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Beginning & Ending Narrations (Voice-overs)


[Voice of Sam Jaffe as Doctor David Zorba] "Man, woman, birth, death, infinity." [corresponding pictographs drawn on a blackboard].

[Announcer] "THE BOLD ONES! E.G. Marshall, John Saxon, and David Hartman...doctors expanding the horizons of medicine...THE BOLD ONES!"

[Voice of Richard Boone] "My name is Konrad Styner. I'm a doctor of medicine. Guardian of birth, healer of the sick, comforter of the aged. To the profession of medicine, to the men and women who labor in its cause, this story is dedicated."


[Sounds of a beating heart followed by a variety of voices]

PBX Operator: Medical Center. I'll ring.
Female: Computer medicine.
Male: Blood pressure dropping 100 over 60
 PBX  Operator: Dr. Lochner report to cardio-pulmonary, Inhalation therapist to Emergency Room.
Male: Increase the Hydra cortasone.
 Female: Red Blanket
Male: It's a massive pulmonary embolism.
PBX Operator: Operator...Medical Center.
Female: Carbon tetrachloride poisoning.
 Male: Start cardiac massage.
 Male: Aortic stenosis with probable insufficiency.
Female: Stat call!
 PBX Operator: Dr. Joseph Gannon. 

QUINCY, M.E./NBC/1976-83

[A row of police cadets gather next to an autopsy table.  Jack Klugman as Dr. R. Quincy speaks]


Gentlemen you are about to enter the most fascinating field of medical science. The world of forensic medicine.

[Dr. Quincy then pulls back a sheet to expose a corpse, and one by one the police cadets faint or flee from the room] 

RESCUE 8/SYN/1958-60
[Narrator] "This program is dedicated to rescue teams throughout the US and to the men who risk their lives daily to save others. And now, the stories behind rescues."


[John Hoyt as a Doctor with Ben Gazzara as Paul Bryan
  Doctor: I'm deeply sorry, Mr. Bryan. 
Bryan: It's alright Doctor. I already knew.
Doctor: You have at least nine months left, perhaps as much as eighteen.
Bryan: The first doctor gave me from one to two years.    
Doctor: I hope he's right. What are you going to do?


Well, I have no family.  Haven't take a day off  since law school. Guess I'll try to squeeze  thirty years of living into one or two.


It isn't hopeless, Mr. Bryan. Research is being done and you'll be in good health until the last few weeks. So always let us know where you are. 

[Narrator] "Right at this moment, thousands of children are running from their homes, crying out for help, seeking escape from brutality, indifference. One man hears them well-Steve Arizzio-a former juvenile officer, now a clinical psychologist, has spent a life time answering such calls."


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