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Dotto Quiz Show'Skins' on MTV - In 2011, MTV broadcast SKINS, an American re-make of a hit show in Britain about a group of teenagers dealing with sex, drugs, and dysfunctional families. The Parents Television Council accused MTV's 'Skins' of featuring child pornography, called it "dangerous" and tabulated more than 40 instances of drug, sex and alcohol abuse in only the first episode.

According to critics, the show was “the most dangerous program that has ever been foisted on your children.” The series was faulted for glamorizing and trivializing casual sex among teenagers and raised the questions: "When does entertainment become child pornography?" The controversy prompted sponsors such as Taco Bell and Wrigley to pull their suport from the program.

Ironically, British audiences find the violence of shows such as CSI and LAW & ORDER far more objectionable than sex, even among teen actors playing high school students.

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