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WABASH, Joe & wife, Katie
(Joe's World)
623 Eucalyptus Avenue
Detroit, MI
Joe is a house painter. The Wabash's lives with their children Steve, Maggie Jimmy, Rick, Linda.

(Hetty Wainthropp Investigates)
c/o Wainthropp Detective Agency
Lancashire, UK
Hetty Wainthropp is a British senior citizen. On her 60th birthday, she takes a part-time job at the post office and soon becomes suspicious of a young couple who come in each week to cash a pension check. Hetty investigates and discovers a brutal murder of an elderly woman. Her escapade into the world of the private eye inspires her to open the Wainthropp Detective Agency. Hetty is assisted by Geoffrey Shawcross, a teenager she caught shoplifting ["I’ll need a sidekick. They all have one"]; Robert Wainthropp, her retired husband; and Det. Chief Insp. Adams.

(Too Close For Comfort)
( 555-4000
Arthur Wainwright, Publisher
San Francisco, CA
Random Comics is a subsidiary of Wainwright Publishing. Artist Henry Rush draws their "Cosmic Cow" comic strip.

WALKER, Cordel "Cord"
(Walker, Texas Ranger)
c/o SSR 86
Springtown, TX
Cord is a Texas Ranger. He is athletic, devoted to law enforcement and a karate expert. His colleagues included his black partner Ranger Jimmy Trivette; C.D. Parker, a retired Ranger and tavern owner; attorney Alex Cahill, Cord’s girlfriend and later wife; and Ray Firewalker, Cord’s Native American uncle who raised Cord. Walker’s parents were killed at a carnival when he was a young boy. They died defending themselves from three racist thugs who objected to a white woman being married to a full-blooded Cherokee. Ray nicknamed Cordell "Washoe" [Cherokee for "Lone Eagle"].

WALKER, Det. Darcy
(Black Scorpion)
Angel City
Darcy is an undercover cop. She is sexy, competent and works with a by-the-book partner named Steve Rafferty. They report to Captain Strickland. When Darcy’s father is murdered, she becomes a vigilante and assumes the alter-ego of the Black Scorpion, a Batman-like crimefighter. Now "Darcy Walker is a cop by day...and the Black Scorpion by night!" Darcy’s superhero outfit consists of a black leather torso ensemble, thigh high boots, protective shoulder plates and a cowled facemask.

WALKER, Eddie & wife, Dorothy
(Fair Exchange)
New York, USA
Eddie owns a ticket agency. Dorothy is a homemaker. They have a teenage daughter, Patty and a son, Larry. Patty is part of an exchange program with the Finches, a British family living in London. [Eddie met Tommy Finch in War II]. While Heather Finch lives with the Walkers in America, their teenage daughter, Patty attends London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

WALKER, Eleanor "Ellie" Walker
(High Society)
511 Sutton Place
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Eleanor is a romance novelist. Born in Pittsburgh, [as Eleanor Antoinette Worshorsky] Eleanor is loud, uninhibited and likes to live a high profile life. Her success at writing enables her to live in luxury but her over-consumption of alcohol and her man chasing worries her publisher and college chum Dorothy "Dot" Emerson who owns Emerson Publishing. So far Eleanor has penned Hermephrodites, High Sierra Streetwalker, Hung Jury, The Naked and the Deadline, Pool Boys Plunge, Stiletto Summer, Submissive Samurai, and Swedish Meat Boys.

(Will & Grace)
New York City, NY
Karen is a wealthy socialite. She was married to Stanley Walker but now just lives off the financial spoils from the marriage. Karen drinks a lot and works as a lark as an assistant for interior designer Grace Adler. Karen friends included a gay man named Jack McFarland and her housemaid is Rosario Salazar. Karen met Rosario at a disco [Rosario was selling cigarettes] and Karen hired her on the spot because she liked her. Her ten year relationship with Rosario outlasted her marriage with Stanley.

WALKER, Tyberius "TY"
(Homeboys in Space)
c/o The Space Hoopty
Somewhere in Space
Tyberius is a black freelance space mercenary. His fun-loving partner is Morris "Mo" Clay. Together they travel the corridors of 23rd century space in their beat-up spacecraft ["The Space Hoopty"] looking for fame, fortune and work. Their sassy onboard computer, Loquatia offers them advice [whether wanted or not]. Ty and Mo headquartered at the Jupiter Too bar. Their colleagues included Vashti, Ty’s brother-in-law [who ran the Jupiter Too]; the arrogant android Android Lloyd Wellington III [who worked for Vashti]; and Amma, Ty & Mo’s chief competitor. She dressed in shiny, tight fitting body suits and got most of the good jobs leaving the worst assignments for TY and Mo [baby sitting aliens and boring cargo runs].

