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Something Brewing in the Kettle at The Munsters
The Munster's examine Grandpa's latest potion

The one member of the Munster family who doesn't look like a monster is Marilyn, Lily's niece - the black sheep of the family. Although Marilyn is blond, blue-eyed and beautiful to the rest of the world, the Munsters view Marilyn as unattractive and feel sorry for her. They want Marilyn, who attends Westbury College, to find a husband, but when she brings a guy home, they freak out when they see her monstrous family. Of course, Marilyn, blames herself for their departure because she thinks "she" is an ugly duckling.

Also living in the Munster manor is Spot, the family pet. Spot is a dragon with green with yellow scales who lives beneath the main staircase. Although large, Spot is very friendly and affectionate. He likes to eat man hole covers and breathes fire when hungry. He has battleaxe scar on left shoulder.

The other Munster family pet included Charlie the Raven who lives in the living room clock and pops out to say "Nevermore."

When Herman is not hanging out with his family, or listening to Pat Boone records, he makes a living as a gravedigger at Gateman, Goodbury and Graves Funeral Parlor. A loyal employee, Herman's boss Mr. Gateman, once remarked "He's one of the few people at the parlor who don't lie down on the job." At quitting time, Herman hitches a ride home in the back of the company funeral hearse. He's occasionally been mistaken for one of the funeral home corpses. Psst! Herman' medical record reveals that he has a body temperature of 62.8 degrees; a pulse of 15; blood pressure of minus three; and no heartbeat.

Eventually, Herman got a car of his own called "The Munster Mobile". It was specially created as a surprise birthday present by Lily Munster who purchased two cars (a roadster for $795; and a Hearse car for $943) from Diamond Jim's Used cars, and then had mechanics convert the two vehicles into the customized Munster Koach. The other vehicle in the Munsters' garage is the Drag-u-la, a customized coffin on wheels - built by Grandpa Munster.

The Munster Family Cars
The Munster Koach and The Drag-u-la

TRIVIA NOTE: Born July 10, 1926 in New York City, Fred Gwynne died of Pancreatic cancer in July 2, 1993. Before his success with THE MUNSTERS, Fred costarred on the police comedy CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?

Yvonne De Carlo (Real name: Margaret Yvonne Middleton) was born September 1, 1922 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The original Marilyn Munster was played by Beverly Owens. She appeared in the pilot and the first year of the show. But then she left the series to get married in 1964, and actress Pat Priest assumed her role.

The Munster franchise has produced a number of spin-offs including such specials and films as Munster, Go Home! (1966), and The Munsters' Revenge (1981). The Mini-Munsters (1973), Here Come the Munsters (1995), and The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas (1996).

In 2004, a big screen revival of the The MUNSTERS series was announced. To be produced by Universal Studios, the contemporary adaptation of the popular 1960s series will star Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Shawn Wayans. Reruns of the original series can be still seen on the TV LAND cable network.

The Munster Logo


Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster
Joan Marshall as Phoebe Munster (Pilot)
Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster
Al Lewis as Grandpa
Beverley Owen as Marilyn Munster (1964)   
Pat Priest as Marilyn Munster (1964-66)
Happy Derman as Eddie Munster (Pilot)
Butch Patrick as Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster


John Schuck as Herman Munster
Lee Meriwether as Lily Munster
Jason Marsden as Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster
Hilary Van Dyke as Marilyn Munster
Howard Morton as 'Grandpa' Vladimir Dracula

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