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 Alcoholics & Boozers At a Glance

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Character / Actor Occupation Program
Reginald Van Gleason III (Jackie Gleason) Wealthy Park Avenue Socialite. Reggie loves his Martini's and often goes through elaborate mixture rituals to create the perfect cocktail. When he tastes the final product he gives out his trademark cry "Ooohh!, that's good booze!" The Jackie Gleason Show
Lt. Colonel Sarah
"Mac" MacKenzie
(Catherine Bell)
Marine lawyer serving in the Judge Advocate General's corps. Once during a trial, her alcoholic history was mentioned by an opposing attorney to taint her credibility. To which she cried "How dare you!"
Mac became an alcoholic in her teens. Her mother abandoned her to an abusive, alcoholic father, Joseph MacKenzie on the night of Mac's 15th birthday. On the night of her Senior Prom, Mac was riding in a car with her good friend, Eddie. Both drunk, they had a car accident, which killed Eddie. Luckily, Mac's Uncle Matt came to the rescue, took care of her at the hospital and then moved her to Red Rock Mesa, Arizona where she dried out. She has been sober ever since.
John Hemingway
(John Larroquette)
Bus Terminal Night Manager The John Larroquette Show
Gary Ewing
(Ted Shackelford)
Gary worked as used-car salesman at Knot's Landing Motors. He was a reformed alcoholic who originally deserted his wife Valene Ewing, but then remarried her and moved to Southern California to escape the stress of the wealthy and treacherous Ewing clan in Dallas. A member of Alcoholics Anonymous, Gary later sponsored Earl Trent as a new member  and then had an affair with his wife, Judy. Knot's Landing
Lennie Briscoe
(Jerry Orbach)
NYPD Police Detective a recovered alcoholic and eternal cynic Law & Order
Ernest Pratt
(Richard Dean Anderson)
Alcoholic, frontier gambler, womanizer and dime-store novelist who lives in the old west town of Sheridan. The people of Sheridan mistakenly believe that Pratt is the hero of his novels, namely Nicodemus Legend. Legend
Beatrice O'Reilly
(Carol Burnett)
Shy, insecure married woman who drinks heavily. Eventually she attends AA, cleans up her act and opens a halfway house for other female alcoholics.  The Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice (1982 TV -Movie)
Mr. Isaiah Edwards
(Victor French)
Lumber mill worker in Walnut Grave, Minnesota. Edward's problem with drinking cost him his marriage. He left Walnut Grove but returned in the spring as a recovering alcoholic. The Little House on the Prairie
Captain Jim Kennedy III
(Robert Urich)
Divorced, alcoholic Captain of the cruise ship Sun Princess The Love Boat: The Next Wave
Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce
 - a.k.a. "Hawkeye"
(Alan Alda)
Army doctor serving at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Headquarters during the Korean War. Hawkeye and his buddy Trapper John (later B. J. Hunnicut imbibed a lot of booze (made from a still they kept in their tent). Hawkeye and his pals drank to forget the trauma and pain of the war. M*A*S*H
Mrs. Nell Naugatuck
(Hermione Baddeley)
Hard-drinking English maid (Maude's second) who worked for Maude Findlay, a liberated housewife living in Tuckahoe, New York. Maude
Murphy Brown
(Candice Bergen)
Murphy Brown is an outspoken investigative journalist and news anchor for a TV show called FYI. She is also a recovering alcoholic who has stayed at the famed Betty Ford Clinic. Murphy Brown
Daedalus Patrick "Paddy" Murphy
(George Segal)
Recovering alcoholic insurance investigator who lives with a extremely beautiful and much younger Asian model. Murphy's Law
Andy Sipowicz
(Dennis Franz)
Veteran NYPD Police Detective. Andy is like Job in the Bible with many tribulations falling into his life. His son was killed in a robbery; his second wife, Sylvia was shot and killed in a court house; his partner died of a heart condition and his day-to-day life as a cop is filled with frustrations, disappointment and lots of street scum. But through it all Andy resists drinking. Of course, at times he is tempted to drink and a few times he has fallen off the wagon, but ultimately, Andy remains sober for the sake of his new son, Theo and because Andy is a survivor. NYPD Blue
Mikey Mentioned only. Rick's older brother. Recovering alcoholic. Lives in Kansas. Married to Leslie. Has a son. Once and Again
Bailey Salinger
(Scott Wolf)
Bailey is an alcoholic. He is one of five orphaned siblings (the middle brother) struggling to keep their close-knit family intact after the death of their parents. He later gets a job in a bar, but is that a good idea for a recovering alcoholic? Party of Five
Chris is a gay and a recovering alcoholic, He attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly and has been sober for many months.
Real World Chicago
Reba Hart
(Reba McEntire) & Cheyenne Hart
(Joanna Garcia)
Teenager Cheyenne Hart realizes that she is an alcoholic and joins AA. Soon after, she reveals to her mother, Reba that it is very hard to go through the day without some alcohol. Reba then confesses that she, too, is an alcoholic and they tackle the problem together.

