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The Equalizer

Robert McCall Timeline 



1933 Robert McCall born November 16th
1951 Robert received commission in the British Army
1952 Robert serves in Egypt with his father Captain William McCall in Port Said. Randall Payne kills Robert's father (shot in the back)
1960 Robert joins the "Company" and meets Manon Brevard. Manon kills assassin Nikos Yanakis and saves Robert's life.
1961 Robert stationed in London, France and takes a assignment in Cambodia. Army chaplain Father O'Donahugh saves Robert's life.
1962 Manon becomes pregnant (by Robert). Robert leaves France not knowing he is a father.
1963 Manon delivers a baby (Yvette) in 1963 while married to Philip Marcel
1964 Robert marries Kay. She has a sister Helen.
1966 Scott McCall born 1966
1970 Robert assigned to Biafra, Africa during a civil war.
1971 Kathy McCall is born. She is diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
1973 Kathy McCall dies on November 26th. She was only 18 months old.
1974 Robert and Kay separate
1975 Robert and Kay divorce
1977 Robert sent to Czechoslovakia with Control
1980 Robert receives a near mortal wounds in Angola (four bullets to the chest).
1980-81 Robert assigned to Poland to help trade union reformers
1982 Robert assigned to Vienna, Austria. Manon delivers an order from Control to rescind Robert's execution issued by the Bentley administration. She is believed killed. Later, Robert is assigned to find terrorist Joseph Hyden who planted a bomb that killed McCall's godson in Paris (he was also a Company agent). After this assignment, Robert was assigned as Overview to the Company's Internal Review of Agency Operations.
1984-85 Robert assigned to South America
1985 Robert and Richard Dyson, (the southern Control) resign the "Company" Robert becomes "The Equalizer" and recruits former spy colleagues like Michael "Mickey" Kostmayer to help him (McCall had proved Mickey innocent of charges lodged by the Navy in 1978 that he had murdered his partner. Mickey joined the "Company: in 1979. Mickey was bon in Houston, Texas on December 2, 1952.)
1986 Robert travels to Pakistan with Control to checkout the tensions in the region.
1987 Robert learns that Yvette Marcel is his daughter. In October of that year, Roberts is kidnapped by the "Company" and gets shot by the KGB. He takes on new associates Pete O'Phelan and Harley Gage.
1988 Yvette Marcel discovers Robert is her father.
1989 Scott McCall kidnapped by Bulgarian agents. The same year, Robert confronts Randall Payne, the man who killed his father in 1952.

TRIVIA NOTE: Born in Croyden, England on June 1, 1930, Edward Woodward's career as an actor has been impressive - ranging from stage, TV and films. Perhaps his two most memorable roles are that of Sgt. Neil Howie in the 1973 film The Wicker Man (a most frightening film conclusion) and as agent David Callan in the British espionage drama CALLAN/ABP/THA/1967-72.

Edward Woodward's role of "The Equalizer" was similar to his earlier British series CALLAN where he played David Callan, a cool-blooded executioner for an unnamed British agency. Callan dressed in a sloppy manner, had no family or friends and traveled about London on buses and the subway system (The Tube). Robert McCall, on the other hand, worked for "The Company, dressed very well and drove a sporty car. In the end, McCall found a way out of the spy game and a way to redeem himself for his past atrocities. While the conscience-strickened David Callan remained a slave to the system and still taking orders from his various supervisors (code-named 'Hunter') and carrying out assignments with the help of associates Toby Meres, Lonely and Cross (later killed).

The David Callan character (first seen in the ARMCHAIR THEATER play presentation 'A Magnum for Schneider' 4/2/67) returned to British TV (2/9/81) in the 90-minute ATV TV movie "Wet Job" as a middle-aged David Callan is called out of retirement for one last mission. A few years later the character of Robert McCall ("The Equalizer") was born.


Edward Woodward as Robert McCall ('The Equalizer')
Robert Lansing as Control
Keith Szarabajka as Mickey Kostmayer
Mark Margolis as Jimmy
Irving Metzman as Sterno
Maureen Anderman as Pete O'Phelan
Richard Jordon as Harley Gage
Eddie Jones as Lt. Brannigan
Steven Williams as Lt. Jefferson Burnett
Ron O'Neal as Lt. Isadore Smalls
Chad Redding as Sgt. Alice Shepard
William Zabka as Scott McCall (Robert's son)
Shirley Knight/Sandy Dennis as Kay McCall (Robert's ex-wife)
Melissa Sue Anderson as Yvette Marcel (Robert's daughter)

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