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(The Famous Teddy Z)
Hollywood, CA
Teddy Zakalokis is 23-year-old talent agent of Greek descent working for Unlimited Talent Agency in Hollywood. His family includes Deena, his Greek grandmother; and his brother, Aristotle.

ZANE, Officer J. Z.
(Dog and Cat)
2317 Englewood Road
Los Angeles, CA
J.Z. [a.k.a. "Farm Girl"] is a cop at the 42nd Division.

ZBORNAK, Dorothy
(The Golden Girls / The Golden Palace)
6151 Richmond Street
Miami Beach, FL
Dorothy [née Petrillo] is a divorced senior citizen. Born in Brooklyn, she is out-spoken, Catholic, likes the Beatles and the Jeopardy TV show. Dorothy works as a substitute public school English teacher where the kids call her "Atila the Sub." Her ex-husband, Stan Zbornak, dumped Dorothy after 38 years for a young bimbo but he later regretted his action and wanted Dorothy back. Dorothy shares living quarters in the home of widow Blanche Devereaux along with widow, Rose Nylund. Dorothy‘s feisty, but petite Sicilian mother, Sophia Petrillo lived at the Shady Pines Retirement Home but later moved in with Dorothy when the facility burned down. On May 9, 1992, Dorothy married Lucas Hollingworth [Blanche’s uncle] and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after Blanche sold her home and pooled her money with Sophia and Rose to purchase The Golden Palace, a small Art Deco hotel in the trendy section of Miami Beach.



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