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Max CavanaughOutside of work, Jordan’s only family member was her father, Max Cavanaugh, a disgraced cop who now runs a local tavern. He was forced into early retirement by the police force for taking the law into his own hands. Jordon's mentally disturbed mother, Emily was killed mysteriously when Jordon was ten years old. Her death has haunted both Max and Jordon, who seek to find the real truth behind her murder.

Whenever Jordan needs help with a case, Max puts away the booze and delves into the murder investigation using a role playing game that he taught Jordon years earlier. It goes: "Who do you want to be: killer or victim?...You be the killer, and I'll be the victim and we'll figure out how this happened." The game was a bit eerie and borderline incestuous in its intimate mental nature, but it got results and helped filter out the clues to solve the crime.

Jordan's later discovered she had a troubled half-brother named James Horton who some how figured into the death of their mother. He was apparently given up for adoption soon after his birth. Years later, James kidnapped Max and held him hostage in an abandoned building that he claimed was his childhood home. He wanted to know why Max had abandoned him When the police broke in on him, James fell through a window into the Charles River. He is assumed dead. As Jordan furthered her attempts to solve her mother's death, Max seemed hesitant to offer help and often tried to thwart Jordan's attempt at solving the crime. Does Max know something he's not telling?

In 2002, Jordan disappeared for six weeks while pursuing a murderer named Herman Redding who held clues to her mother's gruesome murder. The police felt that Herman was guilty and framed him with bogus evidence to put him behind bars. Jordan uncovered the frame up and had the man released from jail on the condition that he reveal what he knew about her mother. Instead, he gave Jordon a map to a cabin that where the bones of murdered victims were found beneath the floor boards. In the end, Detective Woody Hoyt shot and killed Herman Redding to save Jordan's life.

Later, we learn that Jordon's half-brother, James was fathered by Max's former partner (now police chief) who probably took advantage of Emily, Max's mentally disturbed wife. Murder ensued, but the storyline is still murky. Did Max's ex-partner kill Emily to keep their affair a secret? Did Max kill a police officer or was the body dead before he shot his gun? Confused? Stay tuned.


[to Garret] "It's like you always tell me. The dead bodies are easy. It's the alive ones that get more complicated."

TRIVIA NOTE: CROSSING JORDAN was inspired by New York forensic pathologist Michael Baden, an expert witness in the Nicole Brown Simpson, 'Sunny' von Bulow and JonBenet Ramsey cases, who serves as a technical advisor for the series. In the Bible, the Israelites viewed the Jordan River as an obstacle between them and the Promised Land, where God had called them to live. The phrase "Crossing Jordan" relates to the biblical text "Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them . . ." Joshua 1:2.

Jill Hennessy - Born November 25, 1969 in Edmonton, Canada, Jill's ancestry is Irish, Italian, Swedish, French and Ukrainian. She graduated from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada's Grand River Collegiate (high school) and then honed her acting skills first in Toronto and then in New York City. Her most notable TV credit was her role as Assistant District Attorney Attorney, Claire Kincaid (later killed in a car accident) on LAW & ORDER (1993-1996). Jill also appeared on SEINFELD as George Costanza's girlfriend on episode: "The Doodle" (04/06/1995).

Her first feature film role was in David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers. Her other films include Nuremberg, Chutney Popcorn; Dead Broke; Komodo; Molly, A Smile Like Yours; Most Wanted; I Shot Andy Warhol; The Paper; Robocob 3; Love in the Time of Money, Exit Wounds, Autumn in New York and Pipe Dream and Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot (miniseries) as Jackie Kennedy.

Jill's honors and awards include a People's Choice Award nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series; Golden Satellite Award (Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television) from the International Press Academy for her work in the cable movie "Nuremberg". In 2002, Jill was voted one of the "Fun and Fearless Females" by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Jill has a twin sister, Jacqueline. Had a song named after her called "The Ballad of Jill Hennessy" by Mollycuddle. She performed the audio book "The Face Of Deception" by Iris Johansen. Her love of food inspired the opening of Hennessy's Tavern in Northvale, NJ in 1999.


Jill Hennessy as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh
Miguel Ferrer as Deputy/Chief Medical Examiner Garret Macy
Ken Howard as Detective Lieutenant Max Cavanaugh (ret.)
Ravi Kapoor as Dr. Mahesh 'Bug' Vijayaraghavensatyanaryanamurthy
Kathryn Hahn as Ms. Lily Lebowski
Steve Valentine as Dr. Nigel Townsend
Ivan Sergei as Dr. Peter Winslow
Lorraine Toussaint as Elaine Duchamps
Mahershala Karin-Ali
(Mahershalalhashbaz Ali)
as Dr. Trey Sanders
Jerry O'Connell as Det. Woody Hoyt
Alex McKenna as Abby Macy
Marlene Forte as Gloria
Mia Korf as Dr. Yakura
Shannon Marie Woodward as Lucy
Moné Walton as Mrs. Jenner

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