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Angel Interceptors - Jet fighters featured on the puppet adventure CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS/SYN/1967.

Angel Interceptors - Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

The Angel Interceptors belonged to Spectrum, a global defense organization protecting Earth from the Mysterons-alien invaders from the planet Mars.

Manned (or should I say personed) by an all-female crew, the Angel Interceptors were stationed on a floating platform called "Cloudbase" which hovered high above the Earth's surface.

The Interceptors had a cockpit (with room for one pilot), a wing span of 35 feet, cruised at a top speed of 3000 M.P.H. and housed an arsenal of air-to-air missiles.

Its multinational female pilots were referred to as Angels:

  • Destiny Angel (born in Paris, France)
  • Symphony Angel (born in Cedar Rapid, Iowa)
  • Melody Angel (born in Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Rhapsody Angel (born in Chelsea, England)
  • Harmony Angel (born in Tokyo, Japan)

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