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Shapeshifting Aliens

SulibanSuliban - Deadly shape-shifting aliens on the sci-fi adventure ENTERPRISE/UPN/2001-2005. The Suliban are recurring villains who debuted on the two-hour pilot episode "Broken Bow" that aired September 26, 2001. They are a primitive humanoid species from Sector 3641, but some of their species are obsessed with genetic enhancement and follow orders from a yet unknown leader situated somewhere in the near future.

The Suliban's initial incursion was to incite a civil war on the Klingon home world. They tried to kill Klaang, a Klingon warrior who carried genetically encoded information that proved Suliban guilt in the matter but Starfleet Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) thwarted their plans.

The Suliban's "skeletal restructuring ability" enables them to turn their arms, legs and wrists 360 degrees and squeeze through cracks in the wall or slide under doors. Their skin has a pimply texture yet exhibit chameleon-like qualities. Hence, the Suliban can think their clothing into being and change themselves into other forms. Essentially, the Suliban can re-arrange their DNA to do anything.

The anatomy of the rouge Suliban has been drastically altered: five bronchial lobes instead of three, alveoli clusters modified to process different kinds of atmospheres, subcutaneous pigment sacs, a bio-mimetic garment, and compound retinas.

Not all the Suliban are enemies, however. A Suliban female named Sarin exposed a militant group of Suliban called the "Kabal" lead by Silik who take their orders from the future. They have received genetic engineering in exchange for their participation in a temporal cold war. Sadly, Sarin was killed while helping Archer and company escape.

On episode "Cold Front," a Suliban named Silik (who first appeared on episode "Broken Bow") helped save the Enterprise from destruction from a fanatical time traveler whose hidden agenda was to alter the course of history. But can Silik really be trusted? Luckily, the Suliban bio-signs can be detected on little hand-held devices operated by Starfleet personnel. And the Suliban can be constrained by force fields.

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