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(The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)
Central City, USA
Staff on duty include English teacher Dr. Leander Pomfritt [formerly of Central City High]. Student Chatsworth Osborne Jr. is the president of the The Silver Spoon Club for snobby socialites. The school's newspaper is called the Pryor Crier [edited by Dobie Gillis]

SFPD - San Francisco Police Dept.
c/o Robert T. Ironside,
Chief of Detectives
San Francisco, CA
Chief Ironside was injured in the line of duty [paralysed by an assassins bullet]. The Chief returned to duty as a special consultant assisted by a wheel chair, and a handicapped accessible van. His support staff included Det. Sgt. Ed Brown; policewoman Eve Whitefield; policewoman Fran Belding, Eve's replacement; and Don Sanger, the chief's personal assistant who pushed Ironside's wheelchair and drove his van.

SFPD - San Francisco Police Dept.
(McMillan & Wife)
c/o Stewart McMillan,
Police Commissioner
San Francisco, CA
Sgt. Charles Enright is the Commissioner's right hand man. When McMillan's wife Sally dies in a plane crash, Enright is promoted to Lieutenant and a new assistant named Sgt. Steve DiMaggio (Richard Gilliland) is hired to help McMillan.

SFPD - San Francisco Police Dept.
(Nash Bridges)
c/o Inspector Nash Bridges
San Francisco, CA
Inspector Bridges drives around San Francisco in his yellow 1970s Plymouth Hemi Barracuda with his partner Joe Dominguez. Other officers on duty include Lt. A. J. Shimamura; Det. Evan Cortez; Det. Harvey Leek; Det. Michelle Chan; Det. Caitlin Cross; Det. Kelly Weld; Det. Bonnie Leek; Det. Big Barry; Det. Bryn Carson; and Det. Richard Bettina.

SFPD - San Francisco Police Dept.
(The Streets of San Francisco)
c/o Det. Mike Stone
Bureau of Inspectors Division
Det. Stone is assisted by rookie partner Inspector Steve Keller who did the running and climbing up all those steep hills in Frisco. When Keller left the force to become a teacher, Mike Stone teamed with Inspector Dan Robbins.

SABERHAGEN, Salem  See - SALEM (the cat)

SABLE, John  See - FLEMMING, Nicholas

(Going Places)
1800 Beach Road
Los Angeles, CA
Dawn is a producer of "Here's Looking at You." She shares her three bedroom home with her TV show comedy writers, Alexandra Buron, Kate, Griffin & brothers Jack & Charlie Davis.

(St. Elsewhere)
c/o Dr. Westphall, Chief of Staff
Boston, MA.
St. Eligius, a.k.a. "St. Elsewhere" is an impoverished Boston teaching institution with a fine open-heart surgery department. A Roman Catholic priest named Father Joseph McCabe founded St. Eligius in 1935 to care for the city's needy. In January 1956, the City of Boston bought the hospital from the church. Upon entering the facility, visitors are greeted by a white statue of St. Eligius (patron saint of artists and craftsman) that stands prominently with arms outstretched in the hospital's lobby. In fall 1987-88 season, the hospital was purchased by the Ecumena Hospitals Corporation, a private-for profit-health care organization. At the end of the series, Ecumena sold the hospital back to the City of Boston. Note: The building seen as St. Elsewhere is actually the Franklin Square House, a French Second Empire designed structure built in 1868. It is located at 11 East Newton Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Although never used as a hospital, it has been the site of the St. James Hotel (its original function), the New England Conservatory of Music and as of late a senior citizen's housing development.

c/o Laura Trent, Owner
San Francisco, CA
The St. Gregory staff include Victoria Cabot who oversees the hotel's operations for her sister-in-law Laura; general manager Peter McDermott, who reports to Victoria; assistant manager Christine Francis, public relations director Mark Danning, hotel security director Billy Griffin, information center hostess Julie Gillette, desk clerk Megan Kendall and bellhop Dave Kendall. The St. Gregory Hotel is actually The Fairmount Hotel located at California at Mason on Nob Hill in San Francisco.

ST. JAMES, Virginia "Ginger"
(It's A Living)
Los Angeles, CA
Ginger [born in Buffalo, NY] is a waitress at the Above the Top restaurant. She later moves into the Carrie Nation Hotel For Women to share the apartment of fellow waitress Amy Tompkins.

ST. JOHN, Jean
(Mancuso, FBI)
1032 Fairgreen Place
Washington, DC
Jean is secretary to FBI agent Nick Mancuso. She is tall, blonde and extremely sexy.

