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 Allergies at a Glance

A - K / L - Z

Microwaves 'Howling Mad' Murdock - "I'm allergic to microwaves. They release space  hamsters into my
Soybeans John Cage  Ally McBeal
Horsehair    Deputy Barney Fife    Andy Griffith Show
Penicillin Howard Sprague Andy Griffith Show


Dr. John Becker Becker
Aspirin & Cats Linda, Becker's Assistant Becker


Tara Maclay     Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Flea Powder (Tiger's) Jan Brady Brady Bunch
Dogs Diane Chambers Cheers
Black Cardamom Spice Woody Boyd Cheers
Chocolate Lily Lebowski Crossing Jordon
Chocolate  Dr. Mahesh "Bug" Crossing Jordon
Peanuts Deputy/Chief Medical Examiner Garret Macy Crossing Jordon
Chocolate  Cybill Sheridan  Cybill
Peanuts   Kenny Beckett   Dave's World
Milk (makes him constipated) John "Johnny" Smith Dead Zone
Eggs Carlos Solis Desperate Housewives

Chickens Feathers & Cats

Rob Petrie The Dick Van Dyke Show  

Strawberries & Fish

Lewis Kiniski             The Drew Carey Show
Shirley Candy Lollipops Ed
Beverly Ann Stickle Cats Facts of Life
Oranges Timmy Fairly OddParents

Garlic & Sunlight 

Nick Knight - On Nick's condition, Javier Vachon said "Look, I can't take this one to the hospital. In the ER, what am I'm gonna tell them? He's allergic to penicillin, garlic, sunlight, crosses, and food. He's about four hundred and fifty and he can fly. Forever Knight
Carob, Cumin, Nutmeg, Scallops, Wheat Germ, among other substances. Niles Crane "[Frasier Crane recalled as a child that Niles "tried wearing an allergy tag but his head was too weak to support it." Frasier
Peanuts  Bill Haverchuck    Freaks and Geeks
Kiwi/Lobster/Peanuts   Ross Geller  Friends  
Walnuts Dean Forester Gilmore Girls
Goat Cheese Gayle Roberts   Good Sports


Arnold Ziffel       Green Acres

"Smelling hay"

Lisa Douglas             Green Acres


Marion Cunningham   Happy Days
Lobster   Jill Taylor   Home Improvement  
Pickles   Alice Kramden     Honeymooners


Ed Norton Honeymooners

Peanut Dip (her lips swell) 

Nina Van Horn  Just Shoot Me  
Everything Spence Olchin  ("He's one sesame  seed away from living in a bubble.") King of Queens
Dogs Bobby Hill (Needs to take allergy pills so his dog Lady Bird can stay in the house) King of the Hill

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