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Maya of PsychonMaya - Inhabitant of the planet "Psychon" who joined forces with starlost members of Moon Base Alpha on the sci-fi series SPACE:1999/SYN/1975-77. When the Moon was blown out of Earth's orbit by a nuclear detonation, the members of a research colony stationed on the lunar surface were thrust into space on a uncontrollable trajectory. While passing by the planet Psychon, its evil-minded leader known as Mentor decided to capture the inhabitants of this runaway moon and drain their minds. However, his daughter Princess Maya (Catherine Schell) intervened in this diabolical plot and escaped into space with the earthlings. Grateful for her assistance, Commander Koenig (Martin Landau) made her a crew member.

Maya possessed the power of molecular transformation. Being a "Metamorph" she could change herself (for short periods of time) into any form on which she concentrated. The image of whatever she was turning into could be seen in her eye's iris immediately before the transformation took place. Maya debuted during a 1976-77 episode entitled "The Metamorph."

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