(Doctor in the House)
c/o The Dean
London, England
Medical students on duty include Michael A. Upton, Duncan Waring, Dick Stuart-Clark, Paul Collier Hew Evans, Danny Wholey, Dave Briddock and Lawrence Bingham. Their learned anatomy instructor is Sir Geoffrey Loftus.

SALAZAR, Rosario
(Will & Grace)
c/o Karen Walker
New York City, NY
Rosario Salazar is a Salvadoran maid who worked for a wealthy, white employer named Karen Walker. To keep from being deported, Rosario and Karen arranged a fake marriage with a gay man named Jack McFarland who later demanded palimony from Karen when he found Rosario in bed with another man. Rosario and Karen’s prickly but caring relationship included such exchanges as "In my country I was a school teacher." Karen replies "In this country you wash my bras." and "Hey, you’re on the clock, tamale. Get to work." Rosario responds "Listen, Lady, I’ll squash you like a wormy apple."

SALEM (the cat)
(Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)
c/o The Spellman’s
133 Collins Road
Westbridge, MA
Salem is a talking black cat [American Short Hair Breed] that lived with Sabrina Spellman, a pretty blond teenage witch and her aunts Hilda and Zelda. Salem was actually a human named Salem Saberhagen who got transformed into a cat [for a period of 100 years] by the Witches Council as punishment for trying to "rule the world." Now the only excitement in his life is listening for the sound of the can opener.

SAMMLER, Richard Lewis
(Once and Again)
Chicago, IL
Richard "Rick" is a 40-year-old divorced architect. One day at a school soccer game he meets single parent Lily Brooks Manning and it is love all over again. Will this relationship work out? Who's to say? Richard's family included Karen Davies Sammler, his 39-year-old ex-wife [they divorced three years ago]; Eli Edward Sammler, his academically challenged but athletically active 16-year-old son [he's got a girlfriend named Jennifer]; and Jessie Elizabeth Sammler, his 12-year-old daughter [who secretly fears she'll turn out like her parents].

(Hee Haw)
( BR549
c/o Junior Samples
Kornfield Kounty

(La Femme Nikita)
c/o Section One
Somewhere on the globe
Michael is a level 5 team leader at Section One "the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet...Their ends are just but their means are ruthless." He was born in France and educated at the University of Paris. In 1984 he formed a radical activist group called "The Bloody Hour" that was responsible for a fatal bombing. Michael was caught and thought to have died in prison. He was actually recruited by Section One. Michael [trained by a man named Jurgen] was the mentor of Nikita, a beautiful blond operative with whom Michael was romantically involved [against the wishes of Section One].

(The Magnificent Seven)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Josiah is a gunfighter. He is a former priest and doesn't know how to turn the other cheek. He now belongs to a group of drifters called "The Magnificent Seven". Nathan Jackson, one of his compatriots recommended Sanchez as a member of the group because Sanchez had "killed a lot of men."

SANDLER, Charlotte
(Good and Evil)
c/o Charlotte Sandler Cosmetics
Washington, D.C.
Charlotte is a cosmetics queen. Her two daughters, Denise and Genevieve "Genny" Sandler, a biochemist run the operation.

( CN121PP [Radio Code]
( Sandpipoer-28 [Radio Code]
c/o Joe & Brian Hackett, Proprietors
Tom Nevers Airfield
Nantucket Island, MA
Sandpiper Air is a one-plane airline owned by the Hackett brothers, Joe and Brian. Their support staff includes airport terminal announcer Faye Evelyn Cochran, and aircraft mechanic Lowell Mather. Sandpiper’s rival is Roy Biggins, owner of Aeromass. Note: The airport seen on the series is actually the Nantucket Memorial Airport at 30 Macy's Lane near the southeast edge of the town of Nantucket. There is a residential section of the island called Tom Nevers, named after a colonial Native American.

SANFORD, Fred G. & son, Lamont
(Sanford & Son)
( 555-1079
c/o Sanford & Son Salvage
9114 South Central [also 4707 South Central Avenue]
Los Angeles, CA (Watts Area)
Fred is a 65-year-old junk dealer with an alleged heart condition. His 34-year-old son Lamont is Fred’s partner. They pick up junk in a red 1962 Ford pickup and a 1947 Mercury M-47 truck. When Fred wants to get his way or gain attention he clasps one hand across his heart, begins to stagger and shouts skyward to his deceased wife "I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth, this is the big one."

