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Alice (top right) with the Brady Family

From time to time, Alice earned bonus vacations, of sorts, when Mike's out of town assignments afforded the opportunity to tag along. When Mike's boss Mr. Philips sent him to Cincinnati, Ohio, to present plans for an addition to the King's Island Amusement Park, this gave Alice and the rest of the Bradys a chance to mix business with pleasure and enjoy the park's attractions like Monster, Wheel of Fortune, Red Racer and a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Another time, Mike had to travel to Hawaii (via United Airlines) to check out a construction site and his architectural firm paid for all the family to go along. While there, the Brady boys got involved in an ancient island tabu and Alice visited the U.S.S. Arizona memorial site that commemorated the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

And when the family took a trip to the Grand Canyon, Alice came along for the ride. She visited Cactus Creek Ghost Town, met a weird old gold prospector and then took a long and winding donkey ride to the bottom of the canyon with the rest of the Brady brood. She earned the Indian nickname "Squaw-in waiting." from tribal leader Chief Eagle Cloud.

SAM: Alice's face is my inspiration. I see her face in every
bowling bowl, her figure in every bowling pin.

When Alice needed someone to cover for her while she took a vacation, she recommended her cousin Emma, an ex-WAC army master sergeant ("She efficient, organized - a born manager."). Unfortunately, the Brady's were not happy with Emma's early morning wakeups, calisthenics, assigned KP, laundry, trash and latrine details and white glove inspections of the household and so they eagerly awaited Alice's return.

As the years passed, Alice quietly watched as each and every member of the Brady family grew up and moved on with their own lives. But age and distance never mattered to Alice. For whenever one the Brady's needed some advice or a friendly shoulder to cry on, Alice was always there to lend a hand, no matter what time of day or night a problem arose. Especially the night in 1988 when Mr. Brady got trapped in a construction site building collapse. Alice and the family were never closer that holiday eve. Thankfully, Mike was rescued and everyone spent a very special Brady Christmas together.

What happened to the Bradys?

  • Well, Mike Brady retired and got elected to the City Council [with 13,119 votes]. (For a short time in the late 1970s Mike Brady moved the family to a beachfront home and gave up his career as an architect so that the family could star in their own TV variety show.)
  • Carol earned a living as a real estate agent [working for Willowbrook Realty and Advantage Properties].
  •  The oldest son, Greg became a doctor, married Nora, a nurse and had a child named Kevin.
  • Jan followed in her father’s footsteps and became an architect and eventually took over her dad’s business.
  • Jan and Marcia had a double wedding and shared a house with their new husbands. Jan married uptight chemistry professor, Phillip Covington III.
  • Marcia married Wally Logan, an easygoing toy designer for Tyler Toy Company [later Prescott Toys]. They had two children: daughter, Jessica and son, Mickey.
  • Marcia studied fashion design, worked for Casual Clothes, and sadly developed a drinking problem.
  • Peter joined the Air Force and later became his father’s assistant on the city council. He had a girlfriend named Valerie Thomas.
  • Bobby went to college and took up race driving a career [and got paralyzed from the waist down in an accident]. He married a girl named Tracy.
  • Cindy became a radio disk jockey at KBLA and hosted the show “Cindy at Sunrise.” And the "bunch" goes on.

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