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Beginning & Ending Narrations (Voice-overs)


[Narrator] "These are stories of people who have been helped by the many great organizations which are dedicated to bringing truth to those who are fed lies; light to those who live in darkness; protection to those who live in fear."

[Voice of Fisher Stevens] "What if you knew beyond a doubt what was going to happen tomorrow. What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news, today." [a mystical early edition of the Chicago Sun-Times]

[Narrator] "Presenting an unusual story of love and mystery on FRONT PAGE DETECTIVE starring Edmund Lowe as the famed newspaper columnist and amateur detective, David Chase. And now for another thrilling adventure as we accompany David Chase and watch him match wits with those who would take the law in their own hands."

[Voice of Gig Young] "When I walk through the streets of Gibbsville, I see a small but growing town, a busy town with its roots deep in the coal-mined earth. But behind the closed doors and drawn curtains are the secret lives of the wealthy and the poor, filled with ambition and need, love and hate, sorrow and private wars, and the dreams that make men go on. Behind the closed doors of Gibbsville lies the truth about this town, about any town. The real stories waiting to be told"

[Voice of Mercedes McCambridge] "Nothing travels faster than news. An electronic impulse splinters distance at one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second. From Tokyo, from London, from Rio, from New York, an age of speed and curiosity. The news probes and the probe is truth. I'm Catherine Wells, wire service reporter, Trans Globe News." [The series also featured Dane Clark as Dan Miller, and George Brent as Dean Evans on a rotating basis]


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