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(Frontier Circus)
Southwest (late 1800s)
The T & T Circus is a traveling band of entertainers co-owned by Colonel Casey Thompson and his partner Ben Travis. Leading their way across country is their trusty scout Tony Gentry.

Las Vegas, NV
Dan is a private eye. His friends included Bobby "Binzer" Borso, a reformed crook and Tanna’s legman; Angie Turner, Dan’s dim-bulb receptionist; Beatrice Travis, his talented secretary; Phillip Roth, the owner of The Desert and Inn who kept Dan on retainer; and police contacts Sgt. Bella Archer and Lt. David Nelson. Dan drove a renovated classic 1957 Thunderbird equipped with a mobile phone and a .44 Magnum gun stored in the glove compartment. His personalized license plate read: TANNA. He parked his car inside a spacious garage-like office located on the grounds of the Desert Inn and Country Club.

(Good Sports)
c/o The Landmark Building
Los Angeles, CA
Bobby is a sportscaster. He is divorced, 42-years-old, and works for the All Sports Cable Network [ASCN] owned by the Rappaport Broadcasting System. Bobby co-hosts the programs Sports Central, Sports Chat and Sports Brief with his 40-year-old co-anchor Gayle Roberts [an ex-super-model whom Bobby once boinked in college]. Luckily, the duo’s past relationship added spark and spice to their on-air performance which helped the ratings. Bobby got his sportscasting gig because the network’s egocentric owner R.J Rappaport liked jocks. At the time, Bobby, a down-and-out ex-football player, was delivering pizza for a living. After Gayle mentored the dim-witted Bobby in the ways of sports news, he fell in love with her and proposed marriage. Earlier in his career, Bobby played football for the University of Miami, the L.A. Rams, the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. He also managed the career of his wife, Yvonne Pomplona, a singer/stripper until they divorced. Bobby, himself, had a short recording career under the name "Downtown" Bobby Tannen. As a hobby, Bobby collect beer cans.

TANNER, Danny & Family
(Full House)
( 555-2424
( 555-8722 [D.J.'s phone]
1882 Gerard Street
San Francisco, CA.
Danny is a co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco. He is widowed, overly fastidious [he’s a neat freak] and shares his home with Golden Bay Union High School buddies Jesse Cochran/Katsopolis, an aspiring musician and Joey Gladstone, an aspiring comedian. Together, they help raise Danny's children: 10-year-0ld D. J. [Donna Jo], 5-year-old Stephanie and 6 month-old Michelle. Comet is the family dog. Danny’s wife, Pam [Jesse’s sister] died in a car accident. Before his co-hosting gig, Danny worked as a sportscaster for Newsbeat at KTMB-TV Channel 8. When Danny was young he had a piece of fabric he called "Terry the Talking Wash Cloth." Romantically, Danny had a long-term relationship with Vicki Larson, a fellow talk show host. DJ Tanner is a typical pre-teen, she likes to shop, talk on the phone and hang out with her best friend Kimberly "Kimmy" Louise Gibler. Stephanie likes to say "How Rude." She owns a doll named Emily and a cuddly bear animal called Mr. Bear. Michelle Elizaberth , the youngest child, has an invisible friend named Glen and likes to say "You got it, Dude." Note: The exterior shown as the Tanner's Victorian-style home is located on Alamo Square, an historic collection of row homes on Steiner between Grove and Hayes in San Francisco.

(The Magnificent Seven)
Southwest (late 1800s)
Vin is a gunfighter. He belongs to a group of drifters known as The Magnificent Seven." Originally a sharpshooter, buffalo hunter turned bounty hunter, he now has a $500 reward on his head in the town of Tuscosa, TX. The charge is false and he intends to return one day and clear his name. Vin's weapon of choice: a sawed-off Winchester rifle. He also likes to play the harmonica.

TANNER, Willie & wife, Kate
( 555-8531 [or 4044 or 7787]
167 Hemdale Street
Los Angeles, CA.
Willie is a social services worker. He lives with his children Lynn, Brian, infant son Eric and a fuzzy extraterrestrial named ALF. Willie's ham radio code is KC276XAA.

