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LUBBOCK, Graham & Elizabeth
(Just the Two of Us)
Eureka, CA

Graham is the athletic director and coach at St. Augustine's Catholic High School for Boys. He is bald, rotund and coaches The Hippos, St. Augie’s football team. To makes ends meet, Graham works at Burger Barn under the alias "Mitch." Elizabeth is a homemaker and volunteers at the local food bank. Her job is to raise the kids, milk the cow, feed their dog [Hooter] and remind her husband that he needs to lose a few pounds.


Married in 1970, Graham and Elizabeth now have a family of eight. They include Marie, 18, the eldest who wants to be a nun; Wendy, 17, and sister, Cindy Anne, 16, who are both boy-crazy; Constance "Connie", 15, who wants to be a journalist; Sherry, 11, who is the brainy one in the bunch; Graham, Jr. "J.R." who is a Freshman at St Augustine’s and unlike his dad is not very athletic (and this causes Graham some concern); and the twins Harvey and Michelle [and later baby Melissa] round out the brood. Father Robert Hargis arranged for all the Lubbocks to attend St. Augie’s even the girls. Now all the coach had to do is to keep all the boys in the school away from his daughters.

To display their talents Marie, Wendy, Cindy and Connie formed a rock group called “The Lubbock Babes” that performed at Danny’s Pizza Parlor.

The Lubbock’s used to live in Long Island, New York where Graham worked as a coach at Dewey High School until he was fired. Mike Seaver, the son of Dr. Jason Roland Seaver was one of his students.


Elizabeth: Why can't you go out with nice normal boys?
Wendy: They don't have money.

Marie: All you care about is hairy men who buy you things.
Wendy: Is that so terrible? I don't think so.

Cindy: Beer isn't good for you, Daddy.
Graham: Neither is having eight kids

Pruitt: Did you ever kill anyone with a spatula?
Coach: No...
Pruitt: Then welcome to the Burger Barn family

Marie: Long, curly hair? Dad?
Elizabeth: Oh, yes. Honey, he didn't start losing his hair until after Cindy and Wendy were born.

Cindy: Can't I show a little cleavage?
Marie: Cindy, you don't have a "little" cleavage

Connie: Will you help me? I'm desperate!
Howie: I will if you kiss me on the lips.
Connie: I'm desperate, not stupid

Marie: Who's to say there's not a planet somewhere where cows run things, where they cook and clean and go to the office, where cows wear the clothes and it's humans who are kept naked in wild herds to mate willy-nilly, panting and heaving and grunting... I lost my point.
Wendy: Not to mention your mind.

Connie: Wendy, what's it like to be so desperately shallow?
Wendy: It's not bad, actually.

Elizabeth: Honey, where are your sisters?
Sherry: They're at the library studying.
Graham: The library?
Sherry: I just report the lies. I don't make them up.

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Theme Song Lyrics

Life is a race
And I know I can win it,
Cause I'm learnin' the rules of the game.
If I could stay on the ball
Take it minute, by minute
I just might make the hall of fame
What can I say?

I'm doin' it the best I can
Leavin' out the bottom again
Oh, I'm seein' it from where I stand
Nothin' comes easy.

Oh, I'm only bringin' home second places
At the end of every one of my days
Look out because all that is changin'
We'll keep on doin' it the best we can

Doin' it the best I can
We'll keep on doin' it the best we can
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Some Lubbock Trivia: Graham loves to eat Ho-hos and drink Ovaltine; Before her marriage, Elizabeth wanted to be a nun; Marie served food to the homeless at the Eureka Mission and aspires to be a nun; Wendy is a shop-a-holic, and wears lipstick called "Midnight Passion"; Connie likes to play basketball, writes for the school's newspaper, the Herald Gazette and once worked at the MacGregor Slaughterhouse sweeping up all the yucky animal droppings; chubby Cindy worked at the Eureka's Fitness Center, hosted the KHPO school radio program "What's Happening, St. Augie's" and enjoys eating cheese cake; and Graham Junior likes to eat peanut butter and watch horror movies.


Bill Kirchenbauer as Coach Graham T. Lubbock
Deborah Harmon as Elizabeth Lubbock
Heather Langenkamp as Marie Elizabeth Lubbock
Jamie Luner. as Cynthia Diane 'Cindy' Lubbock
Brooke Theiss as Gwendolyn Ann 'Wendy' Lubbock
JoAnn Willette as Constance Sarah 'Connie' Lubbock
Matt Shakman as Graham T. Lubbock, Jr. 'J.R.'
Heidi Zeigler as Sherry Lubbock
Evan Arnold as Gavin Doosler
Frank Bonner as Father Robert Hargis
Maxine Elliott Hicks as Sister Ethel (as Maxine Elliott)
Dennis Haysbert as Duane Johnson
Lou Richards as Father Harold 'Bud' Kimmel

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