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Here is a select list of Ben's cases arranged by theme:

Christmas: Matlock defends a Santa accused of murder at a party populated by St. Nicks; an owner of a toy store accused of killing his business partner after firing the Santa he hired; and a Santa Claus associated with charitable organization accused of slaying a developer.

Criminals: Ben defend a dying mob chieftain charged with murdering his rival; the son of a major organized-crime figure accused of killing a mob-hunting congressman; a journalist who claims to have killed an underworld figure in self-defense after meeting with him for an interview. Matlock goes behind bars to defend a guard accused of murder in a kangaroo court set up by inmates in a riot-torn prison. Mobsters even kidnapped Michelle and negotiated her release only if Ben handed over information a mob lawyer gave to him.

Medicine: A stress attack puts Matlock in the hospital after he becomes obsessed with a murder case involving a TV star accused of killing a psychiatrist at a rehab clinic. And then there was the case about a nurse nurse accused of murdering the doctor who had her fired; Four hospital residents accused of murdering a doctor; a Doctor charged with murdering a minister; a Psychiatrist accused of murdering the abusive husband of an emotionally disturbed patient; and Millionaire's live-in nurse--and sole heir to his fortune--charged with his murder.

Music: Ben defends a free-spirited female rock star charged with the death of her manager; Ben's favorite singer, the hard-drinking country legend Jimmy Legrand; a deejay accused of murdering a rival jock; a music promoter accused of murdering a country-music star; Legendary blues guitarist Eddie Haynes charged with the murder of a rock star; and Ben even defended his old friend, Billy Wheeler, an aspiring country singer who wins the lottery, but then is framed for the murder of his cheating business partner.

Occult: Ben defends a clairvoyant who claimed she'd be arrested for a murder before the crime even took place. and perhaps Ben's strangest case when he was hired by the "spirit" of a man who wanted Ben to clear his former wife of a murder charge.

Politics: Ben defends a woman accused of killing the author, Stephen Cassidy, who exposed a political family's secrets; a judge whose investigation of the mayor's assassination triggers a frame-up; a senate candidate accused of murdering a tabloid editor; a British ambassador (forgoes diplomatic immunity) accused of murdering his lover's husband; a murdered city councilwoman; and a 60's radical accused of assassinating Chicago's mayor.

Religion: Ben defends a man accused of killing a Catholic priest; investigates the assassination attempt of an archbishop targeted for termination; and a man whose brain-washed son insists he saw his father kill the leader of his religious cult.

Sports: Ben defends an aging quarterback accused of murdering his lover; a pro wrestler, the Annihilator framed for the murder of rival grappler Sailor Jack; a popular Tennis pro is convicted of murder; an enraged heavy-weight fighter accused of killing a sports reporter; a college basketball coach accused of murdering an influential booster; and the murder of a softball-league umpire.

TV, Radio & Film: Ben defends a TV reporter accused of murdering his ex-wife; an actor charged with the death of the head of the Halvorn sex-therapy clinic; a TV producer accused of backstabbing - literally - a network-programming chief; a director in a community-theater production accused of murdering an actress; an aging comedian accused of murdering a foul-mouthed comic who had insulted him on stage; a game-show host suspected of killing the producer of the show IT'S ABOUT TIME; a famous Hollywood actress accused of murdering her blackmailing ex-lover; a TV cooking-show hostess charged with murder in the on-camera death of a guest chef--her ex-husband; an anchorwoman who framed a TV reporter for murder; a radio personality whose morning-show partner is murdered; a clown accused of strangling his partner during a center-ring routine; a producer accused of killing despised talk show host; a horror-film director charged with stabbing his star in an all-too-realistic murder scene; and a magician charged with murder of his assistant.

Now, after all his hard work you'd think Ben would get a break, but even outside the court problems still encroached upon his personal life like the time he defends a friend charged with the murder of his old law school buddy; helps a friend accused of murdering his Las Vegas mob-connected girl friend; defends the daughter of Janet Master, Ben's old flame who's been accused of murdering the blackmailer who came in second in a beauty contest; defends his pesky retired neighbor Les "Ace" Calhoun accused of murdering the used-car dealer who sold him a lemon; defends a former client (nearing parole) charged with the stabbing death of a fellow inmate and defends his former law professor against a charge of vehicular homicide.

And even when Ben got away on a vacation, crime still followed like the time a "retired" Matlock went fishing, but his trip was interrupted by a mysterious death in a small town that was filled uncooperative people who were in on some deep dark secret; or the time Ben (along with Leanne and Cliff) attended a murder mystery weekend on an island, and of course, murder ensued.

And last but not least, lest we forget the time Ben was stalked by a serial killer, hit by a car, drugged and framed in a murder, inadvertently provided inspiration to one of his law students at Eton University to go out and commit the perfect crime after giving a lecture to his law school students; the time Ben served as a juror in a case involving a wealthy man accused of murdering his wife; and perhaps the most traumatic encounter in Ben's life - a meeting with his tax accountant and the IRS who refused to accept Ben's grey suits as a legitimate business expense. Wow, Ben, looks like it time for a hot dog break. Mustard? And how about a nice grape soda to wash it down?

Oh yeah, plenty of mustard on that dog!
Benjamin "Ben" Matlock

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