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Day of the Dead Ceremony - On the "Thanksgiving" episode of the rural drama NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-95, the Alaskan Eskimo Indians celebrate the annual holiday of Thanksgiving as "The Day of the Dead." Among the parades, costumes and other festivities, there was the custom of "throwing tomatoes at white people."

The vegetable vengeance portrayed was a comic jab at the cultural relationship between the Native Americans and their Johnny-come-lately European Newcomers.

On the "Day of the Dead" episode on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98, an alien race called the Brikiri celebrate their "Day of the Dead" once every 200 years, when a comet approaches the Brakiri home world. On this occasion, for one night only, the people can interact with those who've died.

On Earth, the Mexican culture celebrates a holiday of the same name on November 2 based on the Roman Catholic day of remembrance for the deceased, All Souls Day. Candy skulls are eaten during the celebrations. See also - CITIES & TOWNS - Cicely, Alaska (Spring Thaw Ritual) 

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