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A Trek for the Troops: A report on my trip to Riverside Iowa's TREK FEST XXII (Jerome A. Holst © 2006)

"The Trek Fest Parade"

Start of Trek Fest Parade
The parade color guard stands to attention as the "National Anthem" blares from a nearby loudspeaker. Rifle shots then alert the crowd that the parade has begun.

Riverside, Iowa High School Band
High School band dressed in bright green entertains the crowd. The logo on their shirts read "Spock Is My Homeboy."

T-ballers in Trek Fest Parade
Local T-Ballers wave as their float passes by

Convey of Fire Trucks in Trek Fest Parade
A convoy of Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles line the parade

Trekkies distribute candy in Trek Fest Parade
Members of the Riverside Star Trek Fan Club distribute candy to the kids who line the parade route.

Riverside Star Trek Fan CLub Float in Trek Fest Parade
More Trekkie Fun

Hill, Iowa Fire Truck in Trek Fest Parade
Fire Truck from the town of Hills, Iowa joins in the fun

Trekkies March with USS Riverside
Local Trekkies escort The USS Riverside

Riverside, Iowa Shuttle
The town's new shuttle craft makes its maiden voyage.

Shriner on Bicycle
Could this be the Grand Nagus of Ferenginar?

Wild Bikini Float in Parade
The Gals on the "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini" float

Parade Crowd at Trek Fest
Town folk and visitors watch the parade pass by

Joe Controls Parade Traffic
Joe controls the traffic flow

Cute Kids Watch Trek Fest Parade
A couple of cute kids watch the parade


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