(Something Is Out There)
Los Angeles, CA
Ta'ra is a beautiful blue-eyed, blond female medical officer from the alien prison spaceship Angelon (now destroyed), who desperately sought the capture of a dangerous Xenomorph, a scorpion-shaped creature (in its natural form) that escaped from her spacecraft and took refuge on Earth. Tracking the monster was difficult because it camouflaged itself by taking possession of human bodies (shape-shifting). She reluctantly teamed with Jack Breslin, a Los Angeles police detective to track down the creature. Ta'ra's skills with mind-reading and levitation and the detective's knowledge of Earth gave them an arsenal of weapons to track down the sinister creature before it killed again. A unique feature of Ta'ra's race were her hands. On her planet, hands were the focus of sexual activity, so when Jack attempted to shake her hand, it was an encounter of the no-no kind. When Ta'ra drank coffee, she got blitzed on the caffeine and began to act like a drunk. She gets sexually aroused by watching the TV series Crime Story (coincidentally another NBC series). Once when Jack was staring at Ta'ra's sexy black jumpsuit Ta'ra read his mind and remarked "You want to do WHAT! with my body?" Retiring for the day, she sleeps in the nude "I cannot sleep in garments. It would be unnatural and uncomfortable to me." Note: The Ta'ra character first appeared in the May 1988 NBC miniseries Something Is Out There.

TARLEK, Herbert R. "Herb"
(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
c/o WKRP Radio Station
Suite 1412
Ninth Floor
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
Herb is a sales manager at radio station WKRP - "The Mighty 1530 AM." He is married, obnoxious, wears loud clothing and constantly puts the make on WKRP’s beautiful but unattainable receptionist, Jennifer Marlowe. Herb’s job is to wine and dine his clients with three martini lunches so he can land accounts for the station. He sold insurance as a sideline. Herb calls his boss, Arthur Carlson "Big Guy." Herb’s family included his perky wife, Lucille; his daughter, Bunny Tarlek; his son, Herb Tarlek III; and his father, a retired salesman who lives at Shady Hills Rest Home. Herb’s catchphrase is "O.K. Fine."

American Frontier (1870s)
Tate (just "Tate") is a one-armed Civil War veteran turned gunfighter. He roamed from town to town looking for work. His left arm was rendered useless from a wartime explosion; his right arm was lightning swift.

TATE, Larry
( 555-6059
c/o McMann & Tate Advertising
32nd Floor International Building
New York City, NY.
Larry Tate is their senior partner. His top ad exec is Darrin Stephens. Larry’s wife is Louise. His childhood home address was 1432 Elm Drive.

TAYLOR, Sheriff Andy
(The Andy Griffith Show)
14 Maple Street
Mayberry, NC.
Andy lives with his son, Opie and his Aunt Beatrice "Bee" Taylor who helps raise his boy. Andy’s cousin, Deputy Barney Fife is a frequent visitor to their home. Andy's favorite food is a pork chop sandwich. Note: The Taylor address is also given as 24 Elm, and 332 Maple Road.

(The Reporter)
63 East 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Danny is a reporter for the N.Y. Globe. He gets his assignments from editor, Lou Sheldon.

TAYLOR, Jack & Family
(The Family Man)
6521 Oak Valley Lane
Eagle Ridge, CA
Jack is the captain of the Eagle Ridge Fire Department. He lives with his four children: Allison, Brian, Steve and Jeff, and his father-in-law, Joe Alberghetti.

(Paradise / Guns of Paradise)
John Taylor is a Native American Indian who lived in the mining town of Paradise in the 1890s. Educated in the ways of both the Indians and the white man, John Taylor assisted former gunfighter turned sheriff Ethan Allen Cord on many occasions, He shared his skills in medicine and took care of Ethan's adopted nieces and nephews.

TAYLOR, Michael & Joey Harris
(My Two Dads)
Apartment 4B
627 North Brewster Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Michael is a financial advisor. Joey is an artist. They both are fathers to a young orphan girl named Nicole Bradford, whose mother was a former lover to both men.

TAYLOR, Tim & wife, Jill
(Home Improvement)
( Unlisted
510 Glenview Road
Detroit, MI (Edgewood/Royal Oak )
Born October 1954, Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor is the klutzy host of "Tool Time," a local cable fix-it show sponsored by Binford Tools. Tim is Presbyterian, left-handed, loves Sears and hates snakes. Born November 1956, Jill "Jillian" [née Patterson] is a homemaker. She used to work as a researcher for Inside Detroit magazine but has gone back to college to get a degree in psychology. Tim and Jill first met at Western Michigan University [class of ‘76] and now share their lovely suburban home with their three sons, Bradley "Brad" Michael Taylor [age 10/born January 1981], Randy William Taylor [age 9/born February 8th 1982] and Mark [age 6/born March 1985].

TAZ & Family
( 9401
Taz is whirling, slobbering Tazmanian Devil. He lives with his parents. His father sounds like singer Bing Crosby.



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