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The Heffernan's Family & Friends


Spence Danny
Doug's ISP coworker Deacon Spence Olchin, toll booth collector Doug's cousin Danny

Sara Spooner

Lou Ferrigno
Holly the Dog Walker Carrie's Sister
Sara Spooner
Lou, the next-door neighbor
Kelly Palmer  Stephanie Heffernan Richie Iannucci
 Deacon's wife
Kelly Palmer
Doug's sister
Doug's friend
Richie Iannucci

The Heffernan’s relatives included Doug’s parents who paid for his wedding and now live in Florida [Janet, his mom and his father, Joe used to own a hardware store]; Doug’s favorite Aunt Sheila and Uncle Hank [recently separated]; his sister, Stephanie who moved to Buffalo then returned to Queens; his cousin, Danny (aka "Stumpy"), the operator of Angelo's Pizza shop [later ISP coworker]; Danny’s father Uncle Stu; cousin Ron and his wife Marcia. who gave Doug and Carrie a gravy boat for a wedding present (with a $1500 check inside that the Heffernan’s never found); and Carrie’s sister, Sara who moved in until she got her big break.

Family Portrait (Arthur, Doug, Carrie)

More Doug Facts: He is actually Canadian. He had to repeat kindergarten. Doug loves his mom’s lemon squares but only if they’re made with artificial lemon flavor [none of that real lemon crap]. As a child, Doug had a guinea pig named Mork and sang the little chant “eat a pellet, make a pellet.” His favorite toy was “Mentalo,” a turbaned-head with a pull string that dispensed messages from beyond the spiritual world (“The sources from beyond the grave say 'No!'...“The spirits say 'Proceed!'"). Doug’s sister broke Mentalo after he made fun of her period. Years later Doug searched E-bay for another copy of his talisman of happier days. Doug's ex-girlfriend in high school is Margy for whom Doug wrote a love song (that he finished years later when Margy visited him. Of course, Carrie blew her top when she caught Doug innocently serenading Margy. In high school Doug won a football game with the famous block but because his friend Spence handed out the wrong jersey, a guy named Tom Braverman (Jersey 57) was given credit for the winning the game.

In October 2001, Doug broke the record of nine hundred and fifty-one perfect delivery days, a record held for 18 years, by former IPS worker, Iggy Stenkowski. Doug won the right to replace the legendary Iggy plague with one of his own that sat on the wall near the soda machine at work. During a strike in November 2002, Doug took a job as a substitute teacher at his sister Stephanie's school believing it was easy money but was soon terrorized by the student population.

Doug delivers a drink to sun-bathing Carrie

More Carrie facts: She is a persistent traffic ticket violator. She used to have a crush on Doug’s dentist Dr. Farber. when she baby sat his kids as a teenager. Doug's love for the food prepared by a friend named Becky made Carrie jealous and accused Doug of having a “food affair“ with another woman. Doug, of course had to give up seeing and eating Becky’s food to make Carrie happy. When the DMV informed Carrie she needed corrective lenses in order to drive, she got laser eye surgery courtesy of a birthday present from Doug (who used a cut-rate less that reputable doctor’s coupons that gave Carrie a week of blurry vision).

Theme Song

"My eyes are gettin' weary,
My back is gettin' tight,
I'm sittin' here in traffic,
On the Queensborough bridge tonight,
But I don't care cuz all I wanna do,
Is cash my check and drive right home to you,
Cuz baby all my life I will be driving home to you."


Kevin James as Doug Heffernan
Leah Remini as Carrie Spooner Heffernan
Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner
Victor Williams as Deacon Palmer
Patton Oswalt as Spence Olchin
Larry Romano as Richie Iannucci (1998-2001)
Gary Valentine as Danny Heffernan (2001-)
Nicole Sullivan as Holly Shumpert (2002-)
Merrin Dungey as Kelly Palmer
Lisa Rieffel as Sara Spooner (1998)
Rikki Lake as Stephanie Heffernan

THE KING OF QUEENS is produced by Hanley Productions, Inc. and CBS Productions, in association with Sony Pictures Television. The series was co-created by David Litt and Michael J. Weithorn.

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