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(The Young Rebels)
Chester, PA (1777)
The Yankee Doodle Society is a group of patriotic freedom fighters based in the town of Chester, Pennsylvania in the year 1777. This fictional group of young rebels harassed and spied on the British occupational forces stationed in the Colonies during the American Revolution. The Yankee Doodle Society consisted of Jeremy Larkin, a pony-tailed politician's son; Isak Poole, an ex-slave; Henry Abington, a youthful Ben Franklin lookalike; and Elizabeth Coates, Jeremy's girlfriend. Assisting the group was a 20-year-old Frenchman, General the Marquis de Lafayette.

YAR, Tasha
(Star Trek: The Next Generation)
c/o The USS Enterprise-D
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
Natasha "Tasha" Yar is the security chief stationed aboard the starship Enterprise-D in the 24th century. Tasha’s character is reserved, quite athletic, and an expert in self-defense [Aikido]. Ukrainian in descent, Tasha was born on Planet Turkana IV on a failed Federation colony. After her parents were killed (she was five) Tasha cared for her younger sister, Ishara. At the age of 15, Tasha escaped the rape-gangs on Turkana IV and eventually joined Starfleet. Captain Jean Luc Picard personally chose Tasha to be his security chief after seeing Tasha in action as she rescued a wounded colonist from a minefield. Tasha died in 2364 during a mission on planet Vagra II. Tasha’s sister, Ishara [born 2342] surfaced when the Enterprise-D visited planet Turkana IV in the year 2367. Ishara was a loyal member of one of the planet’s rebel factions known as the Coalition. Tasha Yar’s character was resurrected in an alternate time line where Tasha did not die on planet Vagra II but rather was taken prisoner by a Romulans and gave birth to a daughter named Sela [born in 2345] who was fathered by a Romulan general. The grown Sela [a dead ringer for her mother, Tasha] was a Romulan operative.

Independence, CO (1870s)
Sara is a strong-willed school teacher from the East, who settled in the 1870s town of Independence, Colorado and began teaching students in a one-room school house.

(Mysteries of Chinatown)
c/o Yat Fu & niece Ah Toy
1302 Golden Avenue
San Francisco, CA (Chinatown)
Yat Fu is an amateur sleuth.

YBARRA, Madame
(Cafe Americain)
Paris, France
Madame Ybarra is the deposed former first lady from an unnamed Asian country [ousted by the Vintulo government]. She now frequents the Cafe Americain, a local restaurant in Paris where a multitude of ex-patriots and foreigners mingled. Before being deposed, she misappropriated U.S. financial aid to her country to buy clothes instead of using the money for a malaria prevention program [draining the swamps]. To earn money in Paris, Madame Ybarra authored an advice column for The Weekly Globe.



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