Cheyenne: "Mom, Dad... I have great news... I'm an alcoholic!"
[everyone stares]
Van: "I'm having a beer."

-- episode " name is Cheyenne!"

Willy Lump Lump
(Red Skelton)

Drunken husband character. To scare Willy into stopping drinking, his wife once attached all the furniture to the ceiling of their apartment. When he came home, he had a hell of a time adjusting to the room. Note: Remember Red's classic commercial skit for "Guzzler's Gin" where he progressively got smashed while drinking the sponsor's product during a series of commercials. Lucille Ball did a variation of this Gin commercial when she demonstrated a vitamin product called "Vitameatavegemin" with a high alcohol content on the sitcom I LOVE LUCY/CBS/1951-61 The Red Skelton Show
Micah Torrence
(Paul Fix)
Alcoholic Marshal from the town of North Fork, New Mexico. On occasion, Micah has bad bout with the booze, and local rancher Lucas McCain takes over law enforcement duties. The Rifleman
Billie Frank
(Sherilyn Fenn)
Out-of-work alcoholic soap opera actress. With the support of Alcoholics Anonymous, Billie tries to manage her temper and her addictions. Rude Awakening
Sarah Travis
(Linda Blair)
Sarah Travis, an alcoholic teenager struggling with her feelings of insecurity and problems of adolescence. Sarah  T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic
(1975 TV-Movie))
Stuart Smalley
(Al Franken)
Stuart is twenty five pounds overweight, poor, and a child of an alcoholic father. He has a TV show where he councils people with positive affirmations. Stuart family has the "alcoholic gene" and he is afraid to drink. His father is always going on drinking binges. A sample of Stuart's positivity ("I'm fun to be with. Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me.) Stuart once said "You know, it is a lot like alcoholism. I loved my parents, before Dad became an alcoholic. He insulted me, calling me "Waste of Space," and, "Sir Eat a Lot." I found out that I had to learn to swim or sink under the weight of his constant put downs." Saturday Night Live
Audie (Margaret Colin) Real Estate Agent (in a collapsing market) Sibs
Barney Gumble
(Voice of Dan Castellanta)
Alcoholic, belching loser who hangs out at Moe's tavern in the town of Springfield. Frankly most of the guys who hang there, including Homer Simpson, are a bunch of booze hounds. Their beer of choice: Duff's Beer. Barney once drank beer that spilled into a butt-laden ash tray. The Simpsons
Kenny McCormick's Dad (Voice of Trey Parker) Poor, alcoholic father of Kenny McCormick. Kenny always got killed at the end of each episode ("Oh My God, they killed Kenny!") South Park
Marsha Klein
(Julia Deakin)
Alcoholic, chain-smoking, landlady. Spaced
Audrey Radford
(Harriet Sansom Harris).
Materialistic, alcoholic unfeeling, harsh-tongued boss of publicist Henry McNeely.
Stark Raving Mad
Maddy Piper
(Andrea Bendewald)
Recovering alcoholic who works as an investigative reporter at The Gate, a trendy San Francisco-based magazine. Maddy was Susan Keane's rival in high school. Suddenly Susan
Ed McMahon
Late night talk show sidekick for THE TONIGHT SHOW.  Ed was often teased for having booze in his cup by host Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon was a spokesperson for Budweiser beer and earned the nickname Mr. Budweiser. The Tonight Show with
Johnny Carson
Ruby Romaine
(Tracy Ullman)
An aging alcoholic Hollywood make-up artist. Ruby is one of Tracy Ullman's many off beat characters. Tracey Takes On
Leo McGarry
(John Spencer)
Chief of Staff in the White House under the President Bartlet's administration. Leo is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser with a failing and ultimately broken marriage. Dies of heart attack in April, 2006 while on campaign trail as vice-presidential running mate for Congressman Matthew Santos. West Wing
Karen Walker
(Megan Mullally)
Rich socialite who frequently has an alcoholic drink in her hand. If ever there was a candidate for AA, Karen fits the bill. Will & Grace
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