(Parker Lewis Can't Lose)
( KL5-4579 [Principal's Office]
c/o Ms. Grace Musso, Principal
Santo Domingo, CA
Ms. Musso is the autocratic head of Santo Domingo. She is an alumus of Santo Domingo [graduated in 1970} and has been described as "a psychopath with tenure." Her mission in life is to get the goods on and expel sophomore Parker Lewis [file # SN2935-59] and his toady sidekicks Mikey Randall and Jerry Steiner. The school’s rival is El Corrado High School Their principal Dr. Norman Pankow is Ms. Musso’s nemesis.

SARNAC, Colonel Raynor
(Call To Glory)
295 Canyon Drive
near Loughlin Air Force Base , TX
Sarnac is a USAF pilot. He lives with his wife, Vanessa and children RH, Jackie, and Wesley.

( WHITE ROOK [Army Radio ID]
c/o K Company, Second Platoon
Somewhere in Europe after D-DAY
Chip is a US Army Sergeant [Serial No. 227-06-22]. Born in 1920, he is 25-years-old, has O+ blood and hails from Illinois [also given as Cleveland]. Behind enemy lines, Sgt. Saunders coordinated with Lt. Gil Hanley [Radio code: CHECKMATE KING 2]. Saunders' squad members included Pvt. William G. "Wild Man" Kirby, PFC Paul "Caje" Lemay, Pvt. Little John, Pvt. Braddock, Pvt. Billy Nelson, and Doc Walton. Note: Saunders’ serial number is also given as 12078299.

SCALI, Anthony & wife, Rachel
(The Commish)
1209 Beach Street
Eastbridge, New York
Tony is a police commissioner. Rachel is a grammar school teacher. They live with their son, David.

(The Green Hornet)
( 555-6789
Unnamed City, USA
Frank is a district attorney and only one of three people who knows the true identity of the masked crime fighter, the Green Hornet.

(The New Schmoo)
Valley of the Schmoon
The Schmoo resembles a blob of white with eyes, mouth, whiskers and two legs. It was known to lay eggs, give milk and if you were lucky enough to catch one for dinner, they tasted like Mmmmm! steak and chicken.

(One Day at a Time)
Basement Apartment #1
1344 Hartford Drive
Indianapolis, IN
Dwayne is a building superintendent. He often visits the Romano family in apartment #402.

SCHULTZ, Sgt. Hans
(Hogan's Heroes)
Stalag 13 POW Camp
Dusseldorf, Germany (1940s)
Schultz is a portly, bumbling German soldier in charge of supervising a group of Allied POWs at Stalag 13 prison camp. He reports to an equally inept superior Colonel Wilhelm Klink. Although Shultz wore the uniform of the Third Reich, he didn't support the Nazi party wholeheartedly. He would rather get back to his wife and children than stand guard in a POW camp. In the meantime, Schultz made the best of his situation by befriending his captives and taking advantage of their generosity (usually chocolate bars or strudel baked by French POW Louis LeBeau) when he overlooked one of their schemes.

(Dial 999)
( Dial - 999 [British 911]
c/o Inspector Michael McGuire
London, England
Michael is a Canadian police officer on loan to train with the London police.

SCOTT, Alexander
(I Spy)
Somewhere in the World
Alexander is a US government spy working for the Pentagon. He poses as the trainer for world-class tennis champion Kelly Robinson, who is also a spy. Scott is an African-American, a graduate of Temple University, and a Rhodes scholar. His fluency in languages came in handy on their various global assignments.

SCOTT, Karen
90 Bristol Court
Southern California
Karen lives with her parents, Steve and Barbara and her kid sister, Mimi.

SCOTT, Lt. Commander Montgomery
(Star Trek)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Montgomery, popularly known as "Scotty" is the dedicated chief engineer aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise who spoke with a pronounced Scottish accent. Scotty was famous for pushing the limits of the dilithium crystal controlled warp engines to get the captain and crew out of danger just in the nick of time.

SCOTT, Robin
(The Case of the Dangerous Robin)
101 East 86th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Robin is an insurance investigator.

SCULLY, Dr. Dana Katherine
(The X-Files)
( 202-555-6431
3170 W. 53 Rd.
Apt. 35
Annapolis, MD
Dana is a FBI forensic expert [ID# 2317-616]. Her partner is agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder. They investigate cases of the paranormal under the supervision of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Born on February 23, 1964, Dana is 5’3" in height; weighs 120 pounds and has red hair and blue eyes. During her career with the FBI Dana was abducted by aliens; impregnated with an alien fetus; learned she was the biological mother of three-year-old Emily Sim [she died]‘ got tagged with tiny electronic tracking device and given cancer [an inoperable tumor behind her nasal cavity] but cured. For this she got her own X-File # X40253. When her partner Fox Mulder disappeared she was teamed with another FBI agent.



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