(Weird Science)
Anytown, USA
Gary is a high school student. He attends Farber High with his best bud Wyatt Donnelly. Gary is care-free, and fun-loving, while Wyatt is the studious type. They shared every thing together even a beautiful genie called Lisa. They conjured her up one stormy night when a bolt of lightning hit their home PC which contained a program to "design a perfect woman." Lisa helps Gary and Wyatt learn lessons on life and explore the sexual and emotional nature of being a teenager with side tricks though time, space and alternate universes. When faced with trouble Gary and Wyatt hugged each other and screamed like ninnies. The boy’s nemesis is Chett Donnelly, Wyatt’s psychotic, ultraconservative older brother. Gary’s family included his father, Al [a tow truck driver] and his mother, Emily. Gary and Wyatt never missed an episode their favorite TV series "Sci-Fi Zone." After school, they hang out at the Java Man coffee house. See also - LISA (the computer genie)

(Maybe This Time)
( 555-0121
3rd & Lancaster
Julia is a divorced mother with an 11-year-old daughter, Ashley.

c/o The Squat
No. 47 Albert Square
Lenny works at the Cobra Club. He lives with Huw Edwards, Robbie, Jackson and Wellard-Robbie's dog.

(The Andy Griffith Show)
Mayberry, NC
Gomer Pyle and his cousin, Goober are the station‘s auto mechanics. Gasoline costs 30 cents "per ding."

WALSH, Brandon & sister, Brenda
(Beverly Hills 90210)
933 Hillcrest Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Brandon & Brenda attend Beverly Hills High School. They are fraternal twins. They moved from 1408 Walnut Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota 55348. to begin a new life in Southern California with their parents Jim Walsh, an accountant and Cindy, a homemaker. Brandon and Brenda’s friends include Kelly Taylor, Donna Martin, David Silver, Andrea Zuckerman, Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay. Note: A real house at 1675 East Altadena Drive (off Lake Avenue) in Altadena 91001 (four miles northeast of Pasadena, California) served as the fictional Walsh residence. The Spanish revival home with wide archways and terra cotta tiled roof was owned by Jack Stanton, a 51-year-old building inspector and divorced father of two.

(Room 222)
c/o Seymour Kaufman, Principal
Southern California
Faculty on duty are history teacher Pete Dixon [Room 222], student teacher Alice Johnson, and school counselor Liz McIntyre [later promoted to English teacher]. The series was partially filmed at the real Los Angeles High School.

WALTON, John & wife, Olivia
(The Waltons)
c/o Walton's Mountain
Blue Ridge Mountains
Jefferson County, VA
John is a sawmill operator. The Walton's share a two-story home with their seven children John-Boy, Mary Ellen, Jim-Bob, Elizabeth, Jason, Erin, and Ben and with John's father Grandpa Zeb and his wife, Grandma Esther. John Boy was the oldest of seven children living on Walton's Mountain. Alone in his room John Boy recorded his private thoughts and stories of his family, friends and his life on Walton's Mountain. With dreams of someday becoming a writer, Note: The series was based on the movie Spencer's Mountain (1963) written by Earl Hamner Jr. who based the story on his own youthful Depression days in rural Virginia. Earl Hamner, Jr. also narrated the series as the voice of John Boy. The house seen on the series is a recreation of the boyhood home of Earl Hamner located on Route 617 in the town of Schuyler, Virginia. In 1992, a museum dedicated to the memory of the series opened across the road from Hamner's childhood home.

WARD, Tamantha "Tammy"
(The Tammy Grimes Show)
( 476-7671
365 Central Park West
New York City, NY
Tammy works as a customer relation officer at Perpetual Savings Bank.

