold rush in 1850s California. His friends included newspaper editor Sam Brennan; and storekeeper Jack McGivern. Later in the story, new character appeared in town including Matt Wayne, the new marshal, Jeremy Pitt, an attorney and widow Wilma Fansler, the owner of a casino.

(The Partridge Family)
698 Sycamore Road
San Pueblo, CA.
Shirley is a widow. She lives with her children, Keith, Laurie, Danny, Tracy and Chris. Together they formed a pop rock group called "The Partridge Family." Reuben Kincaid manages the group. When they needed a vehicle to transport them to Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas, they bought a used 1957 Chevrolet School bus from Al's Used Cars. The rear of the bus displayed both the license plate NLX-590 and the sign "Careful, Nervous Mother Driving." Note: The Partridge’s alternate address is the 700 block of Vassario Road. The Partridge home facade, with its charming triangular entryway, was actually located on the 40-acre back lot of Warner Brothers ranch at 3701 West Oak Street in Burbank. It often doubled as the residence of Gladys Kravitz on the sitcom Bewitched. Years later, the Partridge home met its demise when the structure was firebombed during the filming of the Lethal Weapon movie starring Mel Gibson. The studio has since rebuilt a barn-like house on the plot and uses the existing building for storage. The adjacent garage where the Partridge Family rehearsed their music still exists.

(Life with Luigi)
c/o Pasquale
19 North Halstead Street
Chicago, IL (Little Italy Section)
Pasquale has a portly daughter named Rosa who is interested in marrying Luigi Basco, a local antique store owner newly arrived from Italy.

( 555-3748
623 Bleeker Street
New York City, NY
Melba is the Director of Manhattan's Visitor Center. She shares her home with daughter, Tracy.

(South Beach)
3250 South Mooring Way
South Beach, FL (Miami Beach)
Kate is a con-artist turned government agent.

PAYNE, Martin
Apartment #42
East 23rd Street
Detroit, MI
Martin is a talk show host at WZUP radio and later a TV talk show associate producer/host on Channel 51‘s "Speak Out" [retitled "Word on the Street."] He shares an apartment with his marketing executive girlfriend, Gina Waters.



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