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As for the beautiful cousin, Daisy Duke, she was a waitress at the "Boss Hogg's Boar’s Nest bar and restaurant. She dressed in tight fitting shorts as she served her rowdy customers. Daisy worked at the Boar's Nest as collateral for a loan taken out by Uncle Jesse. Once voted Miss Tri-Counties, the beautiful Daisy married L.D. but when he ran off, she returned to college to get her doctorate in biology at Duke University in North Carolina. It was once said about Daisy "She drives like Richard Petty, shoots like Annie Oakley, and knows all of the words to all of Dolly Parton's songs." Yeeeee--Haaa! Now ain't she somethin' special?"

The real love of her life was Deputy Enos ("Possum on a gum bush!") Strate whom Daisy will probably end up marrying [she left him at the altar twice]. The first time Enos ("the oldest virgin in Hazzard County") got hives just before the wedding; the second time, Daisy ex-husband (L.D.) came back into her life and reminded her just how married life was and so she decided to stop the wedding.

One of the benefits of working at the Boar's Nest was getting to see all the talented country western singers who performed over time. They included the likes of country star Candy Dix (Luke's old girlfriend from the Marines); Donna Fargo; Johnny Paycheck; Mickey Gilley (he performed a charity concert at Hazzard Square); Tammy Wynette (she sings "Rocky Top"); Hoyt Axton (he sings "Out-of-State-Cars"); Dottie West; Freddie Fender; and The Oak Ridge Boys (they sing "Old Time Lovin'")

Once when Loretta Lynn detoured through Hazzard County, she stopped at the Boar's Nest and got kidnapped by a trio mini-band who demanded $1136.15 ransom. Luckily, the Duke boys were on hand to rescue her and later hear her perform.

Boss Hogg, Bo, Daisy, Luke
 and Rosco P. Coltrane

Other people to cross the Duke's path included:

  • Vance's old girlfriend, Jenny;
  • Miz Emma Tizdale, an elderly, motorcycle-riding postmistress;
  • Boss Hogg's cousin, Cletus Hogg;
  • Rosco's basset hound called Flash (who always barks at Boss Hogg but likes the Dukes);
  • Boss' devious college-educated nephew Hughie Hogg (who dresses in white and rides around in a white convertible Volkswagen Beetle);
  • Boss' devious nephew Dewey who is Hughie's brother;
  • Boss' rich, polite counterfeiter nephew Jamie Lee Hogg;
  • Boss Hogg's honest, rich twin brother, Abe;
  • the stern, towering Sheriff Edward Thomas "Big Ed" Little of Chickasaw County;
  • Natasha, a Russian gymnast team who defects and hides out at the Duke farm;
  • and of course Cooter Davenport, the town mechanic who serviced "The General Lee."

The Duke's other relatives included:

  • Gaylord Duke, a cousin from London, England;
  • Judd Kaine, Luke's boxer brother, who turns up in Hazzard County after many thought him dead;
  • the Duke's great-grandparents Hank and Joe;
  • Cousin Dixie;
  • Jeb Stuart Duke, the Duke's motorcycle riding visiting cousin. 

Theme Song Lyrics by Waylon Jennings

Just two good old boys,
never meanin' no harm...
Beats all you never saw,
been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born.

Straightenin' the curves,
flattenin' the hills...
Someday the mountain might get 'em
but the law never will.

Makin' their way,
the only way they know how...
That's just a little bit more
than the law will allow.

Just two good ol' boys,
wouldn't change if they could,
Fightin' the system
like two modern-day Robin Hoods...

TRIVIA NOTE: THE DUKES OF HAZZARD was inspired by the 1974 film Moonrunners that featured characters named Uncle Jesse, Cooter, Sheriff Cole, a stock car named "Traveler" and Waylon Jennings as the Balladeer. The first five episodes were filmed in Covington, Georgia, where a real town was used.

The show's car chase and country scenes were also filmed in various parts of Covington and Oxford in Georgia. There was a real Duke Farm which was located in Oxford, Georgia. The Boar's Nest which is still standing, was also filmed in Oxford, Georgia. Hazzard County is located "east of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio."

Uncle Jesse's CB handle is SHEPHERD; Daisy's is LITTLE BO PEEP and COUNTRY COUSIN.

The reason Luke and Bo left the show (episodes 84-99) tracks back to a contract dispute between the actors John Schneider and Tom Wopat and the Producers.

Since cancellation, the 'Dukes of Hazzard' have returned to TV twice. First in the TV-Movie The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion (April 27, 1997) where Uncle Jesse battles Mama Max and Boss Rosco to save his farm form a shady land development scheme that involves buiding a theme park across the Duke farm; and then followed by Hazzard in Hollywood (May 19, 2000) where Bo and Luke, as well as Daisy, Rosco, Cletus, and Cooter travel to Hollywood to sell some musical recordings to raise money for a new hospital in Hazzard County and get involved with crooked record producers, and Russian mobsters.

In addition, the series inspired the video games Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home (1999) and Dukes of Hazzard 2: Daisy Dukes It Out (2000).

Question: What do The Dukes of Hazzard and Homer Simpson have in common? Answer: "DOH!"

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