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Occasionally, Nanny found time for a little romance in her busy schedule. Once she took a night school class ("The Art of Relationships") and fell in love - for a time - with her instructor, Professor Roger Samuelson (who turns out to be a playboy with only one thing on his mind). And, one day Phoebe's fiancé reappeared to marry her and she had to deal with the consequences. It seems when Nanny was a baby, her family arranged to marry her off to a proper young British boy named Cholmondeley "Chumley" Featherstonehaugh when they were adults. Fortunately, as her wedding day grew closer, Phoebe found a note from her mother tucked in her great-great-great grandmother's wedding gown that told her to only marry if she was truly in love. Nanny took the advice and called off the pre-arranged marriage. Of course, the Professor and his kids were elated with her decision.

The Professor had his romantic interests, as well. There was a college student named Susan Baxter who had a crush on him; Marrijane Finley, Harold's old girlfriend (whom he was afraid to see again); and Marjorie Meyers (whom the Professor upset when he didn't rescue a dying tree). But these infatuations didn't last. The Professor was more than comfortable with the living arrangements at his home, namely, Nanny and the kids. And I'm sure that Phoebe felt the same way, for now. But one day...?

Nanny and the Everett Family
Nanny and the Everett's

  Theme Song Lyrics

"Soft and sweet, wise and wonderful
Oooh, our mystical, magical Nanny
Since the day that Nanny came to stay with us
Fantastic things keep happening
Is there really magic in the things she does?
Or is love the only magic thing that Nanny brings?
You know our Nanny showed us
You can make the impossible happen
Nanny told us
Have a little bit of faith and lots of love
Phoebe Figalilly is a silly name
And so many silly things keep happening
What is this magic thing about Nanny
Is it love....or is it magic?"

Composed by Steve Zuckerman & Fred Calvert
Performed by The Addrisi Brothers

TRIVIA NOTE: The series inspired three paperback novels published by Lancer Books in 1970 and written by William Johnston. The titles are: Nanny and the Professor (#1); What Hath Nanny Wrought? (#2); and The Bloop Box (#3). Dell Comics also published a comic book based on the show.

In 1972, the series returned to Saturday morning in the form of animated cartoons that aired on ABC SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE. The story Nanny and the Professor and the Phantom of the Circus (11/17/73) followed Phoebe Figalilly as she investigated the eerie and mysterious disappearance of several performers from her Aunt Henrietta's traveling circus.

Where are they now?

Juliet Mills - Daughter of Sir John Mills, actor and the sister of actress Hayley Mills. In recent years, Juliet Mills has appeared as a regular on the soap opera "Passions" as Tabitha Lenox - an evil 300-year-old witch who enjoys casting spells on the people of Harmony, Maine. Mills is also the author of the self-help guide to spiritual wholeness entitled Mind, Body and Soul in Balance (with a forward by Sir John Mills).

Richard Long - Appeared in the role as Jarrod Barkley in the long-running series "Big Valley." He also starred in "Maverick" and later as a detective in "Bourbon Street Beat" and in "77 Sunset Strip." He died on December 21, 1974 of heart disease at the age of 47.

David Doremus - No longer in show business. He's married, has four children and works as a general manager of a mobile electronics firm in Los Angeles.

Trent Lehman - Committed suicide on January 18, 1982 at the age of 20. He hung himself with his belt which was attached to the chain link fence at Vena Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles, Apparently, Trent was despondent over breaking up with his girlfriend.

Kim Richards - Starred in the Disney movies "Escape to Witch Mountain" and "Return to Witch Mountain", "Meatballs Part II" and "Tuff Turf", and "Escape.". She also appeared in several TV series including "Here We Go Again", "Little House on the Prairie", "The Rockford Files", "James At 15" and "Hello, Larry." Presently, she is single and mother of four children.


Juliet Mills as Phoebe Figalilly, Nanny
Richard Long as Professor Harold Everett
David Doremus as Hal Everett
 Trent Lehman as Bentley "Butch" Everett
Kim Richards as Prudence Everett
Eileen Baral as Francine Fowler, Hal's girlfriend
Patsy Garrett as Florence Fowler, her mother:
Elsa Lanchester as Aunt Henrietta, Nanny's relative
Joan Gerber as Aunt Henrietta (Cartoon Series)
John Mills (Juliet Mill's Dad) as Uncle Alfred
Ida Lupino as Aunt Justine
Marjorie Bennett as Aunt Agatha
Ray Bolger as Uncle Horace
Bert Convy as Professor Roger Samuelson
Lee Meriwether as Marrijane Finley, The Professor's old girlfriend
Robert Sterling as Bentley Everett, Harold's Brother
Brian Bedford as Cholmondeley "Chumley" Featherstonehaugh, Nanny's fiancé (arranged at childhood)

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