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(Action in the Afternoon)
Huberle, Montana (1890s)
Jack is a guitar-playing, singing cowboy. He moseyed along through all sorts of wild west action like hangings, bar fights, and gunshot wounds. Note: This series is TV's only "live" western series. It broadcast weekday afternoons from a back lot in suburban Philadelphia in the 1950s.

( 213-555-1020
( 310-155-1VIP [1847]
c/o Valerie Irons. CEO
9100 Sunset Boulevard
Beverly Hill, CA
The VIP bodyguard agency specializes in high-profile celebrity clients. Formerly called Colt Arrow Security Services, Valerie Irons Protection employs such top operatives as Tasha Dexter, a former espionage agent; Quick Williams, an ex- professional boxer and marksman; Nikki Franco, a weapons expert; Kay Simmons, a computer wiz and Johnny Lo, a martial arts specialist. Valerie Irons, the firm’s CEO is just a figurehead. She wears tight clothes, looks sexy and brings in the clients while her veteran crew of bodyguards do all the dirty work.

VALDEZ, Luis & wife, Sophia
(Viva Valdez)
3632 and 1/2 La Hamber Street
East Los Angeles, CA
Luis runs a plumbing business with his eldest son, Victor. Other family members are Ernesto, Connie, Pepe and cousin Jerry Ramirez [newly arrived from Mexico]

VAN DAM, Luther
Minneapolis, MN
Luther is an assistant football coach. He is single, cheerful but inane, likes to eat "Sweetie’s, the Full Sugar Cereal for breakfast, and constantly fights the battle of the bulge [he puts on weight over the summer and then diets to lose it in the fall]. Born in Danville, Illinois, Luther has been in the football game for 38 years, the last 20 years with coach Hayden Fox who works for the Screaming Eagles at Minnesota State University. Luther later accepted a position as assistant coach for the Orlando Breakers in Florida when Hayden became the team’s new coach. Luther took up residence at a condo at Leisure Town. Luther’s love interests included the wealthy Mrs. Rizzendough and the loud and rowdy Lorraine. Luther owned two pets: Sunshine, a parrot and Quincy, a dog. In 1997, Luther quit his job as assistant coach and opened up his own Graceland-like attraction. He also wrote a successful book entitled Just Short of the Goal [inspired by a book idea "Learning to Live with Losing."]

(Just Shoot Me)
c/o Blush Magazine
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Nina is a fashion editor. She is a former model, slender, anorexic and smokes. Nina was abandoned as child and adopted by a farm family called Noodleman. They named her "Claire" after the farm's cat. On the farm, she performed jobs like calming down the horses. When she had a chance, Claire escaped to the outside world and became Nina Van Horn. In 2000, the A&E cable network did a biography retrospective of her career. Nina got her job at Blush after publisher Jack Gallo found her down on her luck working as a model [dressed as a mermaid] at a convention. Nina’s greatest fear is losing her looks. Nowadays nothing brightens Nina’s day like hearing about the failure of others. Psst! Nina is allergic to peanut butter. When she eats it, her lips swell up. Note: On the sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, there was a movie star character named Dash Rip Rock who romanced Miss Ellie Mae Clampett. His real name was Homer Noodleman (from Peoria, Illinois). Could this possibly be one of Nina's distant cousin? Hmmm?

(You Can't Take it with You)
121 Liberty Lane
Staten Island, NY
Martin is a retired ad man. He lives with his daughter Penelope, a writer; her husband, Paul Sycamore, a toy inventor; their children Alice and Essie; and Penny's two cats Kate and Alley Cat.

VANSEN, Shane Autumn
(Space: Above & Beyond)
c/o The US Marine Corps
58th Squadron
Somewhere in Space
Shane is a Marine Captain [Serial Number 560-51-03318]. A native of San Diego, California, she is Caucasian, 22-years-old, and assigned to the 58th Squadron, a.k.a. the Wild Cards in the year 2063. Her call sign is "Queen of Diamonds." Shane’s parents were killed in the AI Wars by human-looking cyborgs called Silicates. Shane eventually joined the Marines in memory of her parents and to escape the responsibility of caring for her two sisters. Shane was promoted to the rank of Captain on April 16th 2064. She won a Bronze Star for rescuing her squadron from Chig invaders. Her romantic interests are Captain John Oakes who is assumed dead after an altercation with a Chig pilot called Chiggie von Richtoffen; and fellow marine Cooper Hawkes who is infatuated with her. Shane’s current status: Missing in Action, Celestial Body 2063 Yankee.

(Fantastic Journey)
Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
Varian is a telepathic Earth man from the 23rd century trapped on a mysterious island located in the Bermuda Triangle where the forces of time and space had intertwined, creating doorways to the past, present and future. Varian, looking for a way back to his own time defended himself with a futuristic weapon (a transistorized tuning fork device) called the "Thought-Focuser," which hypnotized or immobilized evil-doers. See also - LIANA

348 McCord Avenue
Buffalo, NY
Diego is a Chilean born artist working in America. His next-door neighbor, Jesse Warner is his girlfriend.

VASQUEZ, Enrique
(My So-Called Life)
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Enrique "Ricky" is a student at Liberty High School. He's gay, overly romantic, half-Hispanic, half-Black, left-handed, a Catholic, a good dancer, and loses his voice when he gets nervous. Ricky friends at school included Angela Chase [he's hot for Angela's boyfriend Jordan]; Brian Krakow, a nerdy genius and fellow outcast; and Rayanne Graff, a troubled female student who abuses alcohol and sleeps around. To keep his mind off the fact that he has an abusive uncle [who later kicks Ricky out], Ricky gets involved in such activities as sewing and acting with the school's drama club. After Ricky's family abandoned him [they left town without telling him] he moved in with Mr. Richard Katimski, the new closet-gay English teacher and moderator of the drama club. Ricky first admitted he was gay to yearbook staffer Delia Fisher [she has a crush on Ricky despite his homosexuality].



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