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A Trek for the Troops: A report on my trip to Riverside Iowa's TREK FEST XXII (Jerome A. Holst © 2006)

"The Way Home"

As we bid farewell to Riverside, Joe and I headed towards Muscatine, Iowa to cross back over the Mississippi and begin our trek home to Ohio. But first, Joe spotted a Taco Bell and we stopped for a food break before continuing on.

Joe Eats at Taco Bell

Joe Drinks at Taco Bell

Chowing down on our Crunch Wrap Supremes, we noticed a local car show across the highway in one of the strip malls near Route 22. Anxious to see the car show, Joe and I quickly finished our food and scooted cross the highway. Sponsored by The Rotary Club, the event afforded visitors the chance to vote on the best cars by dropping a donation into a can in front of each vehicle. The car that collected the most money was the winner.

Red 1957 Chevrolet at Muscatine, Iowa Car Show

Vintage Ford

One Ford vehicle was owned by Bill Schafennaker. At the age of 80, his children purchased the vintage Ford to give him something to do in his old age. At 92, he is going strong and still taking care of the car which was originally found quietly rusting away in a barn in Eldon, Iowa.

Schafennaker's at Car Show
Joe takes some shade with the Shafennakers

Joe Checks out Triumph Engine
Joe checks the engine of classic Triumph sports car

1954 Corvette
Classic 1954 Corvette Convertible

Hot Rod
A way cool hot rod...VA ROOOM!

Joe Rides a Hot Rod
Joe grabs a ride home

The car show was great, but we had to hit the road. It would take Joe and I two days to get back to Ohio, so we began our return trip in earnest at about 12:00 noon.

On Saturday night we arrived in Huntington, Indiana, but could find no lodging any where in town. All the rooms were booked for merrymakers who had come to the annual summer festival.  Navigating past a downtown festival filled with throngs of folks having a good time, and a fire engine rushing to an emergency scene, we were lucky enough to find lodging about ten miles down the road.

The next morning Joe and I had breakfast at McDonalds and later that day at about 5:00pm, we arrived safe and sound at my home in  Rootstown, Ohio (not far from Akron).

So, the Trek was over. We had gone where a lot of people had gone before. But it was a first for me and I loved every minute of   "A Trek for the Troops".

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