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As for Greg Montgomery, he's not always sure of his chosen profession as an attorney. His father, Edward would like him to take over the family business (Montgomery Industries) but Greg is independent and likes to find his own way in life. At times, Greg has contemplated being a professional golfer, enlisted in the Army (to Dharma's chagrin) and once pursued his passion for cooking by taking a job as a hamburger joint short order cook. Finally in 1999, Greg quit his US attorney job, and set up a law practice in his apartment.


I'm sorry, I shouldn't be whining, this is
my job, I'll just live with it.

When not working, Greg loves to dance. He is a six-time champion at his parents' country club annual ballroom dance contest. Greg also likes to play poker, toboggan down a mountain side with his dad or go fishing (Abby, a vegetarian, objects to that barbaric sport).

The Cast of DHARMA & GREG
Greg, Dharma & Friends

The Montgomery’s friends included Barbara, Greg's former debutante fiancée (who still has unresolved feelings for him), Pete, Greg's coworker at the law firm; Dharma’s goofy friend, Jane (who had a fling with Pete); Marlene, Greg's sneering secretary; Gretchen, a beautiful new lawyer in Greg's office that fostered unwanted sexual fantasies (Greg's sexual dream girl is actually renowned concert violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg); September, Dharma's free-spirited childhood friend from the commune; Celia, Greg's parent's maid; singers Lyle Lovett and k.d. lang; and a Native American named George whom Dharma befriended when he wanted to die on their premises because he believed their home rested on a sacred burial ground. He has since come back to haunt Dharma and Greg (in a friendly way).

The Montgomery's relatives included Jennifer, Greg’s rebellious teenage niece; Greg's wealthy, blue blood, Episcopalian Republican parents Edward and Kitty [an oil heiress] who were completely aghast at their son’s wife, Dharma and her hippie Jewish parents Larry and Abby Finkelstein. But, with time, Dharma’s perky, positive attitude grew on all concerned. Kitty Montgomery considered Dharma a "nutty diamond in the rough" and with a little hard work, Kitty will be able to make a Montgomery out of Dharma. all. For fun, Edward and Kitty slip of to Las Vegas once a year to gamble. Of course, they tell their friends, they are going fishing. In her youth, Kitty was a pool hustler and as a newlywed, she opened an antique store owner. For fun, Kitty likes to write steamy, erotic manuscripts. But her life long dream was to win a beauty contest. Edward, on the other hand, has simple dreams like hiding in his den away from his wife and enjoying a a good drink and the comfort of his favorite easy chair (which Kitty threw out in the trash).

Ironically, while the grandparents waited for Dharma and Greg to give them grandchildren, it was Larry and Abby who became parents. They had a baby boy named Harry who was born on Thanksgiving 2000. To get medical insurance for his new son, Larry took a job as a night security guard at Montgomery Industries. Soon after Larry purchased his favorite bookstore (that sold conspiracy books) and arranged to get Mitch Pileggi, the FBI supervisor from THE X-FILES TV show to do a book signing engagement.

In 2001, Dharma decided to go back to college. Unfortunately, she began to have romantic stirrings for Charlie, her college professor which eventually upset the stability of her marriage for a time. When Greg discovered a love letter from Charlie, he and Dharma sought counseling with a quirky therapist, to help repair the rift in their relationship.


I wouldn't want our marriage to get in the way of your dating.

Tragically, in May of 2001 Greg and Dharma were in a car accident. The accident left Dharma with a fractured hip and temporarily confined to a wheelchair. Greg became especially attentive to Dharma's recovery because he was driving the car at the time and he bore extreme guilt over the incident (deemed "reckless driving" by the insurance man). But together, Dharma and Greg weathered the injury (and attempts at sexual intimacy), In the end, the accident helped strengthen their relationship and love for one another. To help alleviate the boredom of recuperation, Dharma's dad Larry, builds her a radio station from old pirated broadcasting equipment. He called the finished product: "Radio Dharma".

In April of 2002, Dharma and Greg traveled to the mountains to stay at the family chalet with both sets of parents. But soon the Finkelstein's and the Montgomery arguing got under their skin, and Dharma and Greg fled the chalet only to get trapped in a snowstorm. While waiting to be rescued, Dharma and Greg contemplated their ability to be parents. Upon their rescue, Dharma and Greg realized they were up to the challenge and set forth to have a child. The family would soon grow to the size of five: Dharma, Greg, the new baby, and, of course, Nunzio and Stinky. (The last sentence only speculates what happened since the show was cancelled.)

TRIVIA NOTE: The term "Dharma" is a Sanskrit/Hindu/Buddhist term meaning 1. Cosmic order or law, including the natural and moral principles that apply to all beings and things 2. dutiful observance of this law in one's life: right conduct" [according to Webster's New World Dictionary p.388].

Born Jennifer Mary Batula on September 30, 1971, the 5' 10' actress Jenna Elfman grew up in Los Angeles and is a classically trained ballerina. In elementary school, Jenna's classmates gave her the nickname "Bucky Beaver" because of her overbite. But after three and a half years of orthodontia, Jenna now has a wonderful smile and a winning career as an actress. As for her other facial features, Jenna once remarked "It's weird to talk about yourself, but I like my eyes. They're kind of Asian looking." Jenna's earlier 1996 TV series was called TOWNIES where she played Shannon Canotis, one of three female friends who lived in an East Coast fishing community and who hoped one day to move to the big city. Jenna Elfman She is the niece-in-law of composer Danny Elfman, and the niece of singer Tony Butala, who founded the vocal group, 'The Lettermen'. In 2006, Jenna starred as lawyer Alex Rose in the short-lived CBS series COURTING ALEX.

Born July 3, 1962 in Charleston, South Carolina, the 6' 2' actor Thomas Gibson attended the College of Charleston and won a scholarship to the Julliard School where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 1965, he made his professional stage debut in David Hare's "A Map of the World." Recently Gibson starred in the Made-for-TV Movie Evil Never Dies (2003) and appeared in the feature film First Time Caller (2004). As of 2005, Gibson starred as FBI profiler Aaron 'Hotch" Hotchner on the CBS police drama CRIMINAL MINDS.

DHARMA & GREG/ABC/1997-2002

Jenna Elfman as Dharma Freedom Finkelstein Montgomery
Thomas Gibson as Gregory Clifford 'Greg' Montgomery
Shae D'Lyn as Jane Deaux
Susan Sullivan as Katherine 'Kitty' Montgomery
Mitchell Ryan as Edward Montgomery
Alan Rachins as Myron Lawrence 'Larry' Finkelstein
Mimi Kennedy as Abigail 'Abby' Kathleen O'Neil
Joel Murray as Peter James 'Pete' Cavanaugh
Susan Chuang as Susan
Hallee Hirsh as Frannie
Yeardley Smith as Marlene
George   Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman
Kevin Sorbo as Charlie (the Professor)
Bub & Twiggy as Nunzio the Dog
Chewy & Tramp as Stinky the Dog

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