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"Demons" Initiation Ceremony - The 1950s Milwaukee-based sitcom HAPPY DAYS/ABC/1974-84 featured a local club of teenagers who called themselves the "Demons."

On episode No. 6 "The Deadly Dares" when Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) and his friend Potsie Weber (Anson Williams) notice how all the girls in town were attracted to guys wearing jackets from the "The Demons" club, they asked their friend Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) to help them get into the group.

As neophytes Richie and Potsie stand before the tribunal of hooded Demon Elders, they are told they can join but not before participating in the initiation known as the "Deadly Dares."

The Deadly Dares included pulling such pranks as:

  • Calling an unsuspecting person and asking them "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" and they telling them to "Let him out before he suffocates";
  • Doing a hit and run "Kiss" attack on Marcia, the waitress at the local burger drive-in joint;
  • Roller skating down the hallways of their high school in hooded mask and snatching off a teacher's toupee;
  • Singing the National Anthem in a crowded theater;
  • Tying the shoe laces of an unsuspecting police officer;
  • Going to the school dance dressed as a girl and getting a guy to dance with them.

After a week of making fools of themselves, Richie and Potsie are accepted into the Demon's. However, they decline membership when they realize that girl's who'd only date guy for his jacket aren't really worth dating, after all.

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