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MANNIX,  Joseph R. "Joe"
(AG6-2114 (Car Phone)
17 Paseo Verdes
Los Angeles, CA (West Side)
Joe Mannix is a hard-boiled Armenian-American private eye. He lives and works in a three-level office suite decorated in Mediterranean decor at 17 Paseo Verdes in West Los Angeles. His secretary is Peggy Fair, a policeman‘s widow with a young son, Toby. Gopher Albie Luce occasionally helps Mannix do background and license plate checks.

Mike Connors as Joe Mannix
Joe Mannix

In the talent department, Joe has many skills. He can fly airplanes and helicopters; sail boats, ride horses, swim, play golf, jog (to stay fit) and has a black belt in Karate.

Mannix’s vital stats: Blood Type AB+; Height: 6’1/2”; Weight: 180 lbs.; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Brown. His favorite drink is Scotch, neat or on the rocks. The combination to his Kessler office safe is: Right one turn to 7; Left two turns to 24; and Right one turn to 15.

Joe was born circa 1932 and grew up in Summer Grove, California. He speaks the Armenian language fluently. Joe fought in the Korean War as an Air Force lieutenant/fighter pilot. After his discharge from the service, Joe attended Western University on the GI Bill and graduated in 1955. In 1956 he obtained his Private Detective license [#13007].

Before going independent in 1968, Mannix worked for Interdect Ltd. a high-tech detection and security firm run by Lew Wickersham ( 311-KL5-2271). While on assignment, Joe carried a .38 snub-nosed Smith & Wesson in a holster at the small of his of his back for protection. He has also used a Beretta 9mm, a .45 Colt ACP and a Walther PPK. (James Bond's gun of choice)

Joseph Campanella and Mike Connors - MANNIX

George Barris MPC Mannix Roadster 1/25th Scale Model

Lew Wickersham and Mannix on the Prowl

George Barris Designed  Mannix Roadster 

In the 1970s, Mannix returned to his hometown and investigated the murder of a worker during a labor dispute. While there, Joe visited with his father Stephan Mannix, a vineyard owner who was born 1898 in Armenia. He dispensed such Armenian proverbs as “There is no reason for war that reasonable men cannot resolve” or “What the eye truly sees, the heart never forgets.” and “With bread all grief is less.” Joe’s mother died in 1959.

During his stint with Intertect, Ltd. Detection & Security, Mannix (who then lived at 2742 Canyon) drove a customized 425 front-wheel drive engine convertible Oldsmobile Toronado [License No. UQW-477]. The roadster mobile phone numbers were 777-5134; LA KG6-2114; and KL5-277. The roadster featured a black leather tonneau cover over the back seats, a hidden gun compartment, radio-telephone, short-wave transceiver, and a tape recorder. Joe later drove a Doge Dart [License No: NMO-918]; Barracuda [License No: 700-AKN]; and a ‘Cuda [license No: 714-AQU]. See also - "Mannix Roadster" and "Mannix Convertibles"

Mannix Logo

TRIVIA NOTE: The “17 Paseo Verde” address was based on the El Paseo Building in Santa Barbara on State Street that was owned by the Robert’s family.

Born Krikor Ohanian on August 15, 1925, the 6' 1½" actor Mike Connors grew up in a Armenian community of Fresno, CA. and then served in the Air Force during World War II.

Upon his return stateside, he attended UCLA where he was discovered by director William Wellman while playing basketball. Connors made his feature film debut in the 1952 RKO release Sudden Fear where he was billed as "Touch" Connors ("Touch" being a nickname he earned at UCLA).

Connors later made his TV debut on the series TIGHTROPE (CBS, 1959-60) in which he played an undercover agent (whose named changed each episode).

When Connors starred on the MANNIX the TV series he earned three Emmy nominations as Best Actor in a Drama Series and a 1970 Golden Globe Award.

Later, he appeared as veteran FBI agent Ben Slater in TODAY'S FBI (ABC, 1981-82) and hosted the syndicated series CRIMES OF THE CENTURY (1989).

In 1996, he played "Chipacles" in the animated Disney TV series Hercules and then appeared in the role of Harland Greer in the film Gideon (1999) about Gideon Dobbs, a man with the mind of a child who checks into a retirement home when his Aunt can no longer keep him.

The MANNIX series inspired a series of novels written by Michael Avallone and J.T. MacCargo. The titles include: "The Faces of Murder" (#1); "A Fine Day for Dying" (#2); "A Walk on the Blind Side" (#3) and "Round Trip to Nowhere" (#4).

Lalo Schifrin arranged, composed and conducted the theme music for the MANNIX TV series (Paramount, Warners).


Mike Connors as Joseph R. "Joe" Mannix
Gail Fisher as Peggy Fair
Joseph Campanella as Lou Wickersham (1967-68)
Robert Reed as Lt. Adam Tobias
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives

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