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A Note to Actress Shelley Long: (Jerome A. Holst © 2005)

Shelley LongOne of my favorite actresses in the TV universe is Shelley Long who played barmaid Diane Chambers on the NBC sitcom CHEERS. The romantic chemistry between Long and her costar on the series, Ted Danson is legendary to TV aficionados. After leaving CHEERS, Shelley Long continued her comic timing as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) and, as of late, in the comedy TV movie Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door (2005). However, as talented as Long is in the comedy genre, there is something that I'd love Shelley Long to do. Namely, switch gears from comedy for a while and give herself over to a meaty dramatic role.

Well, the other day it occurred to me that I could use my website as a forum to profess such an idea to Ms. Long. So what's my idea?

My idea is for Shelley Long to star in a movie about Betty Davisthe life of Bette Davis. I thought that maybe if I planted the seed of such a notion on the Internet, that it might trickle down to Hollywood producers and possibly to Shelley Long, herself. Now, some might think I'm crazy, but I see Bette Davis every time I see Shelley Long and it's time they teamed up and did a film together. Let's face it, Shelley Long possesses both the "Bette Davis eyes" as proclaimed in the Kim Carnes 1980s song, as well as the intelligence, wit and mannerisms that are plainly seen in Bette Davis.

A potential idea for a film script would have Shelley Long as Bette Davis in her later years. In a scenario out of Sunset Boulevard (1950), an aspiring female reporter visits a reluctant Davis at her home and over time learns the real story behind this enchanting and strong-willed women. Of course, unlike Gloria Swanson, Ms. Davis won't be bonkers, just sassy and opinionated.

First and foremost, I just want to see Shelley Long do the part. The vehicle would showcase her dramatic acting ability, as well as create an long-overdue homage to actress Bette Davis. Did I hear someone say "Movie of the Week?"

Nowadays, Bette Davis may not be the first name on the lips of moviegoers who frequent films with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Lindsay Lohan, but the Davis name is a legendary one and needs to be praised. It's time that Bette Davis expanded her presence beyond the Turner Classic Movie channel.

So, there you have it. Anyone listening? If you know Shelley Long, let her know that she is needed for a great project - a project that would acquaint a new generation of filmgoers to the magic that Davis generated on the screen. And, if you're a fan of Bette Davis, then you might want to start spreading the news that a film about her life is overdue.

I won't be presumptuous to think that I have the right script for Shelley Long - for there are many more talented writers out there than I. What I want to do is stimulate interest in the idea, so that some inventive writer might be inspired to tackle such a project.

So, scriptwriters, start your computer engines. Let those keyboards begin to create that Shelley Long/Bette Davis spectacular which I know the world would appreciate.

I can only hope my words are heeded. Shelley, can you hear me?


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