346 McCord Avenue
Buffalo, NY
Jesse is a 26-year-old divorced single mom. Her alma mater is Fledgemore High School. Jesse’s family included her ten-year-old son, "Little" John, her philandering ex-husband Roy; her father John Warner, Sr. who owns the German bar, Der Biergarten where Jesse works [dressed in bar wench costume - a dirndl]; her mother Susan [divorced from John, Sr.] and her brothers Darren [an aspiring actor] and John Junior [a gas station attendant who made a promise not to talk for a year]. Jesse’s friends included bar waitresses Linda [who later lives next-door with Diego and becomes a bartender then a security officer at Buffalo Airport] and Carrie [later a keeper at the Buffalo Zoological Society]. Jesse’s next door-neighbor and romantic interest [at #348] is a Chilean artist and college art teacher named Diego Basquez. Jesse later goes back to school and trains to be a nurse while working at the Student Health Center clinic. She drove to work in an orange Volkswagen bug [license: AQN-249].

WARNER, Greg & wife, Kim
(Yes, Dear)
Los Angeles, CA
Greg is an accountant. Kim is a homemaker. They have a one-year-old son named Sammy. Their friends included Kim's older sister, Christine and her husband Jimmy Hughes. They have two children. Although the Warner's and the Hughes are parents, their parental skills are quite the opposite of each other. Kim enjoys being a Martha Stewart-like homemaker, and loves baking cookies for the kids. Christine, on the other hand, slaps a piece of bologna on some bread and thinks that a meal fit for a king. And while Greg loves spending quality time with his children, Jimmy thinks shooting craps at a gambling casino is more exiting.

(The Drew Carey Show)
Cleveland, OH (Parma Area)
The Warsaw is the favorite hangout of friends Drew Carey, Kate O'Brien, Oswald Harvey and Lewis Kiniski. Drew and gang produce a special garage-based microbrewery beer ["Buzz Beer"] that they supply to the Warsaw. The Warsaw is 8 blocks from Drew's house. Lewis and Oswald later lived in the apartment above the bar. Tim is the bar’s bartender.

(McHale’s Navy)
Taratupa Island
South Pacific (c.1940s)
Washing Machine Charlie is the nickname of a Japanese fighter pilot whose Zero aircraft frequently strafed or bombed the WWII Naval installations on and near the South Pacific island of Taratupa. The crew of the PT boat 73 frequently tried to shoot Charlie down. Note: Historically, the Japanese Zero used by Washing Machine Charlie was based on Howard Hugh's H-1 airplane design refused by the US Army and later sold to the Japanese government in 1937. The same design was used to construct the aircraft which attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.

(Welcome Back, Kotter)
c/o James Buchanan High School
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Freddie "Boom-Boom" Washington is a hip black student and one of four delinquent teenagers who belonged to the Sweathogs, a gang of streetwise outcasts that roamed the halls of Buchanan High. Freddie takes history, social studies and homeroom classes with Mr. Gabe Kotter, a former Sweathog turned teacher. Freddie is a smooth operator. His catchphrases are an overly sincere "Hi, there." and "I don’t happen to have it HANDY." Freddie aspired to be a basketball player and thought studying wasn’t necessary. But after Mr. Kotter challenged him to a game and Freddie only won the game 21-16, he decided to complete school rather than rely soully on becoming a big basketball star. Freddie’s exploits included being a DJ at a local radio station; cheating on an English test; taking drugs; and being accused of stealing money from the Sweathogs.

(Highlander: The Series)
Lyon, France
The Watchers is a secret organization created 5000 year ago to observe, record but never interfere with the lives of a group of immortal beings who roamed the Earth unbeknownst to most humans. Those working for the Watchers group (based in Lyon, France) swore an oath that under no circumstance would they reveal their existence to the immortals. Joe Dawson, the owner of bookstore and small blues bar was one of the many section heads of this organization. He chose to disregard the code of non-fraternization and become friends with Duncan MacLeod, an immortal born in the Highlands of Scotland in the year 1592. Each Watcher wore a bluish tattoo on their forearm.

Apartment #42
East 23rd Street
Detroit, MI
Gina is a black marketing executive. She lives with her boyfriend Martin Payne, a radio talk show host at WZUP. Gina’s friends included Pam James, her secretary and confidante [whom Martin detests]; Tommy Strong, Pam’s tall, bald boyfriend and Martin’s best buddy; Martin’s pal Cole Brown, a janitor at an airplane hanger [he lives with his mother and has a girlfriend named Big Shirley]; and Sheneneh Jenkins, a goofy female who lived across the hall in apartment #41 [her catchphrase was "Oh no you didn‘t"]. Martin’s deeply religious mother, Emma who didn‘t like Gina but that didn‘t stop them from getting married in the spring of 1995. Gina’s parents lived in Philadelphia.

