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Eventually, all of Steve’s sons married, as well. Mike who dated Jean Pearson in high school left for college and married Sally Ann Morrison in 1965 and then took a job as a psychology professor back East. Robbie married fellow college student Kate Miller, had three sons (triplets) - Charley, Steve and Robbie, Jr. and became an aviation engineer like his father. And Steve’s son, Chip later eloped at seventeen with his sweetheart, Polly Williams. They honeymooned at the same Mexican hotel where Steve wed. Adopted son, Ernie was the only son not to marry.

TRIVIA NOTE: MY THREE SONS is the second longest running TV sitcom (outside of THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET at 435). It ran for 380 episodes over twelve years. Before Fred MacMurray agreed to star on the series, he negotiated a 65 non-consecutive day shooting schedule in any one season that shot all the scenes in which he needed to appear.

Consequently, all episodes were written far in advance and filmed out of sequence. MacMurray would then, for example, tape all the year's scenes set in the living room in one afternoon. The cast would then shoot their scenes around the "missing" MacMurray weeks later and then through the miracle of some tricky editing, the TV viewers never knew that Fred and his fellow actors were talking to each other weeks apart. This technique was dubbed "The MacMurray Method" and was later adopted by other stars like Brian Keith, Henry Fonda and Bill Bixby.

The reason why the Bub O'Casey character was replaced by his brother Charlie O'Casey (William Demarest) stemmed from the sad fact that veteran actor William Frawley who played the role of Bub O'Casey was ill. Shortly after leaving the show, he died of a sudden heart attack on March 3, 1966. Consequently, his part on the show had to be recast. The show's script writers used a visit to Ireland to explain Bub's absence from the Douglas family.

On November 25, 1977, Fred MacMurray and other cast members resurfaced in the ABC Reunion special "The Partridge Family/My Three Sons Thanksgiving Special."

WiIliam Demarest (a.k.a. Uncle Charley) died on December 28, 1983 of a heart attack at the age of 91. Fred MacMurray (a.k.a. Steve Douglas) died of pneumonia on November 5, 1991 at the age of 83.

Graphic Logo from MY THREE SONS


Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas & Lord Fergus
McBain Douglas
William Frawley as William Michael Francis Aloisius
'Bub' O'Casey
Don Grady as Robert 'Robbie' Douglas
Tim Considine  as Mike Douglas 
Stanley Livingston as Richard 'Chip' Douglas
William Demarest as Uncle Charlie O'Casey 
Barry Livingston as Ernie Thompson Douglas
Spud, Speed and Hobo as Tramp the dog
Norman Alden as Tom Williams 
Ricky Allen as Huey 'Sudsy' Pfeiffer 
Peter Brooks as Hank Ferguson 
Tina Cole as Katie Miller Douglas
Olive Dunbar as Mrs. Pfeiffer 
Anne Francis as Terri Dowling 
Beverly Garland as Barbara Harper Douglas 
John Howard as Dave Welch
Robert P. Lieb as Mr. Henry Pearson 
Dawn Lyn as Dodie Harper Douglas 
Florence MacMichael as Mrs. Florence Pearson 
Meredith MacRae as Sally Ann Morrison Douglas 
Sandy Millar as Karen 
Cynthia Pepper as Jean Pearson 
Doris Singleton as Mrs. Morrison/Margaret Williams
Olan Soule as Mr. Pfeiffer 
Daniel Todd as Robbie Douglas, Jr.
Joseph Todd as Steve Douglas II
Michael Todd as Charley Douglas 

Ronne Troup

as Polly Williams Douglas    

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