WATERS, Dr. Samantha, Ph.D.
c/o Violent Crimes Task Force
Atlanta, Georgia
Sam is a VCTF FBI profiler. Her home is under constant surveillance to protect herself and her daughter Chloe from a stalker serial killer, [a.k.a. "Jack"] who killed Sam's husband.

(Herman's Head)
c/o Paul Bracken, Editor
Research Department
26th Floor
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
His support staff includes his secretary Louise Fitzer; and fact checkers, Herman Brooks, and Heddy Thompson.

WATSON, Dr. John H.
(Sherlock Holmes)
221-B Baker Street
London, England
John is a retired physician. He shares an apartment with the brilliant criminologist and sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

WAVERLY, Alexander Mr.
(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
East 46th Street
[between 2nd and 3rd Avenues]
New York City, NY
Mr. Waverly [a.k.a. No. 1] is the head of U.N.C.L.E., the United Network for Law and Enforcement. Lisa Rogers is his secretary. His chief operatives are Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin. Alexander is married to Mrs. Waverly [née Hemingway]. They have a daughter and grandchildren. Waverly’s other relatives included Professor Hemingway, Waverly’s brother-in-law; Maude, a niece; and Lester Baldwin, a look-alike cousin who has a daughter named Alice. Mr. Waverly smokes a special blend of tobacco called Isle of Dogs No. 22. When Waverly retired he was replaced by Sir John Raleigh [as revealed on the 1983 TV movie reunion The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair.

(Rock Candy)
6753 Oakwood Drive
Sherman Oaks, CA
Walter is a retired bandleader. He lives with his two beautiful daughters, Sherrie and Nicki, who sing as "Rock Candy."

WAYNE, Bruce
c/o Wayne Manor
Gotham City, USA
Bruce [a.k.a. "Batman"] is a millionaire industrialist. He shares the stately Wayne Manor with his Aunt Harriet Cooper, his ward, Dick Grayson [a.k.a. "Robin, the Boy Wonder"] and manservant Alfred Pennyworth. The Batcave is located in the subterranean chambers beneath the manor. When trouble arose in Gotham City police Commissioner Gordon and police Chief O'Hara raced to a special red phone kept under a glass dome and called Batman. I don't know who he is behind that mask of his" remarked Gordon "but I know we need him and we need him now!" Meanwhile at stately Wayne Manor, the beeping Batphone [blinking red] was answered by Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne's loyal Butler who related their plight to his millionaire playboy/crime fighter employer. With message received Batman and his youthful ward Dick Grayson, a.k.a. "Robin" donned their superhero costumes and sped from the Batcave in the Batmobile to battle crime.

WAYNE, Charlie & wife, Madeline
(Oh Madeline)
217 Faircourt Avenue
Chicago, IL (Eastfield Section)
Charlie is a writer. Madeline is a bored homemaker who seeks out trendy activities to liven up her dull marriage. Charlie earned his living producing steamy romance novels. To hide the fact he was a man, he wrote under the pen name of Crystal Love. He authored such titles as Love's Burning Blazing Tender Purple Passion, and Love in the End Zone. Their friends included Annie McIntyre, Charlie’s amorous editor; Robert Leone, Charlie’s travel agent best friend; and Doris Leone, Madeline’s best friend, and Robert’s ex-wife. Note: The series is based on the British sitcom Pig in the Middle.

(The Bonnie Hunt Show)
Chicago IL
Station newsroom employees include reporter Bonnie Kelly, news director William Kirkland, his assistant Diane Fulton, assignment editor Joe Briggs, cameraman Tom Vandoozer, news editor Andrew Higgins, station make-up artist Holly Jankovsky, and food cart vendor Sammy Sinatra.

(Mr. Belvedere)
( 555-2222
c/o George Owens
"Sports Page [later "Sports Rap"]
Pittsburgh, PA
George is the station's sportscaster. He later becomes the sports anchor at WBN-TV Channel 8‘s "Metro News"
and writer of the "Sports Beat" column for the Bulletin.

(Rhythm and Blues)
c/o Veronica Washington,
Station Owner
Detroit, MI
Station staff are Bobby Soul [The only white deejay at an all-black station]; a deejay called "The Love Man"; program director Collett Hawkins; and sales manager Don Philips. WTRX is the station's main competitor



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